9/15/21 Wrighster or Wrong: Former HBO Sports President Ross Greenburg, Met Gala Takes, Nicki Minaj Tweets, Clay Helton’s Replacement

On this episode of Wrighster or Wrong, George Wrighster interviews former president of HBO Sports, Ross Greenburg.

Next, George and Ralph Amsden discuss some of the more outlandish outfits that were worn to the Met Gala. In Cancel or Consequence, was Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Wrighster or Wrong for wearing a “tax the rich” dress to the expensive event, and how mad should people be at Nikki Minaj for telling her 22 million followers that the Covid Vaccine made her cousin’s friend impotent? Also, George and Ralph go through the legitimacy of some of the names that have been floated for the open USC football job.

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