Top 10 Names in NCAA Tournament

Top 10 Names in NCAA Tournament

The NCAA tournament always brings me joy in so many ways. The drama, buzzer beaters, heartbreak, and the NAMES. There have been times I have wanted a player to score simply so the announcers can call their names. Some of the greatest names in NCAA history are God Shammgod (Providence), Scientific Mapp (Florida Atlantic), Majestic Mapp (Virginia), Baskerville Holmes (Memphis), World B. Free (Guiford), Stromile Swift (LSU), Exree Hipp (Maryland), Chief Kickingstallionsims (Alabama State).

Here are the 2011 best names in the NCAA tournament. My Favorite is Ivory White. (For obvious reasons. LOL)

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    Jimmer has to be one right? What the heck is a Jimmer? Glad to see you posting again.

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