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Last week, the players went on strike. This week, the players put on a show as the competition was at an all-time high. A soon-to-be two-time MVP bounced from the bubble, the LA teams established their dominance, and two words, Game 7. That’s a hell of a week inside the NBA Bubble.

Top Story: Welcome To Miami

In the end, Miami was too hot to handle. Before we talk about Giannis, let’s give the Heat the majority of the credit. They were the better team the entire series. Even if you take away the bogus calls to end Game 2, Miami still wins that game. Despite two of the games ending with a differential of a combined five points, this series really wasn’t that close. The Heat dominated almost every statistical category including assists, rebounds, 3 pointers made, and free throws made. Jimmy Butler looks like a genius for asking out of Philadelphia to join a young Heat squad led by Erik Spoelstra, who coached circles around Mike Budenholzer. To quote Mr. Buckets, “I told you. We got some motherfuckers that can ball on this team. Say I’m fucking right. Say I’m fucking right. I told you.” Jimmy, you were right. Your squad can ball and currently owns the best record in the playoffs at 8-1. In an unprecedented season, toughness will prevail, and the Heat are as tough as they come.


The Giannis Thought Of The Week: The Giannis Sweepstakes Are In Full Force

This was supposed to be the year Giannis got over the hump. Everything was set up for Giannis and the Bucks to reach the Finals. Did the pandemic change things? Absolutely. Milwaukee earned the right to play in front of their fans. However, every single team had to face the same set of circumstances inside the NBA Bubble. The Heat rose to the occasion while the Bucks floundered their opportunity. I’m not going to hold Game 5 against the Bucks because their star didn’t play, but in Games 1-4, the Bucks were outplayed and outcoached. The right group of players is not surrounding Giannis. The Greek Freak is not a point forward who can create his own jump shot and pull up from 3. (Giannis shot 21% from 3 in the Heat series.) Giannis is a downhill, dominant wing who thrives in transition, where he can get to the basket at will.

The elephant in the room is Giannis’s contract situation in Milwaukee. He’s eligible for the largest contract in NBA history and can sign it this fall. If he chooses to wait, all hell will break loose. Every team will try to make a play for the 25-year-old superstar. Take LeBron’s decision and the Kawhi trade and multiply it by 10. That’s what’s in store for the NBA if Giannis doesn’t sign the deal this fall. Giannis needs a point guard, and Chris Paul could be the perfect fit. My advice to the Milwaukee front office is to buy more phones because the lines will be ringing nonstop this offseason.

LA Question Of The Week: Will The Clippers And Lakers Make The Conference Finals?


Next question.

Can the Nuggets and Rockets make it interesting? It’s possible. Maybe both teams steal Game 5 and keep their respective seasons alive. Can they both win Game 6 and Game 7? No chance. Kawhi and LeBron will not let that happen. Fans want Clippers vs. Lakers. The NBA wants Clippers vs. Lakers. I want Clippers vs. Lakers. Do you see a reoccurring theme?

Two Greatest Words In Sports: Game 7

Week 6 MVP: Tyler Herro

Did somebody say “Tyler Tuesday?” Tyler Herro has a swagger and confidence you can’t teach. From shooting his shot with model Katya Elise Henry to wanting the ball in big situations, this kid is fearless. Miami will only go as far as Jimmy Butler and Goran Dragic take them, but if Miami wants to make the NBA Finals, they will need Herro to bring that confidence every night.

Week 6 MVP: Danuel House

We have some drama in the bubble! I hope the cameras behind the scenes documented this moment. Is Danuel House lying about not having contact with a female? Is House a fall guy for his teammate? Where is TMZ when you need them?

Storyline For Week 7: Conference Finals

If I have to pick the Conference Finals, I’ll say Heat vs. Celtics in the East and Lakers vs. Clippers in the West. Sign me up.

What are your top storylines from Week 6 inside the NBA bubble? Leave your thoughts in the comments below or tweet us, @unafraidshow.

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