Pac-12 Apostles: State of the Conference, Predictions, Preview Podcast

Pac-12 Apostles Podcast Ep 2

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George Wrighster and Ralph Amsden return for the second installment of’s Pac-12 Apostles Podcast. In this episode, the guys discuss the critical nature of the 2019 season for the Pac-12 conference, as well as the responsibility of the fans to help keep the conference from becoming irrelevant before the tv deal is up in 2024. The conference is falling financially behind the other power 5 conferences. So, winning a national championship or two before 2024 is paramount to the future of the Pac-12.

One of the biggest potential changes for the upcoming season in the Pac-12 is the proposed 9 am kickoff times for a small selection of games meant to air on Fox. George and Ralph discuss the pros and cons of early kickoffs and debate whether or not there will ultimately benefit from the change (14:00-31:38).

Pac-12 Apostles Podcast North and South Predictions

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George and Ralph revealed their preseason predictions for where the Pac-12 North teams will finish. Oregon, Washington, and Stanford have been the class of the Pac-12 for the last decade. But, both of the apostles believe Cal is a well-coached team on the rise. (31:39-1:01:11).,

The media picked Utah to win the conference at Pac-12 Media Day. However, neither George or Ralph picked them to win the south division. The apostles’ predictions for the Pac-12 South teams caused a big disagreement. They could not be further apart on the predictions for the UCLA Bruins, USC Trojans, and Arizona QB Khalil Tate. (1:01:12-End).

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Blind Resumes: Who is the Most Dominant Pac-12 Team?

Most Dominant Pac-12 Team

Who Runs the Pac-12?

College football fans love debating other college football fans about hypothetical events. Most fans rely on emotions and feelings instead of stats and facts to drive their arguments and opinions. Conversations are always heated when Pac-12 fans debate the most dominate Pac-12 team. Unafraid Show has indisputable stats to solve these debates thanks to our friend @SportsPac12. We will use the blind resumes of the four most dominant Pac-12 teams over last two decades to determine who runs the Pac-12.

If we were judging, historically USC will always win this debate because they had such a headstart on everyone else in the conference except UCLA. So, we will focus on recent history to determine who runs the Pac-12. Anybody can have an outlier season and win a conference championship, but it is extremely difficult to maintain success longterm. Take an objective look at the blind resumes to determine who currently runs the Pac:

Most Dominant Pac-12 Team

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Can you name the teams without google help?

No matter who your favorite team is, the future is extremely bright for the Pac-12 conference. The conference has the best coaching it has ever had from top to bottom. There are multiple national championships in store for the conference over the next decade.

Check out the Pac-12 preseason rankings and predictions for who is the most dominant Pac-12 team and who will win the conference.

Team A: Stanford Team B: USC Team C: Oregon Team D:Washington

For more thoughts on who is the most dominant Pac-12 team as well as more fresh, creative, powerful content for sports fans, check out my UnafradShow podcast.