MTV’s The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies Preview

The best athletes in the world typically compete at the Olympics. However, you could make the argument that the top global athletes actually compete on MTV’s The Challenge, which returns tonight for its 37th season, Spies, Lies & Allies.

All kidding aside, I’m so glad to have The Challenge back in my life. After years of dedicating my life to this show, I took a short hiatus after Invasion of the Champions. I still checked in here and there, but my official return was Total Madness, the first season during COVID. Without professional sports, The Challenge provided the perfect mix of athletic achievements, gameshow politics, and drama.

One of the producers watched another James Bond movie for the second straight season and created an entire season around espionage. I don’t hate it. According to the preview, it’s going to be 34 players – 17 veterans and 17 rookies. In a clip from the first episode, the rookies will have to “save” a veteran from snakes, and the pair will become partners. I prefer seasons with partners as opposed to individual matchups so this incarnation will be right up my alley.

Below are the synopsis and trailer from MTV.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies will feature 34 players spanning the globe — representing the most countries ever on the competition franchise. Assembled in the picturesque Mediterranean coast of Croatia, elite U.S. Agents will join forces with an assortment of International Operatives, all armed with killer competitive instincts. With the assignment constantly evolving, these agents will be tested both mentally and physically to win their share of $1 million in an epic new chapter of The Challenge spy games. Look out, James Bond.”

The success of The Challenge comes down to the cast. If this cast loves to compete, party, and stir up drama, we’re in for a treat. My biggest complaint is the lack of partying and the drama that ensues when contestants get drunk. Because of COVID, the contestants are not going out into the town so that takes away some of the steam from their drunk hijinks.

Spies, Lies & Allies Cast

Some quick hitters in regards to the cast of The Challenge:

  • The champ is here as CT returns for his 19th season. CT is pulling his best Brady imitation in old age with two wins in the past three seasons. His partner from last season, Amber B, is not featured on this list, but she will show up eventually as evidenced in the trailer.
  • I don’t watch Survivor (a fatal flaw) so I can’t give any insight into those players. Frankly, I don’t know the majority of the new international players.
  • I’m glad Nam is back. He survived Lolo’s scoldings and cried after an injury ended his game last season. He’s a real one.
  • I ride with Devin.
  • Josh crying at some point this season, -3500.
  • What is The 12 Dates of Christmas?
  • Did you know Cory… wait for it… has… KIDS?!

One of the best changes the show made was the addition of the skulls. To run “TJ’s Final,” contestants need to win an elimination. The days of coasting to a final without entering the *insert name for the elimination battleground* are over. It appears that the skulls will be returning, and I couldn’t be happier.

Prediction Time: How do you not pick CT to repeat for the guys? However, unless your name is Johnny Bananas, the odds of repeating as a champion are slim. I don’t believe in Fessy until he proves it to me. After what he did to Kaycee last year, how could you root for Fessy? A male rookie to win it all could be the play. Size doesn’t (always) matter, but Kelz Dyke looks like an absolute specimen.

On the female side, the clear favorite is Kaycee. She’s two for two in terms of making the final. I also like Tori to do well. Her mouth can get her into trouble, but she’s a beast on the battlefield.

My Winners: Kelz Dyke and Kaycee Clark

Who do you think will win this season? Leave your predictions in the comments or tweet us, @unafraidshow.

Outer Banks Season 2 Preview And Predictions: Back In The Gold Game

Outer Banks Netflix

As John B and Sarah Cameron relax on a beach in the teaser trailer, the Pogue leader looks at his girlfriend and says, “Back in the G-game, baby.” I’m ready to go hunting for some gold in Outer Banks Season 2.

I’ve spoken about my obsession with Outer Banks ad nauseam. For a “too long, didn’t read” version, I started watching Outer Banks on a Friday night in April 2020, right in the middle of the lockdown. I started on a Friday night and completed the 10-episode first season by Saturday night. The world wasn’t doing too well in April 2020, so the show provided the perfect escape from reality.

The young adult drama was an instant hit as it quickly climbed to the number 1 spot on Netflix’s Top 10. One year later, the show is back for Season 2, which premieres on July 30.

In Season 1, John B and his fellow Pogues, JJ, Kiara, and Pope, join forces with Sarah Cameron to investigate the disappearance of John B’s father. During their investigation, they learn about the treasure of the Royal Merchant, which is rumored to be worth $400 million in gold, and how it tied to John B’s missing father. The Pogues eventually find the gold, but it’s later stolen by Ward Cameron.

In the season finale, John B and Sarah attempt to flee from the authorities during a storm via boat after John B was wrongly accused of killing Sheriff Peterkin. The boat capsizes in the storm, and the two young lovers are believed to be dead. However, John B and Sarah survive and are saved by a cargo ship. The ship is headed towards the Bahamas, where Ward Cameron stashed the stolen gold.

From the trailer above, Season 2 ups the ante with more drama, romance, and explosions. John B and Sarah make it to the Bahamas, but they’re considered fugitives with a $50,000 reward to anyone who turns them in. While the duo tries to find the gold in the Bahamas, JJ, Pope, and Kiara are trying to move on with their lives in the OBX. However, they soon learn that their best friends survived the storm. A Pogue reunion was rumored to happen at some point, but it’s now been confirmed.

Now, the Pogues will look to take back the gold that they found. However, Ward is not the only one trying to claim the gold. A new villain named Limbrey (Elizabeth Mitchell) is interested in the treasure, and it seems that she has a bone to pick with Ward, who may have doublecrossed her in the process.

In true Outer Banks fashion, things will get complicated, people will get hurt, and someone will die. I wouldn’t want it any other way! Below are a few of my predictions for Season 2.


  • There’s either a second treasure or more gold from the Royal Merchant. Right now, Ward has under half a billion worth in gold. In the trailer, the Pogues are exploring the island and find a key that leads to another room. Perhaps this room holds another treasure or even more gold.
  • Topper joins the Pogues. One of the Kooks has to help the Pogues at some point. It’s not going to be Rafe so Topper is the likely choice because of his previous relationship with Sarah.
  • John B’s mother arrives at the end of Season 2. With the show’s popularity, Season 3 is inevitable so setting up storylines at the end of Season 2 makes sense logistically. We know about John B’s father, but his mother is still a mystery. Nothing would shake things up more than her arrival.

Grab your favorite bandana, tie it around your neck, and play some “Left Hand Free.” See you later, Pogues.

What are your predictions for Outer Banks Season 2? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter, @unafraidshow.

Ted Lasso Continues To Be The Hero We Need

Ted Lasso / Apple TV+

In the fifth episode of Ted Lasso, Ted and his wife, Michelle, are trying to save their marriage, but they both realize it’s not going to work. Ted tearfully tells Michelle that she doesn’t have to try anymore even though he promised to never quit anything in his life. Moved by Ted’s words, Michelle says, “But you’re not quitting, Ted. You’re just letting me go.”

I’m watching a show where Jason Sudeikis looks like an extra for Bill Swerski’s Super Fans, and yet I’m emotional and heartbroken over Ted’s failing marriage. What is going on?

To say Ted Lasso caught the world by surprise would be an understatement. When Sudeikis originally did the character in 2013, it was an entertaining skit; nothing more, nothing less. Never in a million years did I believe it could succeed as a television show.

A record 20 Emmy nominations later, and the egg is on my face. I could not have been more wrong about Ted Lasso. It’s a comedy at heart, but it provides so much compassion that my cynicism takes a backseat for 30-minutes at a time.

2020 was a rough year for America. The pandemic kicked our asses, plain and simple. Yet a coach in a mustache and sweater injected more hope into the world than any news program on television. Ted Lasso is a load of fun. However, the fact that it was one of the only positive programs in 2020 aided in its meteoric rise.

When we first meet the new coach, every member of Richmond thinks Ted’s schtick will never work. The team’s fans scream and yell “wanker” at Ted whenever they see him. The team’s captain, Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein, one of the show’s creators), tells Ted to “fuck off” more times than not.

And yet, Ted’s positivity attaches to the team (and the audience at home) like a parasite. Bad attitudes turn into positive thoughts. Ted’s charm wins you over as the series progresses. Even the team’s owner, Rebecca Welton (Hannah Waddingham), who hired Ted so the team could fail, appreciates Ted’s humility and emphasizes with him by the Season 1 finale.

Television has been dominated by antiheroes in the 21st century. Tony Soprano, Walter White, Don Draper, and 85% of the characters in The Wire have no idea what it means to be a morally good person. Ted Lasso and his heart fill a much-needed void in television. If done correctly, something as simple as being a good guy can shine, and no one shines brighter than Ted.

In her column for Variety, Caroline Framke said, “Above all odds, Ted Lasso chipped away at my skepticism until there was none left — just like the character himself does to everyone he meets.”

As Ted Lasso begins Season 2, my skepticism has disappeared. It’s time to root for our hero, the good guy.

Do you like Ted Lasso? Leave your thoughts in the comments or tweet us, @unafraidshow.

Webb Streaming: What I’m Loving, Reading, and Watching this Week

Webb Streaming is back to take you through what content I’m watching, reading or enjoying this week.

This week’s top 5 Webb Streaming recommendations are below:

1- The Loki Season 1 Finale

Holy cow. What a way to end the series.

Michael Waldron, the shower’s main writer, has absolutely killed the dialogue. Whether it’s the seriousness of the show, or its moments of levity, this show just crushes it. Loki brings fresh life into the MCU and plays around with avant-garde ideas. If you’re looking for a Marvel show to bring you up after the Infinity Saga, Loki is your meal ticket. While Falcon & The Winter Soldier, or WandaVision were outstanding in their own right, This is by far Marvel’s best show to date.

Related: Give Michael Waldron the Keys to the MCU

2- The Mysterious Benedict Society

Based on the hit children’s series by Trenton Lee Stewart, The Mysterious Benedict Society is a wonderful twist of puzzles, great and small, and uncovering the secrets behind a mass event known as the Emergency. The story is rather gripping and involves children going undercover in the fictitious town of Stonetown. While the show is generally made for children, you’ll still enjoy this show ifr you’re an adult in age, but a child at heart. Star Anthony Hale (Arrested Development) absolutely kills it. Between this, Harley Quinn, and Rugrats, Hale keeps himself busy.

3- Mario Golf: Super Rush

Mario Golf: Super Rush might be the crowning achievement in the Mario Golf arena. Not only does this game bring elements of Mario Kart, but the golf itself is incredible. The courses are perfect, the specialty courses deliver everything and then some. I can promise you’ll love this iteration of Mario Golf. If you ever want to play me in a game, here is my Nintendo Switch Friend Code: SW-8557-9540-0508.

Let’s get up on a game.

4- Secret Empire

While this is an older comic miniseries (2017), it truly was one of Marvel’s best events in recent history. A lot of people took umbrage with the notion of Captain America going Hydra. I personally thought it was brilliant. It reminded me of the Hulk Hogan WCW heel turn when he became Hollywood Hogan. It truly was a memorable experience and they made the most out of what they had with heel Captain America. The story showcased exactly how difficult it could be to try and take down the heart and soul of the Avengers. Nick Spencer absolutely killed this run and it might be one of my favorite modern stories.

 If you have any questions or you want to let me know about something you are loving, just send an email to me using the address in my Twitter profile. I’ll be happy to check it out, and you could even find yourself getting a shout out on here.

Loki: Give Michael Waldron The Keys To The MCU

Loki / Disney+

After the exciting finale to a superb season of Loki, the first thought in my head did not revolve around Season 2, which was confirmed in a post-credits scene. (Light spoilers from here on out.) All I could think about was Michael Waldron and how he needs to be the driving force behind the MCU for the next decade.

Waldron is the creator and showrunner of Loki, the best Marvel television show up to this point. In the series, an alternate version of Loki (Tom Hiddleston) is brought before the Time Variance Authority (TVA), an organization that monitors the universe’s timeline, making sure there are no anomalies or disruptors. When Loki picked up the Tesseract in Endgame, he became a “variant,” or someone that disrupts the timeline. Loki is given the decision to work for the TVA to erase other variants and fix the timeline or be pruned (banished) from existence.

If you’re not a Marvel fan, that might sound confusing. I’ve seen 95% of the films and television shows in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the TVA still left me with more questions than answers.

Out of the three Marvel shows on Disney+, Loki had the hardest task because of all the legwork needed to explain the concept of time and how a character that died in Infinity War ended up surviving. Loki needed to expound on the TVA, explain the logistics of time travel and timelines, and introduce the idea of a multiverse all within six episodes.

If this was a test, Loki passed with flying colors. The series perfectly balanced the creation of a self-contained television show that can stand on its own with furthering the overall plot in the MCU. Most of the Marvel films and shows serve as stepping stones for a bigger storyline like the Infinity Saga. Properties like Loki and Black Panther can almost stand on their own, which is a compliment to the world their creators built.

It sounds so simple, but Waldron perfectly understands that Loki is a television show, not an “X-hour movie.” Movies were not meant to be six hours. Television shows that treat their story as a movie usually have inferior episodes that are heavy on explanations and rely on explosive cliffhangers to move the plot. Waldron and Loki follow the rules of television with a beginning, middle, and end with a scene in the final moments to advance the plot and provide the next episode a starting point to work off of. In an age that’s bogged down with shows acting like 10-hour movies, it’s refreshing to see Waldron follow a TV formula that’s worked since the beginning of television.

In six episodes, Waldron and director Kate Herron created multiple shows in one. The first two episodes played like a buddy-cop dramedy thanks to the amazing chemistry between Hiddleston and Owen Wilson’s Mobius. Then, the next two episodes weaved in a romantic dramedy with Sophia Di Martino’s Sylvie. Episode 5 felt like a backdoor pilot thanks to the multiple iterations of the titular character in the Void. Finally, Episode 6 introduced a new villain into the MCU but also treated the finale like a show that was coming back for a second season. Ending on a cliffhanger and leaving the audience with more questions than answers is an efficient way to transition into Season 2.

Kevin Feige’s strength is long-term planning. Feige always sees the endgame (couldn’t help myself), and understands how to move from point A to point B over a long period of time. Feige needs help with putting the pieces of the puzzle together with character development, and that’s where Waldron succeeds. Who would’ve thought that one of the most emotional moments in Loki would be a hug between Hiddleston and Wilson in episode 5? Because of the groundwork and attention to detail from Waldron in establishing this relationship in the early episodes, a hug celebrating the friendship between two characters was a tremendous payout that the audience earned.

This ability to develop interesting and noteworthy characters is why Waldron is set to become one of the most important voices of Dinsey going forward. His innate talent is why Feige chose Waldron to write Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and his top-secret Star Wars film. In a Vanity Fair piece, Waldron described the Doctor Strange sequel as his version of “Indiana Jones.” Sign me up right now.

Waldron has a clear vision of how to develop characters in the MCU. Because of Loki‘s success, it’s time to give him the keys to the future of the MCU. Instead of Steve Rogers, Waldron should now be the one to say, “Avengers, assemble.”

Did you enjoy Loki? Leave your thoughts in the comments below or tweet us, @unafraidshow.

UnafraidShow Quick Take: TikTok Superstar Addison Rae Pisses Off Sports Journalist with UFC Opportunity

Addison Rae seems to have pissed off every single sports journalist on earth by posting a tweet of herself holding a microphone in front of an Ultimate Fighting Championship banner ahead of tonight’s UFC 264 with the caption “I studied broadcast journalism in college for 3 whole months to prepare for this moment.”

Yes, the caption is terrible. And yes, sports media is a competitive, expensive, exhausting grind that very few outside the ‘big J journalist’ bubble understand. But do we really think that Addison Rae got this opportunity based on the one class she took at LSU? Of course not. Addison Rae has 82 million followers on TikTok alone, and just like when UFC commissioner Dana White used comedian Joe Rogan to help grow the brand in the early days off MMA, the purpose of her presence is to expose the UFC to her massive and impressionable swarm of not-yet-able-to-rent-a-car followers.

Here’s UnafraidShow boss man George Wrighster weighing in on the controversy:

Here are some of the salty, and thoughtful, takes from our friends in the media:

Introducing Webb Streaming: What I’m Loving, Reading, and Watching this Week

Welcome to Webb Streaming, an column featuring content I’m loving, reading, or watching that week. The weekly column will provide a brief recap, as well as links and resources, so you can follow along with the comic books, games, movies and shows I’ve fallen in love with on platforms like Netflix, Amazon, or AppleTV.

This week’s top 5 Webb Streaming recommendations are below:

1- Loki

I called this show the best product Marvel has put out early on, and that still remains as true today as it did then. This show keeps on hitting. It doesn’t matter if it’s the soundtrack, the emotion, or the lore, but this show is digging deep in the Marvel lore and it delivers week in and week out. Musical director Natalie Holt has pieced together one of the most memorable soundtracks Marvel has delivered since Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 and Vol. 2; they’re both classics. This show will truly go down in the record books as one of the best examples of how they support one another. You can watch the whole series on Disney+, all episodes will be up by this coming Wednesday (7/14). 

2- Black Widow

Now that they are able to put out a much more in-depth trailer and a familiar tone, the current market projections have Black Widow have the film tracking at an $80m-$90m opening weekend. Out of all the films Marvel has put out for our pleasure, only two of them have been dedicated to women; Captain Marvel and Black Widow. While the present course of films are going to be more dedicated to women, minorities, and underrepresented cultures. Still there is a bit of irony that the two films put out by Marvel feature white women, that will soon change with Ms. Marvel, the Eternals, Shang Chi, Thor: Love and Thunder, and Black Panther 2 will change the landscape of the Marvel sandbox going forward. The film releases in theaters on July 9th, but can also be purchased on Disney+ Premier Access for an additional fee. 

3- The Tomorrow War

Chris Pratt stars in the Amazon exclusive film, The Tomorrow War

An Amazon exclusive film starring Chris Pratt, Yvonne Strahovski, J.K. Simmons, Sam Richardson and Edwin Hodge. The Tomorrow War is a sci-fi thriller set in two distinct eras. As humanity deals with an alien threat they cannot seem to beat, the people of the future travel back in time to seek aid from humanity in stopping the war in their time so it never happened in the future. Chris Pratt plays a former special forces soldier who is drafted into the war and ends up fighting alongside his daughter thirty years in the future. If you’re looking for a quick action burn for those hot summer nights, check out The Tomorrow War on Amazon Prime Video today. Subscription is necessary. 

4- Seven Secrets

Looking for an incredible comic? Seven Secrets delivers in which Tom Taylor and Daniele Di Nicuolo put their best foot forward to create an incredible book surrounding seven secrets that an ancient order is tasked with keeping from the general public. The secrets are kept by a Keeper and a Holder. But what happens when one of the people charged with keeping the secrets decides to share them with the world? Find out in the explosive and wonderful story about secrets, hidden worlds, and perfecting the art of keeping these secrets from the general public. This series can be found on Comixology and is published by BOOM! If you’re going to pick up a new comic, I can’t recommend this one enough. 

5- Missile Manuever

My friend Colin Kershaw recently created a game for Android — soon to be Apple, too — called Missile Maneuver. To help kick the game off, Colin and I are hosting a competition where winners can get a free copy of Black Widow or a $40 gift card to GameStop. Coming up on MONDAY, Missile Maneuver Competition JULY 12TH and lasting through the 18th, you’ll have a chance to test your Missile maneuverability; a chance to win a gift card and a chance to win Marvel prizes. If you haven’t downloaded Missile Maneuver yet, go ahead and download it on ALL ANDROID devices. The game is FREE. FREE. FREE. Practice maneuvering through the vent maze avoiding the walls, lasers, and slide gates. Use the green lights to help guide you through the openings. July 18th is around the corner so DOWNLOAD it NOW. Tell us what you think by leaving us a review. Each download will help toward a new and improved Missile Maneuver (part 2) along with other fun apps in the future. The developers want to thank you, along with each user that downloads. 

Well, folks; there you have it. This column will be a weekly one and it will cover something new in every column. The goal is to share what I am enjoying from an entertainment lens rather than a sports lens. If you have any questions or you want to let me know about something you are loving, just send an email to me using the address in my Twitter profile. I’ll be happy to check it out, and you could even find yourself getting a shout out on here.

Ranking The Five Best Scenes From The Fast And Furious Franchise

Vin Diesel and Paul Walker in The Fast and the Furious _ Universal

Do you live your life a quarter-mile at a time? Well, do you? Ever since Dominic Toretto taught me how to live in The Fast and Furious franchise, my life has changed for the better.

The Fast Saga holds a special place in my heart. It’s in my top 5 for favorite franchises of all time. I’d argue that The Fast Saga executes its proven formula better than any other franchise.

What does that formula involve? Well, fast cars are a good start. The action sequences always provide edge-of-your-seat thrills where you have to pick your jaw up on the floor after it is finished. Most of the stunts are over the top and unrealistic, but no one ever said these films had to reflect real life. It’s escapism at its finest.

What else makes these movies so successful? The lessons of loyalty, friendship, and family are sprinkled in throughout every film. Whenever Dom gives a toast, I pretend I’m also holding a corona because as we know, you can have any brew you want as long as it’s Corona. One-liners are also a huge part of the dialogue. Dom, Roman Pearce, and Luke Hobbs usually duke it out for best line reading if all three are in the same movie.

At the heart of these films was the real-life friendship between Vin Diesel and Paul Walker. They were brothers on and off the set. Because of their chemistry, it’s as if they weren’t acting onscreen whenever they were together. You could believe their friendship was genuine, which is why it’s so hard to watch older movies knowing Walker died in 2013.

On a lighter note, F9 finally hits theaters after a 15-month delay. In honor of F9, here are my five favorite scenes from The Fast and Furious franchise.

5. VINCE! – The Fast and the Furious

VINCE! If you’ve watched this scene, then I bet you screamed “Vince” the same way Diesel did when trying to rescue his friend off a truck. No stunt is too big or great for The Fast Saga, but this stunt still holds up in 2021. Jumping back and forth between cars while an angry trucker tries to shoot your head off still gets me out of my seat. If Vince wasn’t dying, Dom would have thrown Brian into a moving truck. Thankfully, he didn’t so more movies could be made.

4. The Tank Sequence – Fast & Furious 6

Come on a journey with me, please. In this scene from Fast & Furious 6, Letty is throw off a tank into mid-air between two elevated roads where she would fall to her death 999,999/100,000 times. But not this time. Dom crashed his car into the guard rail, jumped out of his car, flew (yes, flew) in mid-air, caught Letty, and crashed into a car windshield across the gap. Dom didn’t even have a cut! Dom is superhuman.

3. Hobbs vs. Toretto – Fast Five

Ali v. Frazier. Tyson vs. Holyfield. Luke Hobbs vs. Dominic Toretto. My god was this a heavyweight fight for the ages. Fast Five is the best film in The Saga. Fast Five opened a world of possibilities for this franchise. Street racing and wrenches were traded in for bank heists and machine guns. Straight up, Fast Five is one of the best action movies of the last 10 years. The Rock joining The Fast family was like Kevin Durant going to the Warriors. It was a cheat code. Up until this point, Dom never had a worthy foe. He was always bigger and stronger than his opponents. In this movie, Dom finally faced someone who was just as strong and used just as much body butter on the biceps. I need these two to fight in real life. Oh wait, they kind of did?

2. You Never Had Me – The Fast and the Furious

In the comments of this video, YouTube user Engineering Explained wrote, “So many perfect lines in such a short amount of time. Those writers are blessed.” I couldn’t agree more, Mr. Explained. Diesel and Walker look like kids in this scene. This was the moment that started a brotherly bond that could not be broken. It’s the perfect encapsulation of two characters. Walker, the cocky and charismatic Brian, is mesmerized by Diesel, the confident and loyal Dom. Please write this on my tombstone – “You almost had me? You never had me. You never had your car.”

1. Final Ride – Furious 7

I’ve spoken about the ending of Furious 7 many times, but it never gets old. I just watched it minutes ago and now there are goosebumps on my arm. Furious 7 had an impossible task when Walker died halfway through shooting. I’ve always said that Diesel is the backbone of The Fast Saga, but Walker is the heart. Without Walker, a giant piece of the franchise is missing. Somehow, someway, Furious 7 nailed the ending. Giving Walker the hero’s ending that he deserved instead of killing his character onscreen was such a smart decision. It’s not only the best scene of The Fast Saga but one of my favorite scenes of the last 10 years.

What is your favorite scene from The Fast Saga? Leave your thoughts in the comments below or tweet us, @danny_giro.

How Dave Became One Of The Best Comedies On Television

Dave FXX

Finding the right balance between jokes and seriousness is the key to a good comedy. Much to my surprise, Dave conquered this balancing act in 2020.

On one hand, Dave, which returns for a second season tonight on FXX, is a comedy series full of immaturity, juvenile hijinks, and penis jokes. What else would you expect from the series creator and star of the show, Dave Burd aka Lil Dicky? Burd stars as a fictionalized version of himself as he attempts to become a successful rapper. His name has the word “dick” in it so yes, Burd talks about his penis… a lot.

The bathroom humor doesn’t stop there. In the ninth episode, “Ally’s Toast,” Lil Dicky battles an urge to poop while hiking with his girlfriend, Ally. Burd is left with no choice but to unleash hell in the pond. I’m not above toilet humor, and this was a hilarious scene.

However, Dave can be a thoughtful show full of emotional nuance and maturity. “Hype Man,” the show’s fifth episode, revolves around Lil Dicky’s hype man, GaTa, and his struggles with bipolar disorder. The respect and sensitivity in “Hype Man” for its portrayal of mental illness is something you wouldn’t expect from a show that showed us a milking table. (There are no cows involved with this table.)

The ability to balance wild humor with sensitive issues is why Dave became one of the best shows of 2020. The series continued to improve after “Hype Man,” and ended the season on a high note with the show’s last two episodes, “Ally’s Toast,” and, “Jail.”

Lil Dicky is in on the joke and the criticism of his persona, which is one of the main reasons why the show works so well. Burd acknowledges that he’s privileged. He’s self-aware but presents and expresses his healthy arrogance in an entertaining way.

Dave doesn’t put Lil Dicky on this pedestal where the audience worships his talent (and he is very talented). In the show, Lil Dicky’s too smart for his own good, which is why he seemingly runs into trouble at every turn. His neurosis and arrogance help elevate the likability of supporting characters GaTa, his manager Mike, ex-girlfriend Ally, his DJ Elz, and friend Emma. These characters bring Lil Dicky back to reality, and these interactions provide some of the show’s best moments.

Season 2 will pick up a few months after the Season 1 finale, where Lil Dicky finally gained notoriety as a rapper and secured a record deal. On the surface, Lil Dicky’s life has improved as evidenced by a beautiful house in the hills and celebrity interactions with Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber, Benny Blanco, Doja Cat, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. However, he’s struggling to make an album while trying to get over his breakup with Ally.

Dave might make dick jokes, but it’s capable of so much more if you give it the chance.

Do you watch Dave? Leave your thoughts in the comments below or tweet us, @unafraidshow.

Outer Banks Season 2 Teaser Promises Action And Gold

Outer Banks Season 2 / Netflix

To my Pogue family, our long, national nightmare is over. Outer Banks Season 2 hits Netflix on July 30.

It was only a matter of time before Netflix dropped the date for the new season. Production on Season 2 wrapped in April, and exclusive photos released in mid-May. You had fans like myself writing prediction articles as to when Season 2 might air. My best guess was August 6, which means I was exactly one week off. Unfortunately, close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.

Although my incorrect predictions are important, it’s nothing in comparison to the footage that Netflix released from the upcoming season. According to my spirit animal, John B, they are “back in the G-game baby.”

I couldn’t be more amped for the show’s return. Last April, the world was not in a good place. New York City, in particular, was a ghost town. You could walk through Times Square without Elmo, Iron Man, or Cookie Monster asking for a picture and a cash tip. Believe me, that’s very rare for the City.

Anyways, I stumbled upon Outer Banks thanks to the Netflix Top 10 list. 24 hours later, I finished all 10 episodes and bought a pack of bandanas. You could say I was obsessed. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a teen drama.

As we get closer to the show, I’ll provide a breakdown of the official trailer with Season 2 predictions. For now, here are my takeaways from the 39-second clip.

– The Pogues still believe John B and Sarah are dead. It’s a matter of time before the Pogues find out that John B and Sarah are alive in the Bahamas. Also, JJ might be the van Gough of tree memorials.


– John B and Sarah have settled down in the Bahamas as evidenced by their “Middle-Aged Man at a resort” clothing. They’re on the hunt for the gold that Ward Cameron stole from the Pogues before shipping it to the Bahamas. Later in the teaser, the Pogue couple speeds down a road in the Bahamas as they’re most likely on the run from one of Ward’s associates.


– Is this John B and Sarah leaving the cargo ship for the island? Perhaps. It also could be JJ, Pope, and Kie since there is a third person in the motorboat.


– The romance between Kie and Pope is alive! Kie is also seen running away from an enemy. Life in the OBX will be just as crazy as it is in the Bahamas.


– Some beers for the boys?


– Rafe is a train wreck, and I can’t look away. Every person knows a Rafe in their life. He’s a spoiled, pretentious, drug-fueled guy that will be sweating profusely at the bar as he orders shots for everyone in sight. The show needs more Rafe.

Fast forward to July 30 when I don’t leave my apartment until finishing Season 2. See you soon, Pogues.

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