Chael Sonnen is a Clown for Accusing LeBron and Tiger of PED Use

chael sonnen

We need to talk about Chael Sonnen accusing LeBron James and Tiger Woods of using Performance Enhancing Drugs.

Chael Sonnen went on the Flagrant 2 Podcast and said : 

“James and I have the same drug guy,” and added that LeBron and Tiger Woods take “the big three” of EPO, growth hormone and testosterone, AKA the “Lance Armstrong diet.”


First of all, do you know the amount of money there is in unearthing a scandal about either one of the two most visible and divisive athletes in American history?

Entire networks schedules and personal fortunes have been built off of nitpicking LeBron and Tiger. 

Do you really think that if LeBron James had such a loosey-goosey drug guy that Chael Sonnen of all people would be the one to break the news of his PED use while casually hanging out on a podcast?

It’s also true that there’s plenty of people out there that love LeBron enough to want to protect him, but trust me on this- you don’t go through 20 years of being the most visible athlete in America without a scandal because a few favorable relationships with website publishers and media moguls. 

The price on LeBron’s head is enough to to tempt even his most well-intentioned Apostles to pull a Judas.

But let’s say it’s true. I don’t believe for a second that LeBron is blood doping, but let’s say that he is.

Do you really think LeBron James would be this reckless? Sharing a personal doctor with other athletes, much less a loudmouth admitted cheat and convicted money launderer with a half dozen scandals of using blatant racism to mock his fight opponents?

Based on his track record, I’d be more inclined to believe that Chael Sonnen saw a tall black man walking out of his “doctor’s” office and just assumed it was LeBron James. 

The NBA tests for performance enhancing drugs up to six times per year. Based on when LeBron came into the NBA, it’s possible he’s the most tested athlete in the history of the league. 

And while the NBA loves the attention LeBron brings to the league, there’s no chance they’d look the other way and risk a massive hit to their credibility if a PED scandal broke out, and the same can be said for Nike. Uncle Phil doesn’t want anyone thinking anything but the shoes on King James’ feet are enhancing his performance. 

It will be interesting to see if Chael Sonnen, an ESPN employee, is pushed to elaborate on his accusations. 

And while some are calling for LeBron to sue Sonnen, I doubt he even gives this accusation any time or energy.

At the end of the day, Chael Sonnen was either lied to, or he’s a liar. 

Based on his track record, there’s a very good chance it’s the latter. 

Let that sink in.