Donovan Mitchell and Jamal Murray

Last week was monumental when the players went on strike. After talking it over, the players and owners agreed on new social justice initiatives to carry out for the near future. Once basketball started up again in the NBA Bubble, it was a damn treat to watch. However, as Bill Belichick would say in this exact situation, “We’re on to the Second Round.”

Top Story: Young Talent Takeover

In terms of talent, the NBA is positioned for great success over the next decade because of their wealth of young talent. Jamal Murray and Donovan Mitchell, both 23-years-old, slugged it out for seven games, one-upping each other with each possession. It felt like a battle of two heavyweights. Check out these stat lines from both players.

Jamal Murray

Donovan Mitchell

These two young men gave it everything they had and more. Unfortunately, one guy had to go home and that team belonged to Mitchell. The Nuggets may have bested the Jazz thanks to a wild final sequence, but both Murray and Mitchell realized the gravity of the situation and showed nothing but respect towards each other.

Murray and Mitchell are two budding superstars that have the potential to become All-NBA guys and faces of the league. Add Giannis Antetokounmpo and Luka Doncic and the NBA could have their version of “Four Horseman.” LeBron is still the top dog, but the young guns are coming.

Surprise Of The Week: James Harden Makes The Defensive Play Of The Bubble

James Harden’s legacy and narrative were set to experience a crushing blow last night. Quite simply, Harden had an atrocious night on the offensive side of the ball. Despite being the most gifted scorer in the NBA, Harden couldn’t hit the Atlantic Ocean while standing in a boat. The beard had a pedestrian 17 points on 4-15 shooting including 1-9 from 3. If the Rockets lost, that would have been the final straw for Harden’s defenders. As talented as he is, last night would have been added to Harden’s list of playoff clunkers and hiccups. Right before pressing “Send” on the anti-Harden tweets, Harden made the play of the NBA Bubble. Harden blocked Lu Dort on a game-winning 3 point attempt to preserve the win. Who would’ve thought that a Harden defensive play would be the reason why the Rockets advance? Now, Harden can add to his legacy if he slays the beast that is LeBron.

Time to Gloat: I Was Right About The Miami Heat

Full disclosure, I picked the Bucks to win the Eastern Conference so you can take my tweets with a grain of salt. However, I bet the Heat both games and so far, it’s paid off nicely. I’m in love with the Miami Heat. From their coaches to their players, I love the toughness they bring every night. Butler and the kids look like a team that is not afraid of the moment. With a 2-0 lead, the Heat may throw a wrench in everyone’s bracket.

Concern Of The Week: Are The Bucks Done?

In my Week 1 recap, I asked if we should be worried about the Bucks following a loss to the Brooklyn Nets in a game where Milwaukee was the biggest regular-season favorite in history. One week later, I asked if the Bucks were in trouble due to a lack of support for Giannis. It’s now been three weeks since that post and I’m close to pronouncing the Bucks as dead. They were outplayed in both games and despite a controversial foul call against Giannis in Game 2, the Heat deserved to win that game. Giannis needs to find his Superman cape quickly or his 2021 free agency discussions will only intensify.

Week 5 MVP: Lu Dort

I had no idea who Lu Dort was, but now, he’s an Internet darling. Good for this kid. From undrafted rookie to 30 point scorer in a winner-take-all game, I have to give my props to the Church of Dort.

Week 5 LVP: Billy Donovan

For a coach that exceeded expectations, that last play will be the stain on Billy Donovan’s 2019-2020 season.

Storyline For Week 6: Second Round

It’s 2:30 EST on Sept. 3. Here’s where the second round stands.

  • 4 Heat lead 1 Bucks, 2-0
  • 3 Celtics lead 2 Raptors, 2-0
  • 2 Clippers vs. 3. Nuggets, 0-0
  • 1 Lakers vs. 4 Rockets, 0-0

If either the Clippers or Lakers lose Game 1, I can’t wait for the “rest vs. rust” takes.

What are your top storylines from Week 5 inside the NBA bubble? Leave your thoughts in the comments below or tweet us, @unafraidshow.

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