Dolphins National Anthem Policy FAIL: Wrighster Or Wrong

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Dolphins owner Stephen Ross submitted a new team national anthem policy that would suspend players for up to 4 games. The NFL and NFLPA saved him from this ridiculousness by putting an indefinite halt on any policies surrounding the national anthem including the one the league put in place. That policy stated that players must either stand respectfully for the national anthem or remain in the locker room. Finally, the NFL owners recognize that this so-called “outrage” about the anthem has not affected the one thing they care about the most, their MONEY. League revenues are up despite tv ratings being down 10% and a general negative perseption by fans about how the league has handled many issues. I detailed the reasons behind ratings decline and that they are not nearly as big of a deal as is made to believe.

It is always worth noting that the NFL didn’t even have players outside of the locker room for the national anthem until the Department of Defense started cutting the league two comma checks.

The absurdity that a player would get the exact same punishment for kneeling as steroids and PEDs is outrageous. Players get a 6-game suspension for domestic abuse. Jameis Winston just got a 3-game suspension for gropping an UBER driver. I refuse to believe this type of math makes sense to anyone.

Am I Wrighster or am I Wrong?