I had a cool time in high school, but for the most part, I felt like a fish out of water, but then came the University of Oregon. I didn’t know what to expect when I got to Eugene. All I knew about the U of O was Nike, Prefontaine “Track Town USA”, and Duck football. I learned quickly what the 541 was all about. I loved my time in Eugene. My favorite breakfast spot GJ’s, our favorite bar Taylors , the U.I. dorm , the CASS and most importanly, Autzen stadium, the crowd, and the student section. AMAZING!!! I’ll never forget Apartment #90 which consisted of #1 aka SP aka Samie Parker, #2 aka O-S*#@*y aka Onterrio Smith and myself aka Rice-Daddy. Man, if those walls could talk, lol, but I’m glad they can’t. Oregon was totally different than any other place I had ever been into my whole life, but yet it was home. Some of my fondest memories are from my time in Eugene. College was truly some of the best years of my life to date. A lot of things in my life may change, but one thing that will remain the same is I will always and forever be an Oregon Duck!

I’ll never forget every home game the PA announcer would say “It never rains in Autzen Stadium”. Which to me, being from Sunny So Cal, was very ironic, because I felt like it was always raining in the northwest. I still get chills thinking about scoring a touchdown and that loud fog horn going off and the band playing the fight song “Oregon our Alma Mater, we will guard thee on and on….”! I loved playing for Oregon, and now that I am in the pros, I love being a fan of Oregon. I always had my duck gear in my locker at the stadium. At least once a week in the offseason I workout in a Duck t-shirt, shorts, and my Nike Shox Duck editions (Oh Baby)! I even made a bet with my teammate Mo Williams 2 years ago that MY Ducks would crush his minuscule Wolverines, and of course they did. Mo had to wear my College jersey all week, haha GO DUCKS!! I hang on to every play of Duck football. All my teammates in Jacksonville knew when we went to away games I was only going to eat dinner at a place that had my Duck’s game on! God Bless satellite tv!!

Two years ago we had the National Championship and the Heisman Trophy in our grasp and it all went down the drain when Dennis Dixon fell to the ground clutching his knee. We were on cloud nine, riding high on the backs of Dennis Dixon and Jonathan Stewart, and just that quick we had to settle for a SCHLacking of South Florida in the Sun Bowl 56-21. I was devastated. It felt like I was on that team and “we lost”. I now know what “REAL” fans go through and how they feel. I have a much deeper respect for the fans of our game.

On Thursday we begin our quest for another PAC-10 title and a chance at a National Championship. Although I can’t be there in person I will have my flatscreen on and my popcorn ready. It won’t be an easy game, (we are playing against former Oregon coaches). We are taking on the Broncos of Bosie State, on their “Smurf Turf”. The Broncos have a good team and are always tough at home, but I know the Ducks will take care of business. This year will be a good year for us up in Eugene and I will be here with my duck gear on cheering the whole way. I just can’t wait until my son is old enough to really appreciate the game, so I can take him to a game at Autzen stadium, “the loudest place on earth” (for the enemy).

I was so juiced when I saw the Ducks on the cover of Sports Illustrated. I was thinking, finally, we are getting some respect. I know some of ya’ll out there are skeptical of calling us a Football Powerhouse, but keep watching and trust me, you’ll see. It’s ok, I won’t say I told you so. Actually, YES I WILL!!! GO DUCKS!!!

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  1. Love it man! Keep spreadin' the good word…let's leave no doubt tomorrow!! -csquared02

  2. Man, this kind of alumni support is awesome. I assure you Ocho Cinco isn't repping his alma mater like this. Looking forward to hearing you on 95.5 in Portland tomorrow.

    Lets go the Ducks!

  3. George –

    Good Stuff Man. My hair is standing up thinking about tomorrow. Glad you still follow the Ducks – cause we still follow you.

    Peace & Blessings

  4. Loved u at Oregon and love you now! Eloquent description of DUCK atomsphere & spirit. Go DUCKS!

  5. You're the man. What a great treat for the duck fans to see one of their recent heroes reflect on the good old days. Thanks George!

  6. George Wrighster….the best Duck tight end I've ever had the pleasure of seeing. This was a great read…glad to still hear you rep the northwest..it means a lot to us! Once a Duck…always a Duck. That will never change!

  7. Thanx for everything George, especially the picture (s) of you and your son.
    Go Ducks

  8. When I read this post I could almost hear it—-




  9. We love you too George! You are forever a Duck…keep doing us proud!

  10. Thanks for representing us, George. Duck fans will never forget you. Behold, the power of the "O".

  11. This is why I love college football! George you are right, once a Duck always a Duck no matter where life takes you. When I attended Oregon more people showed up to track meets than for football games. How that has changed. Track is still fantastic but football brings us together as alumni. People throughout the country and in many parts of the world know about Duck football. Nice to hear from a fantastic former Duck player. Let this be one of many BCS years. GO DUCKS!

  12. Fantastic !!! Great stuff George.

    It's always nice to hear former Ducks talking now as passionate fans.
    I will be rooting for you likewise in the NFL.

    Good luck and Go Ducks

  13. Great stuff. One of my favorite Ducks of all time. Keep doin it big fella.

  14. Thanks for a great riff George. You were a great Duck player and you're still a great Duck!

  15. Right on! This has me smiling from end to end. Go Ducks!

  16. it's true what they say: Once a Duck, always a Duck!

    Go DUCKS!

  17. Great blog Big George. Go Ducks!

  18. Go Ducks, Thanks for all you've done George. When are you coming over for a tail-gate BBQ?

  19. Big George – you really know how to get us Ducks fans ready for the game. I thikn that while Kelly is giving the talk to the team, you should give a talk to the fans. How cool would that be…you telling us how excited you are…the fans getting louder and louder…you could give Joe Giansante an elbow or two (maybe even a headlock). Or you could sit down with Jerry Allen for the live play by play.

    But next up for you is Baltimore, Raiders and Philly. When you are in town for Baltimore and Philly you should swing on down to DC and watch the game with us.

    oh and don't forget about the Original Pancake House or the Glenwood.

  20. That is awesome. Did anybody honk?

    George, tell us which websites you read for Ducks info. I know the people who run those sites would love the attention. I recommend my new favorite: "Addicted to Quack"

  21. Great to hear from you George. Good writings too. I had season tix for the Jags and enjoyed watching you.

  22. Can't wait to see your son playing tight end for the Ducks. Couldn't help but feel the pain and dissappoinment when DD went down with the knee injury, to think how close you all were to the NC game. Probably hurt all of you more than us!!

  23. George, when you are done playing you might have a career in writing or broadcasting. You got me pumped up. Go Ducks!

  24. All right! Thanks for reppin' my Ducks, your Ducks so well. Man, I miss Eugene! I was there when Fouts was the QB and suffered, after he and Bobby Moore were gone, through years of beatdowns. It is GOOD to be back near the top again. Hope they do me pround tonight and stuff the smurf-turfers. Hope you have continued success in your pro career.

  25. I've been honking from the left coast, rolling with teh Oregon flags up all week and wearing about 12 different O's on me right now.
    Can't believe it's actually here, nine months and a day waiting for this…
    This will be the slowest work day ever waiting for kickoff to come around.

    42-27 Oregon, Ducks roll over the undersized overwhelmed BS-U defense.

    Everyday should be gameday!
    GO DUCKS!!!

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