Gerald Alexander: Miami Dolphins Defensive Backs Coach, Former NFL Player, and CAL DB Coach

Gerald Alexander: Miami Dolphins Defensive Backs Coach, NFL Player

In this episode of the GW podcast, Gerald Alexander joins me. He has gone from an undergraduate assistant coach at Arkansas State to defensive backs coach of the Miami Dolphins in 8 years.  GA explains to us how he did it, what his biggest motivations are, things successful people do. He also details how to recruit players in college football and specifically the Pac-12.

Gerald talks about the leadership, focus, and dedication it takes to succeed in life, football, and coaching. He also discusses the importance of mentorship and seeking good counsel to make quality decisions.

Coach Gerald Alexander

Gerald Alexander established himself as an excellent recruiter in his years as a college football coach. He details the arduous and time-consuming process of recruiting high school players. He also discusses leaving a program for another job after recruiting players toa school.

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