Pac-12 Betting: How Each Team Has Fared Against the Spread ATS

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The PAC-12 has had plenty of surprising results this season, but how have they fared against the Vegas oddsmakers? Here is a look at each team’s Pac-12 betting record, not in terms of wins and losses, but against the spread (ATS) as determined by Vegas Insiders.

As one might expect, Vegas does a pretty good job of keeping team’s around .500.

Pac-12 Betting Records ATS

Oregon State (5-2)

The Beavers of Oregon State have beat the spread at a higher rate than anyone else in the PAC-12, even though they actually haven’t been winning actual football games much this year.

Oregon State took a beating from Oklahoma State to begin the year and an even bigger beating from Utah a few weeks ago, their two big losses on the season. Otherwise, they have managed to keep games just a little closer than Vegas thinks they will, which has helped them win their gamblers some money.

They open as -5.5 underdogs to the Sun Devils of Arizona State this weekend.

Washington Huskies Rose Bowl against the spread

Washington (5-3)

Washington is tied with Utah for the second-best record against the spread this season, but even they still have three losses.

UW cost betters big time with their ugly losses to Cal (aided by a thunder delay) and Stanford, for which they were -13.5 and -13 point favorites, respectively.

Their third loss was as three point underdogs to Oregon, a game they lost by four, 35-31. So if you are picking with the spread this year, the Huskies may be your best bet of the season.

They are -3.5 point favorites against Utah this weekend. Do you lay the points?

Pac-12 conference betting

Utah (5-3)

Utah is 7-1 on the season, but they have been favored in every one of their games in 2019, and kept two games a little too close for Vegas’ liking, giving them just a 5-3 record against the spread.

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The Utes loss to USC obviously hurt them, they were -3.5 favorites, but so did their 35-17 win over Northern Illinois (-23) and their 31-0 win over Idaho State (-37.5).

Apparently, Utah is worth a gamble when they have big spreads, as they have struggled to meet those so far this season.

They are -3.5 point favorites over Washington this weekend.

Oregon (4-4)

Oregon is one of three PAC-12 schools that is perfectly even against the spread this season.

While they may be 7-1 on the year, a handful of very large spreads has made it tough for them to beat the spread regularly this year. That includes a -39 point spread against Montana (they won 35-3) and a -21 point spread over Cal (17-7).

Oregon is five point favorites over USC this weekend, and based on their previous track record, it’s hard to say how they’ll fare this weekend.

USC (4-4)

Speaking of USC, they are one of the other PAC-12 schools that is even against the spread this season.

A surprising loss to BYU (-4.5 point favorites) and a two-touchdown drubbing at the hands of the Huskies contributed to two of USC’s losses against the spread, while keeping a game against Notre Dame exceptionally close gave them a key win.

USC is five point underdogs against the Ducks in what should be one of the better PAC-12 games of the weekend.

Colorado (4-4)

The Buffs were actually doing pretty well against the spread before three straight ugly losses, to Arizona, Oregon and Washington State, hurt their record in the PAC-12 and against the spread.

They rebounded with a close 35-31 loss to USC last week (a win against a 10.5 spread) but will have to keep UCLA within striking distance if they want to cover the -6.5 spread this weekend.

Anthony Gordon WSU QB 2019

Washington State (3-5)

Washington State lost five straight against the spread in the middle of the season, which also coincided with three actual losses, completing derailing their originally promising season.

The worst was the loss to UCLA, for which they were favored by 18 points and looked likely to cover, until a second half collapse cost them the game.

They also lost games to Houston (-9 favorites) and Arizona State (-2). At this point, they are arguably the most volatile team in the conference and are not someone I would want to put my money on.

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California (3-5)

Cal has had three surprising victories this season, one against UW early in the year, another against Mississippi a few weeks later, and a close 17-7 loss to Oregon that easily covered the 21 point spread.

Otherwise they have been fairly predictable, making them a decently safe team to bet on thanks to their above average defense, which frequently keeps opposing teams from running up the score.

Stanford (3-5)

Stanford’s surprising win over Washington and their crushing loss to UCLA the following week notwithstanding, this has been a fairly predictable season for the Cardinal.

They have beat the teams they were expected to beat, and faltered against the teams that are better than them.

More of that can be expected from this team going forward, who next take on Colorado on November 9.

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Arizona State (3-5)

Arizona State has won three games they were expected to lose this season, against Michigan State, Cal and Washington State.

However, that’s the extent of their victories against the spread this year. They weren’t able to secure big enough victories against Kent State and Cal-State Sacramento earlier in the year, and they suffered losses to Colorado and UCLA that they shouldn’t have.

The Sun Devils are a tricky team to predict this year, and should not be anyone’s top choice to gamble on at this point.

Pac-12 Power Rankings UCLA ATS

UCLA (3-4-1)

UCLA and Arizona pushed back on September 28, with a three point spread proving prophetic in a 20-17 win for the Wildcats.

UCLA’s overall record against the spread is pretty weak, but they have been hot lately with victories over Stanford and Arizona State, both covering the spread easily.

They get Colorado with a -6.5 spread next, and based on the hot streak they are on this could be a profitable bet for fans.

Arizona (2-5-1) ATS

The Wildcats are on a downward spiral as of late, both in the win column and against the spread. Arizona has lost their last three games and while they weren’t favored in any of them, they failed to cover the spread as well.

Arizona does have two wins this season, narrowly defeating both Texas Tech and Colorado in games they were not favored in.

Still, this is a tough team to trust on the betting lines, and entering as -5.5 favorites against Oregon State next weekend is a tough bet to get behind.

Duke And The Favorites Advancing In NCAA Tournament Is A Good Thing

March Madness betting favorites advanced in the NCAA tournament Duke and North carolina

With just under two minutes left in the second round game between UCF and Duke, the Knights lead the Blue Devils 74-70. UCF had Duke on the ropes and were ready for the kill shot. UFC stole the ball and had a 2-on-1 fast break. UCF’s Dayon Griffin threw a lob pass to Aubrey Dawkins, who finished with 32 points, and had it been successful, the Knights would have been up 6 with all the momentum against one of the betting favorites to win it all. Instead, this happened.

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We all know how the rest played out.

A couple questionable no-calls, some fortuitous bounces, and a missed put back helped Duke squeak out a 77-76 victory over UCF as the Blue Devils move on to the Sweet 16. Top seeds advancing to the Sweet 16 was the common theme this past weekend as all of the betting favorites won in the second round.

Although all of the favorites won, chalk is not necessarily a bad thing. Let’s say UCF beat Duke. That’s an awesome moment for UCF and its fans. However, to the common basketball fan, are you tuning in to watch UCF vs. Virginia Tech for a trip to the Elite 8? Or, would you rather watch Zion Williamson, Rj Barrett, and Duke play Virginia Tech in the Sweet 16? Unless you’re a UCF fan, my guess is that you’d rather watch Duke.

The NCAA Tournament is known as “March Madness,” but this year, it’s the furthest thing from chaos. There was a significant gap all season long between the top 10 teams and the rest of Division I. That growing sentiment came to fruition as all the top seeds took care of business this past weekend. However, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Cinderella stories are awesome. Watching a double digit seed fight their way through each round and advance to the Final Four is both entertaining and inspiring. Rooting for Sister Jean and Loyola-Chicago last season was a great story. However, there’s a reason why upsets rarely happen and that’s because of the talent disparity between the blue blood programs like Duke and UNC and the mid-major Cinderella stories like Loyola-Chicago or Wichita State. A Cinderella story is most likely a flash in the pan. Remember when Tim Tebow made the playoffs or “Linsanity” took over the Knicks? Those two athletes took the world by storm for a brief period of time and it was spectacular to witness. However, just like in Cinderella, the clock always strikes midnight. Tim Tebow never got another chance to start at quarterback and Jeremy Lin hasn’t been a star since. You know why? Tim Tebow may have won a few games, but Tom Brady wins Super Bowls. Jeremy Lin may dazzle for a few weeks, but LeBron James wins championships. Loyola Chicago and George Mason may win a region, but Duke, UNC, and Kentucky are staples in the Final Four

And you know what? That’s ok. The biggest gripe with the tournament is that the best team in the country does not always win it all. This year, one of the best teams in the country will win. Duke, UNC, Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Gonzaga have all been in the top 3 at some point this year. Michigan, Michigan State, Purdue, LSU, Texas Tech, Houston, Auburn, Virginia Tech, and Florida State have all been ranked inside the top 15. The only outlier is Oregon, but the Ducks have won 10 straight and are two years removed from a Final Four appearance.

The tournament has not been as exciting as year’s past, but there is hope on the horizon. There is a lot of good basketball to play from the best teams in the country. For now, chalk is fine by me.