Introducing Webb Streaming: What I’m Loving, Reading, and Watching this Week

Welcome to Webb Streaming, an column featuring content I’m loving, reading, or watching that week. The weekly column will provide a brief recap, as well as links and resources, so you can follow along with the comic books, games, movies and shows I’ve fallen in love with on platforms like Netflix, Amazon, or AppleTV.

This week’s top 5 Webb Streaming recommendations are below:

1- Loki

I called this show the best product Marvel has put out early on, and that still remains as true today as it did then. This show keeps on hitting. It doesn’t matter if it’s the soundtrack, the emotion, or the lore, but this show is digging deep in the Marvel lore and it delivers week in and week out. Musical director Natalie Holt has pieced together one of the most memorable soundtracks Marvel has delivered since Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 and Vol. 2; they’re both classics. This show will truly go down in the record books as one of the best examples of how they support one another. You can watch the whole series on Disney+, all episodes will be up by this coming Wednesday (7/14). 

2- Black Widow

Now that they are able to put out a much more in-depth trailer and a familiar tone, the current market projections have Black Widow have the film tracking at an $80m-$90m opening weekend. Out of all the films Marvel has put out for our pleasure, only two of them have been dedicated to women; Captain Marvel and Black Widow. While the present course of films are going to be more dedicated to women, minorities, and underrepresented cultures. Still there is a bit of irony that the two films put out by Marvel feature white women, that will soon change with Ms. Marvel, the Eternals, Shang Chi, Thor: Love and Thunder, and Black Panther 2 will change the landscape of the Marvel sandbox going forward. The film releases in theaters on July 9th, but can also be purchased on Disney+ Premier Access for an additional fee. 

3- The Tomorrow War

Chris Pratt stars in the Amazon exclusive film, The Tomorrow War

An Amazon exclusive film starring Chris Pratt, Yvonne Strahovski, J.K. Simmons, Sam Richardson and Edwin Hodge. The Tomorrow War is a sci-fi thriller set in two distinct eras. As humanity deals with an alien threat they cannot seem to beat, the people of the future travel back in time to seek aid from humanity in stopping the war in their time so it never happened in the future. Chris Pratt plays a former special forces soldier who is drafted into the war and ends up fighting alongside his daughter thirty years in the future. If you’re looking for a quick action burn for those hot summer nights, check out The Tomorrow War on Amazon Prime Video today. Subscription is necessary. 

4- Seven Secrets

Looking for an incredible comic? Seven Secrets delivers in which Tom Taylor and Daniele Di Nicuolo put their best foot forward to create an incredible book surrounding seven secrets that an ancient order is tasked with keeping from the general public. The secrets are kept by a Keeper and a Holder. But what happens when one of the people charged with keeping the secrets decides to share them with the world? Find out in the explosive and wonderful story about secrets, hidden worlds, and perfecting the art of keeping these secrets from the general public. This series can be found on Comixology and is published by BOOM! If you’re going to pick up a new comic, I can’t recommend this one enough. 

5- Missile Manuever

My friend Colin Kershaw recently created a game for Android — soon to be Apple, too — called Missile Maneuver. To help kick the game off, Colin and I are hosting a competition where winners can get a free copy of Black Widow or a $40 gift card to GameStop. Coming up on MONDAY, Missile Maneuver Competition JULY 12TH and lasting through the 18th, you’ll have a chance to test your Missile maneuverability; a chance to win a gift card and a chance to win Marvel prizes. If you haven’t downloaded Missile Maneuver yet, go ahead and download it on ALL ANDROID devices. The game is FREE. FREE. FREE. Practice maneuvering through the vent maze avoiding the walls, lasers, and slide gates. Use the green lights to help guide you through the openings. July 18th is around the corner so DOWNLOAD it NOW. Tell us what you think by leaving us a review. Each download will help toward a new and improved Missile Maneuver (part 2) along with other fun apps in the future. The developers want to thank you, along with each user that downloads. 

Well, folks; there you have it. This column will be a weekly one and it will cover something new in every column. The goal is to share what I am enjoying from an entertainment lens rather than a sports lens. If you have any questions or you want to let me know about something you are loving, just send an email to me using the address in my Twitter profile. I’ll be happy to check it out, and you could even find yourself getting a shout out on here.

How Much Would You Pay To Watch A New Movie At Home?

Black widow

I miss movie theaters. As someone who hasn’t been inside a theater in well over a year (NYC theaters just opened a few weeks ago), I’m ready to sit on a creaky chair, ruin my posture, and snack on some salty popcorn. I even miss paying an absurd price for a ticket, which ranges from $13-$17 depending on the theater.

Let’s focus on price for a second. In most situations, theaters were closed due to the pandemic so studios either released straight to VOD or delayed the release. Because of this, many studios skipped the theatrical experience in favor of video on demand for a premium price of $19.99.

After I paid $19.99 to rent The King of Staten Island last June, my dad said, “$19.99? Expensive movie!” Is twenty dollars an absurd price to pay for a movie at home?

If you’re an average person, then you’re probably not shelling out the money to pay for a premium movie when there are hundreds of movies to choose from on services like Netflix, Amazon, Disney+, Hulu, etc. Throw in the fact that streaming services also provide binge-worthy TV shows like The Office and many moviegoers are passing on a $19.99 movie.

What if the movie was from Marvel or Star Wars? What if Leonardo DiCaprio says the hell with Apple TV+ and releases Killers of the Flower Moon straight to VOD for $24.99? What are you willing to pay for giant blockbusters with popular IP and star power?

This question will be put to the test with Black Widow, which will release in theaters July 9 and on Disney+ with Premier Access, which comes with a $30 rental fee. So in addition to a Disney+ subscription, subscribers will need to pay $30 to access Black Widow if they want to watch it at home. If not, then they can see it in a theater.

Will I pay $30 for Black Widow?

Probably not, but that’s because I will see it in a theater. However, if I want to watch the film with a group of friends or family members, I might elect to watch it on Disney+ since the $30 price split between a few people will be less than a movie ticket.

The Black Widow new got me thinking about the future of premium VOD and rentals. What would I be willing to spend to watch a movie I desperately wanted to see? Is there a price that’s too high?

To test this theory, I ran down some highly-anticipated movies that either just came out or will come out in the future and determined how much I would pay to watch them at home. Since I’m the only one answering, I’m paying full price for the movie and watching it alone for this hypothetical. I’m not factoring in the split cost of watching with other people.

Black Widow – $19.99

$19.99 might be expensive for indies or a mid-budget film, but for a Marvel movie with a rumored budget of $200m, $19.99 is a fair asking price for Black Widow. If theaters weren’t open, then I would pay the $30. In fact, if I could own Black Widow, I’d easily pay the $30. But since it’s only a rental, $30 is a bit steep for one guy.

Tenet – $19.99

There’s no test involved here because I bought Tenet for $19.99. Inversion!

Dune – $30

Let’s pretend you had to pay a premium price for Dune instead of watching on HBO Max. Dune is one of my most anticipated movies in 2021. With a stellar cast and Denis Villeneuve (one of my favorite directors) at the helm, I’m willing to pay at least $30 for this sci-fi epic. More worms, more money.

F9 – $50

It’s hard to put a price on your family, and Dominic Toretto is my brother. I’ve waited four years for my Fast & Furious family to return to theaters. I’d pay $50 right now to watch one of my favorite franchises tear up the (TV) screen.

No Time To Die – $100 or more

I lied. I pay $100 for No Time to Die. I need Bond back in my life. Also, shoutout to me for this analysis. Spot on?

How much money would you pay to watch a movie at home? Leave your thoughts in the comments or tweet us, @unafraidshow.