11/17/21 Wrighster or Wrong: College Football Playoffs, Staples Center Rebrand, Top 10 Female Singers, Rittenhouse Trial

Wrighster 11-17

On this episode of WRIGHSTER OR WRONG, George Wrighster and Ralph Amsden get into the latest College Football Playoff Rankings, and ask why the committee continues to rank Michigan State above Michigan. The Staples Center is no more, what do the guys think of Cryptocurrency exchange platform being the Lakers primary sponsor? Barstool Sports tweeted out a satirical list of the Top 10 Female Singers of all time, and the internet went crazy, so George and Ralph revealed their actual Top 10. Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial has gone to the jury, and the guys discuss why America is so invested in the outcome. Finally, Laura Ingraham’s “Who’s on First” moment, and the rest of the Best of Social Media.  

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