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NFL End Zones Leave Social Justice Haters Nowhere to Hide

Am I Wrighster or Am I Wrong? The NFL is painting “End Racism” and “It Takes All of Us” in the end zones of all its. Now, every major professional sports league is in on social justice. What will the keep politics out of sports crowd going to watch? Sports…Duh. Minnesota Vikings QB Kirk Cousins had some interesting things to say about the coronavirus, but the headlines left out the fact he’s wearing a mask.

Big Ten Conference May Play Fall Football

In an obvious political move, Donald Trump contacted the Big Ten in an attempt to get them to play football immediately. It is reported he offered increased availability of testing and contact tracing access. The Big XII and ACC conferences have no contingency plan for Covid-19. What have they been doing for the last few months?

NBA Ref Scott Foster vs Harden and CP3

Referee Scott Foster as the lead ref for Game 7 between James Harden’s Houston Rockets and Chris Pauls’s Oklahoma City Thunder is a gift from the NBA. They both hate him.

  • NFL is painting End Racism in the end zones. What is the keep politics out of sports crowd going to watch? Sports…Duh
  • Donald Trump and Clay Travis’ attempt to bully the Big Ten doesn’t appear to work.
  • Scott Foster reffing Game 7 between Harden and CP3 is a gift
  • Big XII and ACC have no plan for Covid-19. What have they been doing?
  • Parting Shot: Kirk Cousins “If he dies, he dies”

Wrighster or Wrong?

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Who is George Wrighster?

George Wrighster is a former Pac-12 and veteran NFL tight end. As a television/radio host, opinionist, writer, speaker, and analyst, he is UNAFRAID to speak the truth. Contrary to industry norms he uses, facts, stats, and common sense to win an argument. He has also found success in the business world as an entrepreneur and investor. George is a lifelong learner who loves having conversations that educate and uplift. He has also covered college football, basketball, NFL, NBA, MLB since 2014.

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