Stranger Things Season 4 Promises To Be Scarier Than Ever

Stranger Things Season 4 / Netflix

Is Stranger Things‘ scary? The debate over the show’s scariness dates back to its debut on Netflix in 2016. Stranger Things is arguably more sci-fi than horror, but it’s not something I would show to a kid under the age of seven.

Stranger Things perfectly blends horror with sci-fi and comedy. It’s not the scariest show to be created, but it does mix in timely jump scares and spine-tingling visuals. Creepy is a better way to describe the show’s horror.

A possessed Billy going AWOL and fighting the gang? Actually scary!

Dusty-bun and Suzie-poo singing The NeverEnding Story theme song? Not scary, but cute!

After watching the newest teaser for Season 4, the horror will eclipse new levels in Stranger Things.

I’m a big enough man to admit when I’m frightened and after watching the teaser, I’m scared. Gaten Matarazzo said that this season will be the scariest one yet so I’m intrigued to see how frightening it will be.

I’m more excited for the show to return, but I’d be lying if I denied the chill sent down my spine when Dr. Brenner said, “Eleven, are you listening?”

The teaser highlights the Hawkins National Laboratory, where Dr. Brenner would experiment and train children with psychokinetic abilities like Eleven. It’s unknown whether this is a flashback, dream sequence, or the present-day. I bet it’s s flashback, but we know that Dr. Brenner is alive so it’s possible that he will capture Eleven once again.

Unfortunately, we won’t receive any answers on Eleven and Dr. Brenner until the Season 4 premiere, which will probably arrive in 2022. I’m still holding out hope for a Thanksgiving/Christmas debut. Drop it early, Netflix!

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