10/6/21 Wrighster or Wrong: Marshawn Lynch, MLB Playoffs, Zodiac Killer, Lisa Rinna Sued, More

Wrighster or Wrong 9-24

On this episode of WRIGHSTER OR WRONG, George Wrighster and Ralph Amsden talk about the NFL’s decision to bring Marshawn Lynch into the fold as an ambassador, and wonder whether the NBA should do the same with Allen Iverson. The MLB Wild Card game last night between the Yankees and Red Sox might have brought in great ratings, but the guys have an issue with the MLB’s play-in format. The recent Facebook and Instagram outage had a worldwide impact, and George and Ralph talk about which Social platform they wouldn’t be able to live without. Actress Lisa Rinna is getting sued by a photographer for posting pictures of herself- should people have the right to use digital images of themselves produced by someone else? Also, the Zodiac Killer has been identified over 50 years after the killings that gripped the country- the guys discuss whether serial killers like the Zodiac are still prevalent in society. And last, as always, the Best of Social Media.

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