Oregon Ducks vs. Oregon State Beavers: The Not So Civil War Game

Civil War Game

The Jokes

Breaking News: It is being reported that Oregon State head football coach Jonathan Smith will only be able to dress twenty players for the Oregon game. The rest of the players will have to get dressed by themselves!!
Eugene and Corvallis are separated by one highway, but the separation between the Green/Gold and the Black/Pumpkin Orange is much greater. In Eugene we have a saying, if you see a Beaver with a Championship ring, call the Police, He’s a thief!!

The Rivalry

2019 marks the 123rd  meeting between the two schools. The Ducks lead the series 65-47-10

The Civil War, Ducks vs. Beavers, is not so civil!!! There couldn’t be bigger differences between the two schools that are only about 47 miles apart. The rivalry is like Big Brother vs. Little Brother, the Haves vs. the Have-Nots, or the popular vs. the unpopular kids. The Beavers look at themselves like blue-collar, hard workers who are the meat and potatoes of this country. They feel they earn everything they get, but we get everything handed to us on a silver platter. So when the Beavers play the Ducks, they have a big chip on their shoulder, because they live in the humongous shadow of the “O.”

If the Beavs feel the Ducks look down on the kids that play for Corvallis, they should. We do! OSU is a team to be respected and never taken lightly, but Duck players and fans feel we should never lose to “little brother.” The guys from Corvallis take our hand-me-downs and left-overs. We didn’t want Orange, so they took it. We get the newest uniforms; they get what is left. We get nationally televised games; they get the occasional regional broadcast plus radio. The Ducks are striving higher for National Championships while the Beavers are trying to climb from the Pac-12 cellar.

Why is my disdain for the Beavers so great? Simple. I’m a Duck. During my four years at Oregon, the Beavers beat us twice!!! That includes a 45-24 Shellacking in Corvallis my last year at Oregon. Until 3 days ago I had blocked that memory out of my mind. Honestly, until I was reminded I really thought we won (I’m blocking, I know lol). It still haunts me. So yes, we should run up the score like the 69-10 beat down last year if given the opportunity. I assure you the Beavers would if they could.

Classic Civil War Story

One time during the week of the civil war Samie Parker, Onterrio Smith and I were in Red Robin, and I saw TJ Housh “Your daddy” Houshmandzadeh (OSU wide receiver) sitting there with his wife and daughter. I had our waitress deliver him a note that said we were gonna beat the breaks off of him. TJ is a friend of mine now and a great guy. I was talking to him about that before the season started and he said, “man, I thought I was gonna have to fight ya’ll with the family there.” LOL, it was all done in good fun. TJ got the last laugh tho, Oregon State won the game.

What makes the “Un”-Civil War so great? You never know who is gonna win. What’s on the line in this game? BRAGGING RIGHTS! Two great programs are competing with their whole heart and soul to represent the state of Oregon. If you win, no one can say a word to you, but if you lose, you have a year of heckling to deal with. Both schools alumni have so much pride and love for our perspective schools that a loss is devastating. In recent years, this game had gotten coaches fired (Helfrich), and determined which team would go to the Rose Bowl.
2018 may not be the Biggest game in UO/OSU history, but it is important for both schools. Oregon’s head coach Mario Cristobal cannot afford a loss to the 2-9 Beavers. And the Beavers would love nothing better than to make Ducks fans question their future. The Ducks have been to multiple Rose Bowls and National Championships in the last 10 years. The Beavers haven’t been to the Rose Bowl since 1965… but that only makes the game that much more important for both schools. The Ducks want to keep their little brother in his place, and Oregon State wants to knock some of their big brother’s shine off. The intensity in Reser Stadium will be nothing less then ELECTRIFYING!!!!

Fun Fact:

The 1983 Civil War game is commonly referred to as the ‘Toilet Bowl’ because of the poor quality of play in the game. There were eleven fumbles, five interceptions, and four missed field goals. It was the last Division I football game to end in a scoreless tie.
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