Welcome to the UnafraidShow.com 2022 Fearless Football Picks contest between George Wrigshter and Ralph Amsden.

Every week, George and Ralph will make five picks, either against the spread or the total, for the upcoming weekend. Each participant will start with 10,000 Units, and we’ll keep the total throughout the season.

George Wrighster

Current total: $10,000

Overall record: 0-0

Oregon (+17) at Utah (risking $1,000)

Utah (-2.5) at Florida (risking $1000)

Notre Dame (+16.5) at Ohio State (risking $1000)

Oregon State (-2.5) vs Boise State (risking $1000)

Arizona (+6) at San Diego State (risking $1000)

This week’s picks:

Ralph Amsden

Current total: $10,000

Overall record: 0-0

This week’s picks:

South Carolina (-12.5) vs Georgia State (risking $500)

North Carolinia as Appalachian State over 56.5 (risking $1000)

Wyoming (+6.5) vs Tulsa (risking $2500)

Coastal Carolina (-2) vs Army (risking $1000)

Oregon (+17) at Georgia (risking $3000)

Have a take you’d like us to address? Email us at immad@unafraidshow.com and we’ll read your take on a future Wrighster or Wrong podcast.

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