Julian Edelman Patriots Super Bowl MVP

We all have to acknowledge that Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman is a really good wide receiver. He is clutch and a great playoff performer. However, all this talk about him being a Hall of Fame wide receiver is insanity. He has never been to a Pro Bowl or been selected to an All-Pro team. Edelman has 499 career receptions for 5,390 yards and 30 touchdowns. Those numbers barely put him within the top 300 receivers of all-time. Edelman’s stats put him closer to the Brandon LaFell’s and Deion Branch’s of the world than Hall of Fame receivers.

Do these look like the stats of a Hall of Fame player? Yet, NFL analyst continued to make the irrational case for Edelman.

Sidenote: No one is mentioning that Edelman was suspended for the first four games of the 2019 season for PEDs. Shouldn’t that matter?

Issac Bruce, Hines Ward, and Chad Johnson are just a few players who were head and shoulders better receivers than Julian Edelman is and none of them are in the Hall of Fame. All have nearly doubled his career stats in every statistical category. So why this became a topic of discussion is beyond me.

Edelman Won the Super Bowl MVP

Edelman will join Dexter Jackson, Desmond Howard, Mark Rypien, Phil Sims, and Jim Plunkett on the long list of Super Bowl MVP’s who didn’t make the Hall of Fame. There is a reason players aren’t eligible to be enshrined in the Hall of Fame until after they have been out of the game for five years. It allows voters to have an objective view of the players without recent history influencing the votes.

Tom Brady and the Patriots have won four Super Bowls without Edelman. Deion Branch, Wes Welker, and James White all looked like Hall of Fame players with Brady as well.

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  1. YOu can take out his 1st 4 seasons when he didn’t play essentially, but he’s clearly been 1 of the best WRs in the game the last 5 seasons and has a few Pro Bowl snubs in there, which are meaningless btw. He still has more work to do, but given his conditioning and desire, I can see him playing at a high level for another 3-4 seasons. If he has around 800 catches and moves closer to 10000 receiving yards, plus you throw in being a solid punt returner, his postseason numbers and clutch plays being off the charts, and the fact that he’s played for the greatest dynasty of all time and contributed heavily to the latter half of it with 3 rings, I don’t think the argument is absurd at all. Let’s examine things after his career is over too btw. Am I the only one who has missed his retirement announcement?

    • In the past five seasons he has two 1000 yard seasons. His regular season production has been solid but not Hall of Fame caliber. Chad Johnson, Issac Bruce, and Hines Ward all have between 800-1100 catches and 10k-15k yards and aren’t in. And they have more than double the amount of TDs.

      Think about the WRs currently playing he could be up for in HoF voting besides those guys I named already. :Julio Jones, AJ Green, OBJ, Antonio Brown, Michael Thomas, Keenan Allen, Mike Evans, etc. Edelman is not even a top 12-15 WR in the NFL now. So there’s no chance. All of those guys won’t even get in.

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