2020 NFL Week 14 provided an insane game in Cleveland and many other entertaining games. There were major shakeups on both ends of the Power Rankings this week, as the Steelers lost to the Bills. On the other end, the Eagles and Cowboys both won, paving the way for new teams in the NFL’s cellar. Without further ado, here is Four Up and Four Down for 2020 NFL Week 14.

Chiefs Maintain Top Spot in Power Rankings After 2020 NFL Week 14 Despite Turnovers

Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs did not play their best football against the Dolphins. A win is a win though. Despite three interceptions, Mahomes still threw for 394 yards in the victory. They have so many ways of beating their opponents. Their defense has proven they can get the job done in the postseason. Kansas City has not played their best football in a few weeks, but they are simply winning games.

2. Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams are the most lethal quarterback-wide receiver combination in the league. No team has been able to stop them. Adams has caught a touchdown in his last eight games and has a total of 14 through 2020 NFL Week 14. The Packers’ running game is also decent with Aaron Jones. On defense, there is still something to be desired, as the Packers have let teams back into the game the past two weeks against the Eagles and Lions. However, it will be hard for a team to beat Green Bay if they cannot figure out how to stifle the Rodgers-Adams connection.

3. Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo defense stepped up against the Steelers on Sunday Night. A pick-six by Taron Johnson completely flipped the game in the Bills’ favor. If Josh Allen continues his great play, he could get some votes for MVP. He will not win it but has shown vast improvement this season. Allen also proved he can play well when the conditions may not be great. His play is helping the Bills as they are looking for their first AFC East title in 25 seasons.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh’s offense is very frustrating to watch. It makes no sense why they did not even try to establish the run Sunday night. They use all these short passes, and their receivers cannot even catch the football. When they were letting Ben Roethlisberger throw the ball downfield, they were winning. Now, they cannot. The Steelers need to find a way to incorporate running and downfield passes back into their offense, or their season will be over sooner than anyone expected. On top of that, they will be out of these power rankings.

Four Down: Texans and Bengals Hit New Lows In 2020 Season

29. Houston Texans

The Cowboys could have been in this spot, but their team did not have two contributing players get suspended this past week. The Texans were embarrassed 36-7 by a Bears team that had not won a game since Week 6. Deshaun Watson cannot win games all by himself. Hopefully, the new head coach finds a way to utilize the weapons they have since former head coach Bill O’Brien basically mortgaged this team’s future on the players they have now.

30. Cincinnati Bengals

Cincinnati was competitive for the first few games after Joe Burrow was injured. On Sunday, however, they were destroyed by the Dallas Cowboys and former quarterback Andy Dalton 30-7. At this point, the Bengals will not win another game this season. That means they will be able to take their choice of offensive lineman in the draft if they end up with the third pick.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars lost to the Titans 31-10. After a few weeks of being competitive, the Jaguars crashed back down to Earth. Gardner Minshew II got back into the game though, and he will be the Jaguars’ starter at quarterback this week against the Ravens. However, these last few weeks of the season will probably draw an end to Minshew Mania in Jacksonville.

32. New York Jets

There is not much to say about the Jets’ 40-3 loss to the Seahawks. A week after firing Gregg Williams, their defense did not find any answers against Russell Wilson and the Seattle offense. At least they have a loyal quarterback. Despite being 0-13 after 2020 NFL Week 14, Sam Darnold said he loved being a part of the Jets’ organization and still wants to be the quarterback. Teams should give Darnold a look in the offseason. If the Jets do indeed let him go, the team that signs him knows he will show up for work.

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