The Unafraid Show’s Quarantine Binge Guide: Television

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Are you stuck inside? Do you practice social distancing? Are you slowly losing your mind? I’ll cut right to the point. This global pandemic sucks. It’s scary and nervewracking. Be smart, stay safe and most importantly, stay inside! I’ve been working from home for well over a year so I was born from the seclusion just like Bane was born from the darkness. Since you’re inside, it’s time to binge that television show you’ve always wanted to watch, but never had the time to put in the effort? Guess what? Now is the perfect time for a quarantine binge watch.

My recommendations will be for shows that are either currently on television or premiered a season within the past year or two. I don’t need to beat a dead horse and say to watch classic shows like The Wire, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and The Sopranos. There’s no better time than now to watch those iconic programs. For me, The Sopranos has always been my white whale. I never finished it all (shame on me), but I’m making an effort to go back and rewatch it. See, I’m flawed human, too.

Here it is. The Unafraid Show Quarantine Binge Guide: Television

The Best Show Of The Past Year – Fleabag

Fleabag / Amazon Prime

Fleabag: Two seasons, 6 episodes per season, 20-28 minutes per episode. Watch on Amazon Prime.

I’m running out of words to describe Fleabag. But, I did have a lot to say when the second season premiered this past April. Fleabag is one of the most creative shows ever made. It will make you piss your pants and cry your eyes out. Phoebe Waller-Bridge is a god.

Let’s Get Weird – Devs

Devs: Currently in 1st season, 3 episodes released, 50 minutes-1 hour per episode. Watch on Hulu.

The plot description for Devs is pretty straightforward. Lily Chan (Sonoya Mizuno), a software engineer, believes her boyfriend was murdered by her employer, the Amaya Company, which is run by the CEO, Forest (Nick Offerman). However, after a few minutes of the first episode, the show quickly becomes a haunting and mesmerizing thriller based around technology. Devs‘ creator is Alex Garland, the mind behind Ex Machina and Annihilation. Similar to those two movies, Devs has many twists and turns that will fuck with your mind, but it a good way.

Smoke Weed With Your Friends And Laugh Your Ass Off – The Real Bros Of Simi Valley

The Real Bros of Simi Valley: Currently in 3rd season, 4 episodes in S1/10 eps in S2/5 eps released so far in S3, 6-25 minutes per episode. Watch Season 1 on YouTube and Seasons 2-3 on Facebook Watch.

Do you even burn, bro? The weed is optional, but watching Real Bros is mandatory. Real Bros is a parody of The Jersey Shore and The Real Housewives set in Simi Valley. From truck nut obsessions to kickbacks, Jimmy Tatro created a series that is just as funny as it is ridiculous in nature. Squash your beef, get exterior, and binge the show in one sitting.

Quarantine And Chill – You

You: 2 seasons, 10 episodes per season, 41-50 minutes per episode. Watch Netflix.

Hello, you. To be honest, lifetime shows are usually not my cup of tea. They’re usually too melodramatic for my liking. However, You is different. The show highlights a creep who stalks girls and commits evil acts of violence. I wouldn’t say You is a fun show, but it was built to binge with your significant other. It’s uncomfortable at times, but it will spurn a conversation after every episode. Again, I usually wouldn’t watch this show, but it’s so damn addicting.

Watch With Me – Jack Ryan

Jack Ryan: 2 seasons, 8 episodes per season, 40-64 minutes per episode. Watch on Amazon Prime.

This is my current show of choice. I’m late to the game, but Jack Ryan is an enjoyable binge. I’ll watch a CIA political thriller about an analyst attempting to stop a terrorist attack any day of the week. The charismatic John Krasinski is the star, but Wendell Pierce’s presence creates a buddy-cop dynamic that leaves you wanting a spinoff with the two characters.

Girls Kick Ass – Killing Eve

Killing Eve: 2 seasons, 8 episodes per season, 41-55 minutes per episode. Watch on Hulu.

Fleabag might have been my favorite show of 2019, but Killing Eve owned that title in 2018. Killing Eve portrays a cat-and-mouse game between Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh), a British intelligence officer, and Villanelle (Jodie Comer), a psychopathic assassin. Oh and Comer give spectacular performances and the duo have undeniable chemistry. The “will they, won’t they” romantic narrative adds to the show’s addictive nature and suspense. Plus, Phoebe Waller-Bridge wrote the first season. Enough said.

Rapid Fire

Best Star Wars Show That Star Wars Fans And Non-Star Wars Fans Will Love – The Mandalorian. 1 season, 8 episodes, 31-46 minutes per episode. Watch on Disney+. MANDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. It’s a bounty hunting adventure that happens to be set in the Star Wars universe. Even if you hate Star Wars, The Mandalorian rules.

Think You Have It Bad? – Chernobyl. 1 season, 5 episodes, 60-72 minutes each. Watch on HBO. A reminder that acting quickly helps and every decision matters. The show may be full of existential dread, but the subject matter is important, compelling, and captivating.

Comics Are Cool – Watchmen. 1 season, 9 episodes, 52-67 minutes per episode. Watch on HBO. Give comic book adaptations a chance! Watchmen is too smart for its own good. It’s brilliantly paced and expertly thought out. Regina King is a badass. Tick tock.

Don’t You Forget About Me, I’m Still The Best Written Show On TV – Better Call Saul. Currently in its 5th season, 10 episodes per season, 42-61 minutes per episode. Watch Seasons 1-4 on Netflix and Season 5 on AMC. Like LeBron James, it’s important to appreciate greatness during its run because when it’s gone, it’s gone forever. That’s Better Call Saul in a nutshell.

Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby – Sex Education. 2 seasons, 8 episodes per season, 47-59 minutes per episode. Watch on Netflix. A raunchy sex comedy is somehow one of the sweetest and most endearing coming-of-age stories on television.

If You Know, You Know – The End of the F***ing World. 2 seasons, 8 episodes per season, 19-24 minutes per episode. Watch on Netflix. If you know, you know. Just watch this quirky and funny little show.

NoHo Fucking Hank – Barry. 2 seasons, 8 episodes per season, 26-35 minutes per episode. Watch on HBO. Once you meet NoHo Hank, you’ll be hooked. It also helps that Barry is one of the best dark comedies I’ve ever seen with Bill Hader’s best performance as an actor.

Did I miss anything? Do you have more suggestions? Leave your thoughts in the comments below or tweet us, @unafraidshow.

Emmys 2019: Who Should Win And Who Will Win?

Veep Emmys predictions

The 71st Emmy Awards air tonight at 8 PM EST on Fox. Who should win and who will win? Here are the top storylines as well as my predictions for the Emmys.

Top Storylines

Will Game Of Thrones dominate the night?

One of the most decorated shows on television says goodbye at tonight’s Emmys. HBO’s Game of Thrones set a record when it was nominated for 32 Emmys. At the Creative Arts Emmys, the show already won 10 Emmys, which means if it wins three tonight (which it should), it would break the record for most Emmys won by a single season. Despite a roller-coaster season that was met with mixed reviews, you don’t get nominated for 32 Emmys out of luck. Expect a big night for Thrones.

Can Julia Louis-Dreyfus make it seven for seven?

If there was a Mt. Rushmore for sitcom actors, Julia Louis-Dreyfus would be on it. Louis-Dreyfus is a dominant force at the Emmys. Before Veep, Louis-Dreyfus was nominated for 12 Emmys for her time on Seinfeld and The New Adventures of Old Christine, winning twice. What’s even more impressive is for her role as Selina Meyer in Veep, Julia Louis-Dreyfus has never lost Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series. Six seasons, six nominations, and six wins. Louis-Dreyfus will look to make it seven for seven.

Will Fleabag be rewarded for its brilliance?

Phoebe Waller-Bridge in Fleabag / Amazon Prime Video

Without a doubt, the best thing I saw on television this year was the second season of Fleabag. What Phoebe Waller-Bridge did with the Fleabag character is something that will never be replicated. It’s a true shame if Fleabag walks away empty-handed. If Veep or The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel didn’t have previous Emmy experience, Fleabag would sweep all of the major awards. However, Veep just had its final season and Maisel is trying to repeat. That being said, Waller-Bridge is a lock to win comedy writing and both Olivia Colman and Sian Clifford are in the running for supporting actress. I’ll take what I can get.

Other Thoughts

  • If Bob Odenkirk, Jonathan Banks, or Rhea Seehorn never win an acting Emmy for Better Call Saul, we failed as a society.
  • They say tying is like kissing your sister, but Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh should split Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series. It’s so difficult to pick one over the other.
  • I didn’t watch a lot of the Limited Series nominations so therefore, I don’t have any predictions. However, I did see Chernobyl so if I had to choose, that’s my pick.
  • Bill Hader and Henry Winkler should repeat in their respective acting categories for Barry.

Now, let’s get into the predictions.

Outstanding Drama Series

  • Who Should Win: Better Call Saul 
  • Who Will Win: Game of Thrones 

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series

  • Who Should Win: Bob Odenkirk, Better Call Saul
  • Who Will Win: Billy Porter, Pose

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series

BBC tv show Killing Eve Best shows of 2019
Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh in Killing Eve / BBC America
  • Who Should Win: Jodie Comer or Sandra Oh, Killing Eve
  • Who Will Win: Jodie Comer or Sandra Oh, Killing Eve

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series

  • Who Should Win: Jonathan Banks, Better Call Saul
  • Who Will Win: Peter Dinklage, Game of Thrones

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series

  • Who Should Win: Lena Headey, Game of Thrones
  • Who Will Win: Maisie Williams, Game of Thrones

Outstanding Comedy Series

  • Who Should Win: Fleabag 
  • Who Will Win: Veep

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series

  • Who Should Win: Bill Hader, Barry
  • Who Will Win: Bill Hader, Barry

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series

  • Who Should Win: Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Fleabag
  • Who Will Win: Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Veep

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series

  • Who Should Win: Anthony Carrigan, Barry 
  • Who Will Win: Henry Winkler, Barry

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series

  • Who Should Win: Sian Clifford, Fleabag
  • Who Will Win: Alex Borstein, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

What are you Emmy predictions? Leave your thoughts in the comments below or tweet us, @unafraidshow.

‘Killing Eve’ on BBC Will Become Your New Favorite TV Show In 2019

BBC tv show Killing Eve Best shows of 2019

Last Spring, Killing Eve, a drama series about a female British intelligence officer who attempts to track down a female assassin, premiered on BBC America. 2 Emmy nominations and 2 Golden Globe nominations later, television critics included Killing Eve in their Top 10 lists for 2018 more than any other show. That’s pretty good for a program on a channel that may be pretty hard to find in your cable package. It will be your favorite tv show in 2019.

Killing Eve was not only the best show in 2018, but it was the most addictive show on television. Killing Eve stars Sandra Oh as Eve Polastri, an MI5 officer who is searching for more satisfaction in both her work and home life. Eve begins to study a series of high profile assassinations and makes the connection that the killer is female despite little support from her superior officers. It turns out that Eve is right as the assassin is a female named Villanelle, played by Jodie Comer, a highly-trained psychopathic killer that is both quirky and murderous. As Eve begins to track Villanelle, the brilliant Villanelle becomes aware of Eve’s scent, and both women realize that they share a fatal attraction despite wanting to kill each other. The ensuing cat-and-mouse game led to the best season of television in 2018.

Fandango VIP

With Season 2 premiering this Sunday night at 8 pm EST on BBC America and AMC, now is the perfect time to hop on the bandwagon. Here are a few reasons why Killing Eve will become your new favorite show in 2019.

*This article will contain light spoilers. I’ll do my best to keep them at a minimum.*

Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer’s chemistry is off the charts

BBC America

There is no Killing Eve without Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer. Their chemistry is spectacular together. Both women give the best performances of their career in Season 1. Eve and Villanelle are polar opposites in their profession, but they both want and need something more in their life. They both feel empty inside, but soon realize that they are obsessed and attracted to each other, both mentally and physically. Eve and Villanelle feel complete when they are hunting each other. This is a twisted and complicated love story between two obsessive, but strong female personalities. As the song in the trailer for Season 2 states, “Might as well face it you’re addicted to love.”

Villanelle is one of the best TV villains in years

Jodie Comer in Killing Eve / Photo Credit: BBC America

The best villains are the ones that the audience roots for and sympathizes with. Villanelle is a brutal killer and sociopath. She’s dark, manipulative, and evil, but there’s this other side that makes you laugh and smile. That’s due to Villanelle’s dark comedic tone, wittiness, and vivacious sense of fashion. Villanelle could be the best villain on television since Walter White in Breaking Bad.

Fandango VIP

Two Badass Women Doing Badass Things

Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer in Killing Eve / Photo Credit: BBC America

Simply put, these are two badass women who do badass things. Villanelle might be a trained killer, but Eve is an intelligent officer who has a lot of guts. It’s a heavyweight fight and both Eve and Villanelle pack a serious punch.

Funny, Witty, But Violent

BBC America

There’s not other way to say it. The jokes only go so far. Eve can provide comedic relief, but there are scenes that are downright violent and sadistic. Sorry to play captain obvious, but the title includes the word “killing.” Death is a common theme throughout the show. There are vicious death scenes, but but the humorous undertones ease the brutality. There is a scene in a club that will send a chill down your spine and make your jaw hit the floor.

I can’t recommend this show enough. It’s a spy thriller, love story, and dramatic series all wrapped up into one. Oh and Comer are worth the price of admission. The unexpected twists and shocking reveals will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire show. Take the journey with Eve and Villanelle. You won’t be disappointed.

Watch Season 1 of Killing Eve on Hulu or BBC America. Season 2 premieres on both BBC America and AMC on Sunday, April 7, at 8 pm EST.