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Before I even watched episode 1 I already had thoughts remaining from Season 4.

* How is Tariq going to piss me off this season? He needs his ass whooped.

* What is the stupidest thing Angela Valdez will do for Ghost this season?

* Every episode Ghost doesn’t kill Dre´ I will be mad.

* Is Maria Suarez going to get Ghost arrested?

After watching the episode some of these questions were already answered! So without further adu:

6 Biggest Takeaways from Episode 1

You can listen to the theme song while you read the article.

  1. Dre´ is more slippery than a can of oil.

Counting back to season 4, this dude has escaped being killed or found out no less than 7 times. I refuse to believe this can keep up for much longer. I must admit that when the episode started I was hopeful that Dre´ was next to die, but quickly realized that would be too easy. Like everybody else who has any loyalty, honor, or principles in their bones. Just the site of him ignites such strong feelings of disgust. I cannot wait for Dre´ to get a bullet from Ghost, Tommy, or Kanan. He’s the character that needs to get hit by a bus as he’s gloating about an escape from death. He is the by far the worst kind of person to have in your circle. It makes me angry to my core every time I see his character. He is a fake ass friend that will stab everybody in the back to get ahead.

  1. Why didn’t Ghost try to kill Dre´ at the gravesite?

This mofo Dre´ had the nerve to show up at Raina’s gravesite. I cannot for the life of me figure out why Ghost kept his cool at Raina’s gravesite when Dre´ showed up! Ghost regularly loses his cool in emotional situations, but not then? After that amount of boldness and disrespect, I would have been like “fuck the Jimenez cartel, you gotta die homie”. Ghost must have figured that he needs to find some workaround to keep his family safe when he kills Dre´

  1. Angela Valdez is a horrible liar.

Her horrible lying showed up three times in episode 1. This is exactly why she stay in trouble. The first instance was when Angela was at the crime scene as was asked why she was there. The second was when she told her boss she didn’t answer the phone because she was sleeping. The third was when she told the Internal Affairs investigator that she was at the crime scene to go talk to Ray Ray (dirty cop Tariq killed).

Why on earth would Angela tell multiple different stories to different people who may have contact with each other? How could she possibly think no one would ever mention that she was at Ray Ray’s crime scene? She is a US attorney!

  1. Did Ghost tell Tariq to warn Dre´ so the Italians could kill him?

When Tariq went to the bathroom I thought Tariq needed his ass whooped because he was up to his fuck boy ways again. Then Tariq showed up to carry the casket out and Ghost appeared to knowingly nod at him, so I considered the possibility that Ghost might have told Tariq to text Dre´ so the Italian hitmen where the ones to kill him. But then I remembered that Tariq locked himself in the bathroom to send a secret text. Had he been working at his father’s request he could have sent it from his seat. So moral or the story is that Tariq is a suburban kid with no street smarts and a liability.

  1. Ghost + Tommy + Kanan is exciting

The real “Big 3” is back together Ghost, Tommy, and Kanan. Who would ever think these cats would be working together again?

It was good to see these cats work together against Dre´ rather than fighting against each other. However, I don’t think this alliance will last. A tiger doesn’t change his stripes and neither does a Kanan! Kanan will eventually do something shady as it relates to Tariq and the civil war between the “Big 3” will be back on in full effect.

  1. Tommy is in HOT WATER

Tommy just got vouched for with the Italians and he decides it’s a good idea to go behind their back to hire their hitmen to do his dirty work. There is no way Tommy does not receive MAJOR blowback from this move. Inevitably the Jimenez cartel will figure out the Italians were the people who tried to kill Dre´. That will potentially cause a war, which will leave Tommy square in the middle of both sides.

This good news is Tommy appears to be off the coke and making decent decisions again (considering it’s Tommy we are talking about).


Can’t wait for episode 2.




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