Hate is UGLY!!!

You know you are doing the right things when people are hating on you!!! The Lakers are the only NBA team that people just say they HATE, and for no reason. How do you get joy from seeing the demise of someone else? I don’t get it!!! The worst thing is people who don’t even […]

America’s Favorite Game!!!

The NFL owners and NFLPA must get the CBA extended. An uncapped year would destroy what makes the NFL America’s favorite game. One word: parity (along with a little violence), is the reason why men, women, boys and girls love “the shield”. In no other sport does the teams in the playoffs vary as much […]


I want a trophy wife that has everything I want and need to raise a family, and will love me and stay with me until death do us part. Athletes and entertainers are held to a high standard when it comes to fashion and style. But another talked about area is wives and girlfriends. I […]