9/27/21 NFL Weekend, NBA Vaccination Disputes, Violence in the Pac-12, Spencer Rattler Boo’d

Wrighster or Wrong

On this episode of WRIGHSTER OR WRONG, George Wrighster and Ralph Amsden discuss their favorite storylines from week 3 of the NFL season. A discussion about the Rolling Stone article about NBA Player hesitancy toward Covid-19 vaccination somehow leads to an argument over Rolling Stone’s relevance as a band. George talks about the violence at house parties in Pullman, Washington and Salt Lake City, Utah that left one Pac-12 player in serious condition, and claimed the life of another. In Cancel or Consequence, the guys discuss Oklahoma fans booing QB Spencer Rattler and calling for his backup in the middle of what was Rattler’s 12th consecutive win as the Sooners’ starter. Finally, in Best of Social Media, the guys talk about what they would expect from an NBA player if they found his wallet, and their reactions toward Oregon Head Coach Mario Cristobal lighting up one of his players for a penalty.

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