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What do you think happens next on the NCAA basketball probe and does it spill over to football? Do the football coaches get similar packages to what Pitino had at Louisville?

Please tell anyone who believes paying players is exclusive to basketball that I have some ocean front property in Montana that I want to sell them. I will never be the guy to snitch but I’ll say it like this… I would be willing to bet my bank account that some college football players have been paid to attend certain colleges.
Football coaches absolutely have compensation packages from shoe companies that directly tie to performance. That is one of the ways schools subsidize their coaches high salaries. The NCAA is somewhere on their knees begging the FBI to make this go away. Every Power 5 school could be affected in some way.
This whole mess reminds me of a quote: Everyone wants to eat sausage but nobody wants to go to the factory to see how sausage is made. We all want great sports teams at our schools, but we want to pretend the school, new uniforms, and facilities are the only reasons kids are showing up.
Why do socialist always oppose tax cuts?
First off, where do you find these “socialists” so I can go ask one. I am not opposed to tax cuts. In fact, most tax cuts Trump is proposing may end up being beneficial to my family. However, I asked a simple question this week that stumped everyone on twitter and Facebook.
Can someone sensibly explain to me how a massive corporate tax cuts will help wages for middle class and low income families?
You can possibly sell me on the idea that tax cuts will stimulate the economy (not sure I believe its true). What you can’t see me on is trickle down economics. Corporate tax cuts wont put more money in working class households. The highest earners just get bigger bonuses and companies will pay dividends. Corporations aren’t going to pay regular workers more out of the kindness of their heart.
I work at a tech company. We don’t have cubicles or offices, and all employees share a common kitchen. I am one of the company’s original seven employees, but now there are 36 of us.
It started out as this all for one, one for all thing, where we would share food, drinks, condiments, etc. It was all good, but when my Snickers in the freezer and ramen comes up missing and never replaced and I’m pissed and ready to go off.
Should I start labeling my stuff, send a memo, or do a sinister prank?
I feel like I can relate. As a pro athlete, you are constantly working in a community space. You constantly have to set and enforce personal space boundaries for teammates.
Now on to your options:
I approach this situation as “levels of escalation”. I’m sending a non-sugarcoated company wide memo first entitled “You take it, you replace it” that details the office etiquette as you see it.
The next step is labeling your stuff, and on that label detail the people who are on the approved list to share your items. This will really piss people off because you are indirectly calling offenders out.
If the problem still continues that means you have no respect from the offender(s) so you must escalate. I would either make food or bring items that look appealing to eat but taste like ass and just sit it in there and wait for the culprit to get what they deserve. Just make sure it’s nothing poisonous. It would be a shame to go to jail over this.
This is the best advice you can get… from a guy who has never worked in a traditional office environment (I don’t think radio and tv stations count).
Oregon Ducks: Is it not possible to put a game plan together with the screen game to the backs and a two back set with a combo of Freeman , Benoit, TBJ and Griffin…Tons of talent there…Or is it too difficult to bring in a whole new game plan…
While I agree with you and it makes sense in theory. It all comes back to one single thing. Burmeister has to be able to threaten the defense passing the football. There is no way on earth to win football games against Pac-12 opponents when they have ZERO fear of you throwing the football. Screens are most effect on pass downs or when the defense is blitzing.
I would never blitz Burmeister right now. I’d rush three and drop eight and force him to fit the ball in tight windows.
Oregon will have to be extremely creative offensively and take some shots on 3rd and short if they want some explosive plays.

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