How Many Times Does Philadelphia Eagles QB Jalen Hurts Need To Prove Himself?

We need to talk about Jalen Hurts

If anyone is proof that the line to success isn’t always straight, it’s Jalen.

When he got beat out for the starting job at Alabama in 2016, it was to a redshirt freshman. He could have packed his bags right then and there, but he stayed ready, had the job within a couple of weeks, and took Alabama to a national championship in his first year. 

After going 12-1 as a sophomore, he had to watch Alabama win a national championship from the sideline after being replaced by Tua Tagovailoa on the biggest stage. How did he react? Not only did he celebrate his teammate’s success as his own, he returned to Alabama as a junior ready to compete for the job.

When Tua won the job in Jalen’s junior year, did Jalen Hurts sulk or slink away? No. Jalen Hurts played the role of backup, supported his friend and teammate, and when the time came to step into the SEC championship game, he led two touchdown drives that secured a come from behind win over Georgia, and sent Alabama to another College Football Playoff.

After Jalen Hurts earned his degree, he left Alabama with the title of “game manager,” and bet on himself to be able to run Lincoln Riley’s spread offense at Oklahoma. The result? 51 total offensive touchdowns, another trip to the college football playoff, and a second place finish in the Heisman voting. 

The previous two Oklahoma quarterbacks went first overall in the NFL Draft. What happened to Jalen Hurts? Some people projected him as a receiver, and he ultimately fell to the 53rd pick in the NFL Draft.

But at least Philadelphia welcomed him with open arms as their QB savior, right? Of course not. He started his career third behind Carson Wentz and Nate Sudfeld. His first start came in week 14 of his rookie year, a game he won, and he threw for over 300 yards in his next two starts. Not bad for a skill position player, right? 

Well guess what, in week 17, he got benched, just like he did at Alabama. That led to a new head coach, and a complete restart on having to re-earn everything he’d gained. 

He earned the starting job in his second year, took the Eagles to the playoffs, and was named a Pro Bowl alternate, but spent the majority of the time having to ignore “Deshaun Watson to Philadelphia” trade rumors. 

He weathered that storm, and in his third year, he’s moving the Eagles down the field at will, and has the whole country talking for the first time about how lucky the Eagles are to have him as a franchise cornerstone. 

Success isn’t always a straight line, but take a lesson from Jalen Hurts- if your internal compass is pointed in the right direction, whether there are oceans, mountains or deep valleys in your way, you’ll find your way there. 

Let that sink in.

Tua Tagovailoa’s “Back” Injury Shows That The NFL Still Isn’t Right In The Head

We need to talk about Tua Tagovailoa. 

In the Miami Dolphins 21-19 win over the Buffalo Bills, a game that featured Ken Dorsey trashing the coaching booth and a punt safety off someone’s booty cheeks, the real thing we should all be reflecting on is the insane decision to send Tua back into the game after he was clearly concussed in the second quarter. 

If you haven’t seen it, Tua Tagovailoa took a hit from Bills linebacker Matt Milano, and his head bounced off the field. Tua looked like he was shaking off some dizziness when he first stood up, and after taking a couple of steps, he fell to his knees and had to be helped up. Tua was taken to the locker room, and the Dolphins informed the press that he’d be questionable to return with a head injury. 

Suddenly, in the second half, Tua was back out there, and the explanation that was given was that back spasms from a prior hit led to his wobbly legs.

I’ve had multiple back surgeries stemming from my time in the NFL, but you don’t have to be a former professional athlete to know what a back spasm feels like. If Tua’s back was seizing up, he’s not getting to his feet twice in 10 seconds. When you’re in the middle of a back spasm, you’re lucky to be able to breathe, much less get to your feet. 

We live in an age where people have 4k 1080p HD televisions, and it’s gaslighting to say that the thing the entire country saw as clear as day, didn’t happen.

Under no circumstances should Tua have been allowed to return to that game after showing signs of a concussion.

Now I’ve seen people say that it’s Tua’s responsibility to pull himself out of the game if he feels concussed, but why are we depending on the judgement of someone that just had their brain scrambled to make the best decision for his future? That’s like someone downing a bottle of Bacardi 151 and saying they feel fine to drive themselves home- there’s a chance based on the circumstances that they aren’t using their best judgement. 

NFL team doctors have to protect players from themselves, especially a guy like Tua, who is the ultimate team guy, and has the pressure of knowing that his owner Stephen Ross has spent the last two years looking for any and every reason to replace him. Ross was willing to risk his reputation to pursue Deshaun Watson, and lose draft picks and cash over tampering with Tom Brady. Beyond that, Tua’s second contract is around the corner, and there are hundreds of millions of reasons for a guy like Tua to try and play through a brain injury. 

Yeah, it would be nice for Tua to ensure that his grandkids never want for anything, but it would be a lot better if he didn’t struggle to remember their names. 

The NFLPA has launched an investigation to ensure the Dolphins have proper concussion protocol, and that’s the right move, but the better move is to be proactive, not reactive. 

An NFL franchise isn’t worth a damn without a commitment to the health and safety of its players, and right now, the Miami Dolphins aren’t worth a damn.

Let that sink in.

UnafraidShow Fearless Football Picks: 9/24/2022

Welcome to the 2022 Fearless Football Picks contest between George Wrigshter and Ralph Amsden.

Every week, George and Ralph will make five picks, either against the spread or the total, for the upcoming weekend. Each participant will start with 10,000 Units, and we’ll keep the total throughout the season.

George Wrighster

Current total: $17,000

Overall record: 10-5

Oregon State (+5.5) vs USC (risking $1,000)

Wake Forest (+7.5) vs Clemson (risking $1000)

Tennessee (-10.5) vs Florida (risking $1000)

Oregon (-6.5) vs Washington State (risking $1000)

Arkansas (+2) at Texas A&M (risking $1000)

This week’s picks:

Ralph Amsden

Current total: $2,000

Overall record: 5-9-1

This week’s picks:

Wyoming (+21.5) at BYU (risking $2000)

Utah at Arizona State OVER 53.5 (borrowing $1000)

Charlotte at South Carolina UNDER 66.5 (borrowing $1000)

Oregon (-6.5) vs Washington State (borrowing $1000)

Wake Forest vs Clemson (-7.5) (risking $1000)

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NFL Week 3 Best Bets

Carson Wentz fist pumping for the Commanders.

After a mediocre first week, my NFL bets kicked ass in Week 2 as they went a perfect 4-0. Now, I wish I only bet 4 games and those 4 games only. But hey, I needed some action elsewhere, and I lost those bets. It happens. Regardless, the ones I wrote about all won so I hope you took advantage of the opportunity. Looking at the Week 3 slate, I spy with my little eye, a pack of barking dogs. Vegas is begging you to take the home underdogs in Indy, Miami, New England, DC, and NY so they can clean up when the favorites win.

What will I do? Let’s talk it out.

*Lines as of 9/23 at 3:00 PM ET on DraftKings

NFL Week 3 Bets of the Week

Raiders -2 vs. Titans

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the kitchen sink game. With the Raiders and Titans at 0-2, both teams will do everything in their power to win this game. Fake punts, flea flickers, and reverses will be on the table. At the very least, the Raiders should be 1-1. Blowing a 20-point lead to a lifeless Cardinals team is inexcusable. On the flip side, the Titans gift-wrapped the Giants a Week 1 victory before being trounced by the Bills. Something has to give for one of these teams. The Raiders offense has been mediocre with an average of 322 yards per game. But it’s not as bad as the 273 yards per game from the Titans offense. Plus, the Titans will be missing one of their best pass blockers and pass rushers. Don’t let us down, Carr. This is your game to win.

Bengals -6 vs. Jets

What happened to the Bengals? Truth be told, the Bengals aren’t as big of a mess as the media says. If Evan McPherson makes a field goal in Week 1 and the defense makes a 4th quarter stop in Week 2, Cincy could be 2-0. But, they’re winless and must face a Jets teams with a ton of confidence after pulling a rabbit out of a hat in their win vs. the Browns. Burrow can’t get sacked 13 times in two games, but the offensive line isn’t that bad. They just need to put some points on the board. As long as Burrow doesn’t throw Sauce Gardner’s way, they should be able to attack the Jets in the middle of the field and win by 7.

NFL Week 3 Underdog of the Week

Commanders +6.5 vs. Eagles

Carson Wentz fist pumping for the Commanders.

Before I hit you with a “but,” I will say that Jalen Hurts is off to a fantastic start this NFL season. I have my doubts about him as a pocket passer, but if he’s accumulating over 700 total yards in 2 games while sitting in the Top 10 for QBR, who the hell cares about the pocket? The Eagles look like the clear NFC East champions through two weeks. BUT, this line is an overreaction to the beatdown that took place against the Vikings. Say what you want about the Commies, they’re a division rival at home, and Philly is 1-5 ATS in their last six games against division opponents. If Carson Wentz takes care of the football (huge “if”) better than Kirk Cousins, then the Commies should be able to exploit an Eagles defense that surrendered 35 points to the Lions in Week 1. Philly may win, but the Commanders get the cover.

NFL Week 3 Teaser of the Week

Teaser: 7 points, Commanders +6.5>+13.5 / Bucs -1 > +6

I don’t have the balls to tease the Colts even though I want to do just that. Instead, I’ll tease the Bucs at home vs. Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. The Bucs have arguably the best defense in the NFL right now, surrendering an impressive 6.5 points per game. For the Packers, Rodgers’s healthy receiver right now is rookie Romeo Doubs. The under is the better play in this game, but for teasing purposes, let’s give Brady the 6 points at home.

2022 NFL Season So Far

Bets of the Week: 3-1

Underdog of the Week: 2-0

Teaser of the Week: 1-1

Pac-12 Apostles Podcast: 2022 Week 3 Recap, Week 4 Preview

On this week’s episode of the Pac-12 Apostles, George Wrighster and Ralph Amsden talk about how THE PAC-12 IS BACK BABY! Or is it??? A great week of non-conference play should have been the story, but with whispers that Oregon is aggressively trying to negotiate itself into the Big Ten, the guys try to sort through whether or not a week like this one, that featured Washington beating Michigan State, and Oregon beating BYU, is a fleeting moment of success. The guys break down every game result, and discuss Herm Edwards “mutually” deciding to part ways with ASU. Finally, the guys make their pick for the upcoming week, and lament Oregon State being forced to play both USC and Utah on Pac-12 Network.

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Ralph Amsden is a sportswriter and podcaster. He is the publisher of Rivals’, Content Director for, and was previously the managing editor of the Arizona State University Rivals affiliate, Wyoming born, Arizona raised, and now based in Charlotte, North Carolina with his wife and four kids, Amsden made his mark in Arizona sports media through investigative reporting, and being one of the first people to leverage social media and the podcast medium to grow his platform. . Ralph might be sub-.500 in spousal disputes and schoolyard fights, but whether the topic is food, movies, music, parenting, politics, sports, television, religion, or zoological factoids, he’s always UNAFRAID to square up.

ASU’s Ray Anderson Can Gain Credibility Back by Hiring Brennan Marion

We need to talk about the job opening at Arizona State.

I know how much it must have hurt ASU Athletic Director Ray Anderson’s pride to have to part ways with his friend and former client Herm Edwards. I know it stings to be this close to being able to give one of the biggest “I told you so’s” in the history of sports to everyone that doubted Herm Edwards could succeed at the college level, only to be derailed by the infighting of the staff underneath him. 

I’m a man. I have pride like anyone else, and I’ve gone all in on something only to walk away humbled and with a wounded ego. If Ray Anderson can get past the bitterness and temptation to place blame on anyone but himself for the failed tenure of Herm Edwards, he has an opportunity to bring in the savior that this program needs. 

Let’s remember exactly who Ray Anderson is- a lawyer and agent that helped break the glass ceiling on NFL teams hiring minority candidates, and who used his influence as an NFL executive to help bust up the good ‘ol boy network that kept minority coaches from even getting interviews.

I refuse to believe that Ray Anderson did all that work to just turn around and build his own good ‘ol boy network at Arizona State, and then fall into the same trap NFL GMs and athletic directors always do when it comes to taking responsibility for getting it wrong. 

The Ray Anderson that changed football forever for men that look like me is still in there, and he has an opportunity to get back to shaking things up and moving the game of football forward.

And he can do that by hiring University of Texas wide receivers coach and passing game coordinator Brennan Marion. 

Ray Anderson said Arizona State needs someone young and energetic. Brennan Marion is 35, and one of the top recruiters in the country. Ray Anderson said Arizona State needs someone that understands the current landscape of player branding and NIL- Brennan Marion has built his own brand as a pull-yourself-up-by-your bootstraps little known recruit, to NCAA yards per catch record holder, to FCS and FBS offensive coordinator, and now a Power 5 position coach at both Pitt and Texas. 

ASU is all about innovation, right? Well how about someone that literally wrote a book on an offense that fuses principles of the triple-option and the spread?

A lot of people laughed at Ray Anderson’s goals for Herm Edwards- top 3 in the conference, top 3 in the country, and a signing day full of four-stars out of California. 

I don’t think these goals are out of the question. Maybe not every year- only a handful of schools can pull that off, and Ray Anderson has already publicly stated that he’s not willing to do what it takes to play with the big boys when it comes to NIL

But ASU is more than capable of having a run like that every couple of years. Why not? 

And why not bring somebody in like Brennan Marion, who has recruiting and staffing contacts all over the country, has worked at Arizona State before, and won’t have to play two years of catch up just to figure out the rules to the game?

Hiring in America has often been about who you know, and not what you know. And when the people in positions to make hires don’t know certain segments of the population, they tend to get left out of the decision making process. Ray Anderson should know this, both as someone that worked to stop it from happening, and someone who participated in it the last time around. 

If the old Ray Anderson is still in there, the one that wants to shake up the establishment, and the one that still has an unused “I told you so” in the chamber, it might be time for him to get to know Brennan Marion.

Let that sink in.

NFL Week 2 Best Bets

Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers

Last week, we opened up the NFL season with a 2-2 split. Lamar Jackson and Justin Jefferson did their thing, but Trey Lance and the 49ers forgot to hold up their end of the bargain. Have no fear, we’re at it again in Week 2.

Despite a decent week, we’re switching up the book for Week 2 as these lines come from Draftkings. Switching up the juju will ensure us a winning week.

Packers -10 vs. Bears

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers got their asses kicked by the Vikings in Week 1. From dropped passes to blown coverages, it was a rough day at the office for a team expected to challenge for the one seed. Remember last season when the Packers lost 38-3 in Week 1 against the Saints? In Week 2, they went to Lambeau and righted the ship on their way to a 35-17 victory over the Lions.

I’m expecting history to repeat itself. Rodgers owns a 22-5 record against the Bears with an impressive 61 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. I still believe the Bears are one of the three worst teams in the league. Besides the toughness of Justin Fields, I learned nothing about the Bears in a torrential downpour victory against the 49ers. The Bears haven’t won in Green Bay since 2015. They’ll have to try again next year because it ain’t happening on Sunday night.

Lions +1 vs. Commanders

I don’t like the Lions. I love the Lions. Detroit is a frisky bunch that usually finds a way to cover. They were 10-7 ATS in 2021. Carson Wentz threw for 313 yards, 4 (!!!) TDs, and 2 INTs a week ago against the Jaguars. Do you think that will happen again? Honestly, no! Dan Campbell gets to celebrate with a nice bite out of a kneecap.

Underdog of the Week: Steelers +3 vs. Patriots

The Patriots are favored only because of this phrase: “Bill Belichick won’t start 0-2.” Belichick owns Tomlin, having won 6 of the last 7 matchups. However, Tom Brady no longer plays QB for the Pats. Why would anyone trust the Patriots offense after putting up 291 yards and 7 points a week ago? I understand Najee Harris (health) and Mitch Trubisky (skills) are limited, and T.J. Watt is out. But, I like the Steelers defense to make life a living hell for Mac Jones as Pittsburgh goes on to win by a field goal.

Teaser: 7 points, Packers -10>-3, Bills -10>-3

Unlike the Packers who are in a bounce back mode, the Bills are looking to keep their foot on the throttle after the Week 1 blowout victory against the Rams. The Titans beat the Bills last year by a field goal, but after their performance against the Giants in Week 1, why would anyone trust this offense? Volume king Derrick Henry had 20 carries for 82 yards against the Giants. The Bills will stack the box and make Ryan Tannehill beat them. Good luck, Tanny, because you won’t outduel Josh Allen.

Good luck.

2022 NFL Season So Far

Regular Bets: 1-1

Underdog of the Week: 1-0

Teaser of the Week: 0-1

UnafraidShow Fearless Football Picks: 9/17/2022

Welcome to the 2022 Fearless Football Picks contest between George Wrigshter and Ralph Amsden.

Every week, George and Ralph will make five picks, either against the spread or the total, for the upcoming weekend. Each participant will start with 10,000 Units, and we’ll keep the total throughout the season.

George Wrighster

Current total: $12,000

Overall record: 6-4

Georgia (-24.5) at South Carolina (risking $1,000)

Washington (-3.5) vs Michigan State (risking $1000)

Miami (+6.5) at Texas A&M (risking $1000)

Oregon (-3.5) vs BYU (risking $3000)

Arizona (+2.5) vs North Dakota State (risking $1000)

This week’s picks:

Ralph Amsden

Current total: $5,000

Overall record: 5-5

This week’s picks:

Oregon vs BYU UNDER 58 (risking $1000)

Miami at Texas A&M OVER 45 (risking $1000)

Fresno State (+11) at USC (risking $1000)

Notre Dame vs Cal OVER 41 (Risking $1000)

Arizona vs North Dakota State (-2.5) (risking $1000)

Have a take you’d like us to address? Email us at and we’ll read your take on a future Wrighster or Wrong podcast.

Why I’m Buying the Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva Fight… and Every Jake Paul Fight After That One

We need to talk about Jake Paul’s October 29th boxing match with Anderson Silva

First, let’s get this out of the way- I’m buying this fight, and there’s nothing you can say to convince me that I shouldn’t.

Fans of the “sweet science” of boxing will tell you that this entire spectacle is unbecoming of their beloved sport.

So what? Gathering around to see two men that have agreed to battle until one relents is as old the earth itself. Boxing was born out of the sport of prizefighting, and the people responsible for keeping boxing relevant were never able to escape the temptation to keep prizefighting as the central motivation for everyone involved in the sport. Why has Mixed Martial Arts surpassed boxing? Because it’s structured in a way that the people that participate have to love the sport more than they love the money.

So when a prizefight comes along between a modern internet celebrity and a former MMA world champion, and it isn’t pretending to be anything other than a prizefight, it’s refreshing.

And for those of you that think I’m getting tricked by the celebrity of it all- my generation is the one that repeatedly rejected the idea of celebrity boxing. And why did we do that? Because above anything, we want to see people that can actually fight. Todd Bridges and Vanilla Ice weren’t going to give us anything better than we can see in the stands at a Raiders game.

Yes, Jake Paul is practically brand new to the sport, but he’s taking it seriously, and wins over professional fighters in Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley show that he’s not just some Hollywood pretty boy.

The other problem with celebrity boxing is that most people we tried to throw out there were beloved for some type of artistic or athletic contribution to society. Nobody hated Screech, or Manute Bol, or Refrigerator Perry. And hate is one of the three pillars, aside from skill and storyline, that sells a fight. 

Who is more hateable than Jake Paul? And people don’t just hate Jake Paul, they hate people that don’t hate Jake Paul. More than half the money that came in on Floyd Mayweather fights came from people rooting for his demise, and with Jake Paul, it’s going to be the exact same. 

People want to see Anderson Silva, a man that defended the middleweight UFC title 10 times over almost 7 years, score a win for Generation X over the entire Zoomer generation. And they’re willing to put money into Jake Paul’s pocket in order to see it happen. 

At the end of the day, sports are as much about entertainment as they are human accomplishment, and Jake Paul has tapped into finding a way to entertain people. On October 29th, I’m going to be one of those people.

Let that sink in.

The NBA Let Us Know Their Real Values With Robert Sarver’s Suspension and Fine

We need to talk about the NBA’s suspension of Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver

One year. Ten Million Dollars. 

That’s the penalty for the Phoenix Suns and Phoenix Mercury’s managing partner after an 11-month investigation that revealed 17 years of Robert Sarver acting cringier than the Scott’s Tot’s episode of the Office.

One year. Ten Million Dollars.

Since it doesn’t look like he’s going to be forced to sell the team, let’s take a closer look at what that ten million dollars bought Robert Sarver.

Ten million dollars bought a pass from Adam Silver for at least five confirmed occasions over the span of 12 years where Robert Sarver had to be reminded by people around him that it wasn’t appropriate for him to repeat the n word, whether it was during a free agent courting session in 2004, or in an angry tirade about Draymond Green’s on-court language in 2016.

Ten million dollars bought Robert Sarver out of any proper consequences for unnecessarily pulling his penis out in front of a physician, talking about his penis in front of a female employee, and walking around naked in front of male employees.

Ten million dollars bought Robert Sarver out of having to face the music for depantsing an employee in front of coworkers, talking in a sexual manner about his players’ significant others, and getting caught in a lie by the lawfirm that investigated this case about his habit of shouting and cursing at employees. 

Ten million dollars in exchange for the ability to tell a pregnant female employee that she should be at home nursing babies, commenting on another female employee’s breast augmentation, and organizing a lunch for female employees to try and toughen up one staffer that cried about being screamed at.

That’s what ten million dollars gets you. 

Let’s take the NBA’s investigating lawfirm, and Adam Silver at their word for a minute.

Let’s say that Robert Sarver isn’t a racist. Let’s say that Robert Sarver isn’t sexist. Those two things could absolutely be true. And if they are true, what it means is something equally discomforting-

Robert Sarver is a dangerous idiot. That’s what the NBA wants you to believe. We’re not dealing with a trained assassin here- we’re dealing with a milk-drunk toddler with a loaded gun.

How is that supposed to make us feel better?

And how does it rectify 17 years of damage that a supposedly non-racist, non-sexist, dangerous idiot toddler did?

Adam Silver and the NBA owners want to be able to chalk this up to a locker-room talk culture, and claim that the Suns, and the league as a whole have already begun to get a handle on it.

Putting aside the irony that Robert Sarver was saved from being forced to sell the team by the fact that his own HR department spent over a decade doing anything but their job, the idea that an owner should have ever been a participant in locker room talk leaves out the very important point that owners are not part of the locker room any more than Elon Musk is part of the Tesla factory floor. 

The term locker room talk was popularized when Donald Trump had his Access Hollywood “grab them by the pussy” tape leaked. In that tape, Trump said, “When you’re a star, they let you do it.”

Thanks to Adam Silver and the NBA, we know the ‘star’ is Robert Sarver. 

Let that sink in.