It’s Time For Bradley Beal To Move On From The Washington Wizards

Bradley Beal COntract Extension Washington Wizards

On June 25, Bradley Beal stated the following about his future with the Washington Wizards:

I have thought about it, but I haven’t really full-out processed it. I still have two years left. We just drafted Rui [Hachimura], and I want to see what we do in free agency before I make the ultimate decision. I haven’t even been offered it officially. Until that happens, I’ll wait and think about it. I’ll have an ample amount of time to process everything and make a decision when the time is right

I’d be naive to say I wouldn’t be [interested in extension talks]. Washington is where I’ve been the last seven years, going on eight. It would be great to play in one place forever. But at the same time, you want to win and make sure you’re in a position to do so. I’m definitely going to evaluate who we hire as the GM and who we pick up on the team. All that plays a factor

Credit: Ben Golliver/Washington Post

The time to think about it has arrived:

The Case For Bradley Beal Signing An Extension

Beal has until October 21 to agree to the extension. With John Wall likely to miss the entire 2019-2020 NBA Season, Beal has the chance to solidify himself as the face of the Wizards’ franchise. The 2018-2019 NBA Season was the year of many firsts for Beal: (i) first triple-double; (ii) first player in franchise history with 2,000 points, 400 rebounds and 400 assists in a season; and (iii) first player in franchise history to average at least 25 points, five rebounds and five assists. Beal also proved to be extremely durable, appearing in all 82 games for a second consecutive season.

The Wizards clearly view Beal as a franchise player. The team has kept him involved in its rebuilding process, made significant changes to its front office, and put an emphasis on acquiring players he wants to play with. Beal has also grown a strong connection with the Washington community, resulting in his receipt of the 2018-2019 NBA Cares Community Assist Award.

Why Bradley Beal Should Wait

Financially speaking, it makes zero sense for Beal to accept the Wizards’ offer. 3 years / $111 Million is certainly nothing to scoff at. However, if Beal plays out the 2018-2019 NBA Season under his current contract, he’s eligible for a four-year / $155 million max extension next year. Beal’s maximum contract value increases to five-years / $254 million in the event he makes All-NBA.

The chances of Bradley Beal making an all All-NBA team are slim, but not impossible if he’s somehow able to drag the Wizards to the playoffs. The Wizards finished the season 9 games behind the Detroit Pistons for the 8th seed in the East. Unless free-agent addition Isaiah Thomas regains his Celtic’s form, or rookie Rui Hachimura puts himself into the Rookie Of The Year conversation, Beal will undoubtedly have to shoulder the load if the Wizards have any hope of making the postseason.

To Sign Or Not To Sign With Washington Wizards

The Wizards offseason was lackluster, and the loss of John Wall for the entirety of the season is a significant blow. The Wizards appear to be in store for another sub-.500 season. Though Bradley Beal has said all the right things in public, behind the scene reports, indicate that Beal may already be on the way out.

There’s a recent history of stars forcing their way out with multiple years left on their contract. Kyrie Irving forced his way to the Celtics and, Paul George asked for a trade one year after signing a four-year extension and telling Oklahoma City Thunder fans he was “here to stay.” In a league stockpiled with superstar duos, the Beal/Wall combination no longer ranks on the list. Beal is a coveted trade option for a number of teams, but the Wizards continue to refuse all inquiries. However, if he rejects the team’s extension, Beal’s days in D.C. may be up.

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