This Is Us Season 6 Episode 8 Recap: Big Three Homes

This Is Us Season 6 / NBC

The final Big Three trilogy on This Is Us is underway. First up is the oldest member of the trio, Kevin.

This Is Us Season 6 Episode 8 Recap – “The Guitar Man

Stars Are Just Like Us

Kevin might be a successful actor, his true mission is to become a good father just like Jack. He decides to fly cross country with twins and take them to the cabin. Plus, he does it all… wait for it… without a many. See, stars are just like us! The flight is a disaster as both twins cry and poop the entire way there.

Cassidy And The Cabin

Upon arrival, Kevin and Nicky head up to the construction site to check on the progress. Kevin is greeted by Cassidy, who reveals that veterans are the ones working on the cabin project. Much to his dismay, Kevin learns from Cassidy that there has been a setback, which will push back the finish date. Due to his stress from the twins, Kevin lashes out at Cassidy. More on the fallout later.

Speaking of tables, Edie, Nicky, Cassidy’s son, Matty, Cassidy, Kevin, and the twins spend a fun evening together that includes dinner and Monopoly. Kevin apologizes to Cassidy for his outburst, and the duo is on good terms the rest of the night. They even share a few promising looks toward one another as they watch Nicky and Edie dance while Matty tries to play the guitar. Have we found love in a hopeless place?

The happy moment ends when Kevin receives devasting news about Cassidy, who injured herself in a car accident. At the hospital, Kevin is relieved when the doctor says she’ll be alright and they can visit her in the morning. But, Nicky knows that Cassidy is not ok both physically and emotionally. Nicky explains to Kevin how veterans like Cassidy never let you know when they’re not ok. War brings out the worst emotions in people, and those memories are never forgotten. Nicky suggests for Kevin to stay at the hospital, and just “be there” for his friend. No grand gestures are necessary.

While in the waiting room, Kevin begins to doubt his purpose in life, and questions if he will become a man who does the right thing. Kevin’s soliloquy ends when the doctor allows him to visit Cassidy, who is covered in bruises from the accident. Taking Nicky’s advice to heart, Kevin approaches Cassidy with a calming presence and says he’s here to be with her, not to ask her questions. Feeling comfortable to open up about the accident, Cassidy explains how she goes on drives late at night to calm her down. After a great night with Kevin in the cabin, she worried the happy feelings will go away so she stays up all night to avoid ending the day. Nicky, who understands exactly what Cassidy’s going through, arrives and consoles her.

Back at the cabin, Kevin starts to daydream about Jack and his father’s dream of starting Big Three Homes. Kevin runs the idea by Cassidy and Nicky and states his intentions to hire more veterans to build the house. As we know from the flash-forward, Big Three Homes and Kevin the Contractor will come to fruition.

The Deep End

In the past, an ambitious Kevin begs to swim in the deep end, but Jack says he must first learn how to swim before he can go off the diving board. In 1999, teenage Kevin heads to the same pool, which is shutting down, to drink a few beers and sulk over Sophie. Kate and Randall try to cheer him up, and Kevin foreshadows his future as a contractor by saying he doesn’t have a “foundation” and aspires to be like Jack who put a “roof over their head.” Who doesn’t love a good foreshadowing reference?

Also, my mom taught me how to swim at age 3. I was swimming in the deep end by age 4. I just wanted that on the record.

Next week is all about Kate. Maybe something good will happen in her marriage with Toby.

I doubt it.

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This Is Us Season 6 Episode 7 Recap: Dramatic Thanksgivings

This Is Us / NBC

Three words: Beth was right. On last night’s episode of This Is Us, Beth correctly predicted that a Pearson Thanksgiving would include a lot of drama and tears. For her next trick, Beth will correctly predict the winning lottery numbers.

This Is Us Season 6 Episode 7 Recap – “Taboo”

Sugar Pie

Thanksgiving brings people together, but it doesn’t always provide a good result. In a flashback, Rebecca and Jack host Rebecca’s parents, Janet and Dave, for Thanksgiving. Despite her hard work, Janet critiques the entire meal, specifically, the sugar pie because Rebecca made it without the secret ingredient. After Rebecca lashes out at her mother, SuperMan aka Jack comes to the rescue and calms both parties down. Jack tells Janet about how hard Rebecca worked on the meal. Janet reveals that she and Dave will be moving to Connecticut, and fears Rebecca will never visit her, which explains the backhanded remarks.

When Jack attempts to calm Rebecca down, he slips in the piece about the move, something Rebecca had no prior knowledge of. Jack’s gamble pays off as Rebecca and Janet apologize for their actions. Plus, Janet whispers something in Rebecca’s ear, which by all accounts, is the secret ingredient to the sugar pie.


In another flashback, the Big Three are teenagers on Thanksgiving day. A drunk Kevin is depressed over the fallout from cheating on Sophie. Kate cannot stop her unhealthy eating habits as she puts on more weight due to her depression and insecurities. At least Randall is happy with Beth so there’s that.

In another edition of “will they or won’t they,” Rebecca invites Matt to dinner while Miguel brings Marguerite. Both Rebecca and Miguel try to undermine each other’s dates with half-ass compliments. Adding further fuel to the potential relationship is a spirited game of Taboo, where a spirited Rebecca gives Miguel personal clues for each word, much to the dismay of Matt, Marguerite, and the entire room. Rebecca and Miguel have a connection, but the entire room now questions if it’s friendship or romance.

After the game, Kevin tells Miguel about how Jack would be so disappointed in him to learn of his infidelity to Sophie. Kebin then turns the tables on Miguel, saying how his father would feel the same way if his best friend made a move on his wife. Inside the kitchen, Kate’s struggle with overeating is at an all-time high. However, the song “Kiss Me” from She’s All That calms her down, and she throws away the pie.

Rebecca and Miguel will eventually get together, but it won’t be today as Miguel tearfully shares the news to Rebecca that he’s moving to Houston for a new job and to be closer to his kids. They confess their feelings about each other, but Miguel tells her it’s time to move on, Rebecca retreats to her room and cries uncontrollably as Kate comforts her mother.

Mandy Moore’s Emmy Clip

In the present, the Pearson tribe heads to the cabin for Thanksgiving. With everyone under one roof, what could go wrong?

With the holiday comes drama, and the Big Three are back on their BS. Randall channels his TMZ photographer and captures every second of the meetup to cope with the fact that it could be the last Thanksgiving with a healthy-ish Rebecca. Kevin woefully plays the guitar to counteract his sadness about the twins’ absence, and later hurls an insult towards Miguel about the new cabin’s addition. Kate and Toby’s marriage continues to dissolve as they bicker over Jack’s food. Toby does not want Jack to gain an excess amount of weight like his parents while Kate never wants her son to feel ashamed about food the way she felt as a teenager. We’re one step closer to a divorce.

Eventually, the Big Three and Miguel are summoned to the table by Rebecca, which I’m calling “Mandy Moore’s Emmy Clip.” If Moore is nominated for an Emmy, look for this clip to be shown at the ceremony. Rebecca explains how her health will eventually deteriorate and that if she can’t make her own health decisions, Miguel is first to make the call followed by Kate. Rebecca then tearfully urges the Big Three to take big risks and live a full life instead of putting their mother’s health at the forefront of their decision-making.

Since she has been known to fight with her mother, Kate asks Rebecca why she picked her to make decisions about her health. With a smile on her face, Rebecca tells Kate that she is her best friend. In Rebecca’s mind, it was always Kate. Just like her mother did many Thanksgivings ago, Rebecca whispers something into Kate’s ear, which turns out to be the secret ingredient to the sugar pie.

Tune in next week for “The Kevin Show.

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This Is Us Season 6 Episode 5 Recap: Piano Woman

This Is Us / NBC

If any piano players are reading this, then tell me how to properly play “Heart and Soul.” I can do one hand at a time, but I can never play both hands at once. Tom Hanks, could you help me out? While I practice, continuing reading the recap for last night’s This Is Us.

This Is Us Season 6 Episode 5 Recap: “Heart and Soul”

U Up?

Kevin is not only coming to terms with his life as a co-parent but as a spectator in Madison’s relationship with Elijah. You could say Kevin is in his feelings, which is why he calls Cassidy to meet him up at the cabin for the weekend with Uncle Nicky. When Cassidy asks if it’s a sex thing, Kevin laughs it off but also wonders if she’s serious.

At the cabin, Nicky introduces his girlfriend, Edie, to both Kevin and Cassidy. It turns out Nicky is a real ladies’ man. Who would’ve thought? Not me! When Nicky and Edie cuddle on the couch, Kevin elects for ice cream with Cassidy. When he grabs her hand, Cassidy shuts him down, saying they will never be in a relationship. As Cassidy puts it, Kevin is “chasing the wrong blonde in the wrong city.” Does this mean Sophie or Madison? Cassidy respectfully asks Kevin to keep her out of his love life. Afterward, Kevin sends a “u up” text to Elijah and gives him advice on how to handle Madison when it comes to food and her battle with an eating disorder.

Going To Boston

Randall and Beth are surprised to learn that Malik and Deja want to cook dinner for the family and most likely apologize for their weekend getaway in Boston. Randall and Beth bring back the Worst Case Scenario Game and determine that Deja is either pregnant or eloped. Those are not great options, but that’s why it’s called the worst-case scenario and not a happy ending!

At dinner, Deja opens door number three and informs her adopted parents about plans to graduate high school a year early and move to Boston to live with Malik. What is it with This Is Us and awkward dinners? Randall disagrees from the start, but in a surprise move, he tells Malik to break up with Deja so she can figure out the next two years of her life. In true Malik fashion, he remains calm, tells Randall about his love for Deja, and states he will not mention this to his girlfriend for fear of ruining their father-daughter relationship. Malik is a true gentleman.

When Randall sits down with Beth to discuss the bombshell, he insists that they need to put their foot down and say no. Beth warns Randall about the consequences of this decision as they could lose Deja’s trust for good.

Piano (Wo)Man

In the past, Rebecca and Miguel try their hand at speed dating, but not before getting a lecture from teenage Kate about needing a social life. Speed dating turns out to be a disaster until Rebecca matches with Matt, the man who asked her out a short time after Jack died. The two hit it off, and Rebecca agrees to go out with him for coffee. The date is a success, and Rebecca finally feels good about herself until teenage Kate goes full you know what on her. Kate yells at Rebecca for dating, calling her mother a slut (yikes), to which Rebecca slaps her across the face. Both women instantly regret the decision, and Miguel attempts to calm Rebecca down over the phone. Once again, thank you, Miguel.

In the present, Kate spends the entire day with Rebecca while Toby spends time on a yacht. That does not seem like a fair trade-off. Anyway, Rebecca brings Jack and Hailey to Kate’s school, and Rebecca tickles some keys on the piano as she leads the class in a song.

As it turns out, Kate has an ulterior motive for the meet-up with Rebecca. Due to Rebecca’s latest PET scan, Kate informs Rebecca that she can no longer watch the children by herself. As expected, this crushes Rebecca, and she leaves the house in tears. However, Kate later apologizes and asks Rebecca to teach the piano to Jack as a way to spend more time with her grandkids. The episode ends with Rebecca embracing Kate over multiple timelines while playing “Heart and Soul.:”


This Is Us will return on Feb. 22 due to the Winter Olympics. See you then.

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This Is Us Season 6 Episode 4: Call Your Mom

This Is Us Season 6 Episode 4

If you didn’t call your mother after finishing this episode of This Is Us, what are you doing?

Also, I apologize for not having a recap of last week’s episode. I was not able to watch the episode until Wednesday night and at that point, it would have been too late for the recap. I will be better.

This Is Us Season 6 Episode 4: “Don’t Let Me Keep You”

Jack, the Son

Unfortunately, Jack’s mother, Marilyn, has died of an aneurysm so he leaves Rebecca, much to her disagreement, and the Big Three behind for Ohio, where his mother was living. Upon arrival, he’s greeted by her cousin, Debbie, who takes a dig at our favorite father by saying it only took him “13 years to visit.”

We soon learn that Jack drove his mother to Ohio to get her out of the abusive relationship with his father. Debbie has so much emotional trauma from the relationship that it prevents her from traveling back to Pittsburgh frequently. When she did visit the Big Three as newborns, Marilyn was on edge that her husband might come to visit. In turn, Jack never took the kids to see their grandmother in Ohio. Jack and Marilyn’s only form of communication was Sunday evening telephone calls.

Funny enough, I always call my mom on Sunday night. Is this in the Mother-Son Playbook? When you move out of your mother’s house, you’re required to speak with her every Sunday night despite being hungover with a stomach full of taco bell.

Much to his surprise, Jack meets his mother’s boyfriend, Mike, who reminded me of a hybrid between Sam Elliot and David Crosby. Mike tells Jack about how the two met, and how Marilyn built a new life for herself in Ohio. After sharing a few 7 and 7’s, a drunk Jack calls his father to let him know about Marilyn’s death. When Mr. Pearson suggests coming to pay his respects, Jack quickly shuts his father down and orders him to stay home. Jack starts to feel guilty about the years he lost with his mother.

At the funeral, Jack starts to hesitate during his eulogy until Rebecca and the kids walk in. “Saved by the Wife,” coming to NBC this fall. Upon seeing his family, Jack realizes that both he and his mother created new lives for each other. Although it strained their relationship to an extent, they finally lived in safe and loving homes, which was always their goal. It was at this moment where I thought The Cinematic Orchestra would come in with “To Build A Home.”

After the Big Three finally skate with the equipment Marilyn made, Jack and Rebecca head back to their home in Pittsburgh. Moved by thoughts of his mother, Jack cooks hot dogs and tomato soup for dinner, which is the same meal Marilyn made for him after a day in the snow. All of these memories finally hit Jack at once, which brings him to the realization that his mother is gone. Jack quickly sheds his tears, puts on his Superman cape, and heads back to the kitchen with the Big Three.

Shoutout to all the moms in the world. You the real MVP.

See you next week when Miguel and Rebecca explore the life of speed dating!

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This Is Us Season 6 Episode 2 Recap: Awkward Dinners

This Is Us Season 6 Episode 2

To the writers on This Is Us, you did it again. I call it “the swerve.” You set us up thinking Nicky will end up with one woman, only to hit us with the swerve and introduce us to a new character. I’m tipping my hat right now.

This Is Us Season 6 Episode 2 Recap: “One Giant Leap”

Deja Heads To Harvard

On the road again, just can’t wait to get on the road again. Sing it!

Deja is off to visit a friend, but it’s not the friend she discussed with Randall and Beth. Instead, Deja heads to Cambridge to visit Malik at Harvard. As someone who once visited his significant other at college via bus, it’s a commitment. You’re lucky if the Wifi works. Good luck going to the bathroom because it smells bad. The things we do when we’re young…

After arriving at the bus station, Deja unexpectedly meets Jennifer, Malik’s ex and mother of his child. After the awkward encounter, Deja quickly learns that Malik is tired and stressed from balancing his studies along with fatherhood. In a typical Pearson move, Deja lets Malik finish his paper on Russian literature before heading out to a party.

Their time at the party doesn’t last long because Deja tells Malik she’s ready to have sex. The young lovers eventually go back to Malik’s apartment to have sex. Although nervous at first, Deja and Malik lovingly embrace and do the deed. Afterward, a glowing Deja tells Malik that she wants to feel this way forever with him.

Will this love story have a happy ending? More importantly, will Malik be the father of Deja’s child in the future?

The Awkward Dinner

After last week’s demand from Rebecca, she, Nicky, and Miguel go on a road trip to visit Sally, Nicky’s love from the 60s. After stopping at a vintage shop to purchase an old camera for Sally, Nicky starts to get cold feet, and in the process, reveals he never connected with his long-lost love and has no idea if this is “his” Sally. Showing up unannounced at the doorstep of a woman you haven’t seen in over 50 years is bold!

Nicky arrives at Sally’s house, and it turns out that it’s really her! Although she barely remembers the 60s, the camera triggers Sally’s memory, and she embraces Nicky. However, the happy reunion comes to an abrupt end when Sally’s husband, Eric, enters the living room. Nicky panics and asks to leave, but Miguel and Rebecca agree to stay for dinner.

If you thought Malik’s encounter with Jennifer was awkward, then this dinner scene puts that meeting to shame. Where to even begin? Nicky’s clearly upset about Sally’s marriage and he tries to insult Eric by saying Sally deflowered (LOL) him. When Sally forgets a detail from a story, she makes a remark about early-onset Alzheimer’s.


To make things even more awkward, Rebecca tells Sally and Eric about her Alzheimer’s, stating that memory loss makes you care more about the small stuff. Everyone goes around the table with trivial confessions about things they care too much about. Nicky tells Sally about how he’s thought about her for decades, and Sally responds by discussing her marital problems.

Big Yikes!

Things blow over (eventually), and Sally and Rebecca have a sweet moment about how they shouldn’t care about what people think. These insecurities made Sally give up posing for pictures while Rebecca stopped salsa dancing with Miguel. As the night comes to a close, Nicky finds a picture of himself on Sally’s wall, which reassures him that the trip was a success. The love of his life still cared about him despite her memory lapses.

Finally, Rebecca, Miguel, and Nicky leave (thank god!), but not before Nicky kisses Sally on the cheek and Rebecca agrees to salsa dance again with her husband. The happy ending we were all looking for!


For the first time in Season 6, we got a flash-forward! In the clip, Randall and Deja greet the person in the white car at the cabin. A woman named Edie steps out and consoles both Randall and Deja. Edie then walks up to Nicky and kisses him, but not before flashing a wedding ring on her finger.

Back to the present day, Nicky is on a flight and playfully chats up the flight attendant. The flight attendant is, you guessed it, Frank Stallone!

Or Edie.

Edie, not Sally, is Nicky’s future wife. The swerve got us again!

Tune in next week for an episode about fatherhood. Hopefully, it’s not as awkward as the dinner table!

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This Is Us Season 6 Episode 1 Recap: Can’t Save Everyone

This Is Us Season 6

This Is Us is going to build us up, break us down, and then try to build us up back again. Between Rebecca’s devasting diagnosis to the downfall of Kate and Toby’s marriage, there are going to be a lot of heartbreaking moments this season. Here’s to the good times!

This Is Us Season 6 Episode 1 Recap: “The Challenger”

Rebecca’s Devastating News

Rebecca’s health is the overarching storyline of Season 6. Kevin, Kate, and Randall’s decisions from here on out will all consider their mother’s health.

In the past, Jack and Rebecca confront the Big Three about the Challenger explosion after the children watch it on television. Kate tries to find the silver lining, saying the astronauts are now closer to heaven. Randall takes the sympathetic route, wondering who will feed the children of the teacher on board. Kevin chooses to hide his pain and pretend it wasn’t real.

Later that night, Rebecca and Jack rationalize their children’s decisions. Jack believes Kevin is protecting himself from getting hurt while Rebecca compares Randall to Holden Caulfield and how he’ll eventually realize that he can’t save everyone.

Did they nail those comparisons or what?

In the present day, Rebecca, Nicky, and Miguel take Kevin’s kids to the park and ride a kiddie train. Rebecca starts to reminisce about how she loved going on trains with her father, but she struggles to remember her favorite cart. At Kate and Kevin’s party, Rebecca reveals her PET scan revealed plaque building in her brain. In other words, early-onset Alzheimer’s. At the end of the episode, Rebecca tearfully remembers the word, “caboose.”

The Downfall Of Marriage

That headline may be harsh, but it’s true. Kate and Toby are heading towards a divorce whether you like it or not. Kate is going to marry Phillip at age 45, but her marriage to Toby has to crumble first and foremost.

Damn. Have a soul, Dan.

Toby video chats with Kate to wish her a happy birthday, but ends the call abruptly to get back to work, much to Kate’s dismay. After a birthday massage, Phillip texts Kate to come to the school due to an emergency. Before entering the office, Kate eavesdrops on Phillip’s brutal breakup with his partner. I’m not a romantic expert like Mystery, but calling someone “boring” is grounds for a nice slap across the face. After the awkward breakup, Phillip surprises Kate with a performance of “Time After Time” from her students.

Later that night, Kate views pictures of the day when she stops to text Toby, who ends up surprising her in person for her birthday.

Calling my shot: One of the pictures will be of Phillip admiring Kate.

The Manny Reboot?

If I were left at the altar, I would move out the next day. Kevin, on the other hand, decides his best course of action is to move into the garage to be closer to the babies. Good idea? Hold that thought.

It’s easy to forget that Kevin is an actor considering how many projects he’s left. Kevin heads to the studio to meet with Casey, the former producer of The Manny, who offers him a role as the father in the reboot of the same show he walked off of in Season 1. Due to Kevin’s outbursts and sporadic behavior, Hollywood isn’t exactly clamoring to cast Kevin as the lead in a movie. Although Kevin would rather die than go back to The Manny, he decides to take the job so he can stay in Los Angeles to be closer to his kids and mother.

Also, Madison connects with Elijah, a friend from the book club. Jealousy gets the best of Kevin and leads to him leaving the garage in favor of Kate’s couch.

Randall Can’t Save Everyone

Spider-Man learned that he can’t save everyone, which is a lesson Randall tackles head-on. Randall receives news that the burglar who broke into his house has been caught and arraigned that day. Instead of spending the birthday with the beautiful, awesome, and charismatic wife, Beth, Randall opts for a day in court.

When Randall confronts the burglar, he soon notices the burglar’s mental health problems along with drug addiction. Randall decides to bail the burglar out and offer him a bed at a local homeless shelter. When the burglar never shows up, Randall reveals to Beth that he must help out more people in the city.

Randall can’t save everyone, but he’s going to try.

That’s it for now. Tune in next week when we get to see Nicky stalk Sally in real life!

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This Is Us Season 6 Preview And Predictions: The End Is Near

This Is Us / NBC

To quote Phoebe Bridgers, “The end is near” for the Pearson family. Tonight marks the beginning of the sixth and final season of NBC’s This Is Us.

It’s hard to believe that this show has been in our lives since 2016. My dad deserves all the credit for my fandom as it was him who suggested that I would like the show after a few episodes into Season 1. The old man knows what I like so golf clap to him.

Speaking of family, we last saw the Pearsons sitting down in Adirondack chairs after Madison called off her wedding with Kevin. For one of the worst moments in someone’s life, Kevin handled it quite well and even smiled which leads me to believe it was for the best.

With Season 6 upon us, the journey to Kevin’s house begins tonight. Like the previous four seasons, I will be recapping every episode on Wednesdays. Before that, here’s a quick season preview with some predictions of what lies ahead on This Is Us.

*Optional: Listen to “I Know the End” while reading the preview and predictions. Be prepared to scream at the top of your lungs by the end of the article. Playing the air-sax is also optional.

Season 6 Preview

“Sometimes you’ve got to go back, to move forward.” – Matthew McConaughey

Let’s follow Matthew’s advice and briefly recap the Season 5 finale.

  • Madison and Kevin agree to call off the wedding.
  • Rebecca asks Kevin to build her the house she always wanted.
  • Kate agrees to try a long-distance relationship after Toby receives a job offer in San Francisco.
  • Rebecca aplogizes to Randall for witholding knowldge about William for upwards of 30 years.

Flash-forward from Season 5 finale:

  • Kevin is at a wedding in the future. He’s practicing a speech in the mirror, but it’s not for him.
  • Big Three Construction is a real thing.
  • Kevin has a girlfriend (women’s clothes in his room), but who?
  • Randall has a “Rising Star” profile in a magazine.
  • Uncle Nicky is alive and married.
  • Beth and Madison are still alive.
  • Kevin is 45 so this flash-forward is about five years into the future.
  • Madison and Kevin seem to be on good terms. I did not spot wedding rings on their fingers, but both seem to be cordial and happy.
  • The location is Kate’s second wedding.
  • Kate is marrying… PHILLIP FROM MUSIC SCHOOL.
  • Kate and Toby are divorced.

The stage is set for Season 6. We’ve seen five years into the future when the Big Three are 45. We’ve seen 10 (?) or so years into the future at Kevin’s house. Now, it’s time for Season 6 to fill in all the details of how the characters reach those two checkpoints.

I encourage every fan to read Dan Fogelman’s interview with Entertainment Weekly about how Season 6 will be the show’s “most ambitious” season to date. Fogelman mentioned family, time, and memory as the show’s core themes. Using those themes, there are four major storylines to address before the series ends.

  1. Rebecca’s battle with Alzheimer’s 
  2. The dissolution of Kate and Toby’s marriage as well as the journey to Kate’s remarriage to Phillip
  3. Kevin’s career and love life
  4. Randall’s political rise and how it affects his family

If there’s a fifth bullet point, it would revolve around Miguel and his relationship with Rebecca especially in the early days of their courtship.

Safe to say there’s a lot of ground to cover for Fogelman and the writers. It’s very ambitious to resolve all of these storylines that will leave fans satisfied so I’m expecting some discourse, especially around Kate and Phillip. I highly doubt infidelity will lead to the dissolution of their marriage. Imagine Kate stayed after class one day and Phillip went in for a kiss after they sang a Fleetwood Mac song. I’ll save that for the soap opera spinoff.

Hopefully, you’ve reached the third verse of “I Know the End” so it’s time to make predictions as the song speeds up. I’d like to think I have a good track record of predictions on This Is Us. I correctly predicted the brotherly feud would end around the birth of Kevin’s twins, and I’m very confident that Rebecca will die in the series finale. However, it might be time to take the L on my “Kate will die” theory.

Season 6 Predictions

Miguel Dies: Chrissy Metz teased that this season will mark the end for “two very important characters.” One of these characters has to be Rebecca. I’m predicting that the other character will be Miguel. It would be fitting for Miguel to finally get his episode in the spotlight, only for it to be revealed in a flash-forward that he died.

Kevin Meets His Eventual Wife During The Construction Of Rebecca’s House: Kevin is going to be the leading force behind “Big Three Construction.” He’s also going to find love. Rekindling with Sophie or Madison are the easy choices so I’m predicting that we haven’t met his wife just yet. Perhaps Kevin meets her while building the house and asks her to eventually move in.

Predictions I previously made that could come true:

Nicky Pretends To Be Married To Rebecca: This is my outrageous prediction. In the flash-forward, Nicky is wearing a wedding ring while sitting next to a dying Rebecca. There’s no chance in hell that Nicky marries Rebecca. However, since Rebecca’s memory is shot, Nicky pretends to be Jack on the surface since most of her memories are gone and she only remembers Jack. Nicky wears the wedding ring and acts like Jack even though he’s serving as Rebecca’s caretaker. It’s an odd prediction, but a spicy take.

Rebecca Will Die In The Series Finale: Rebecca will die in the bed surrounded by her loved ones in the series finale. Rebecca’s death will complete the circle of life.

Here’s to one last season with the Pearson family. To quote Bridgers for the last time, “Yeah, I guess the end is here.”

What are your predictions for the final season of This Is Us? Leave your thoughts in the comments below or tweet us, @unafraidshow.

This Is Us Season 5 Finale Recap: The Wedding

Chrissy Metz and Chris Sullivan in NBC's This Is Us

Well, that’s one way to end the season. When we think it’s going right, This Is Us goes left. The Season 5 finale included a wedding, but it wasn’t the one I or the rest of America saw coming.

This Is Us Season 5 Episode 16 Recap: “The Adirondacks”

The Wedding

It’s a nice day to (contemplate your relationship and potentially) start again! While Kevin works on his speech (wink), Madison revisits some of the worst moments of her life. Through a series of flashbacks, we learn that Madison’s mother walked out on her, but left a pair of earrings to wear on Madison’s wedding day. As a teenager, Madison’s father gave her money for a prom dress and said it’s ok to settle in her relationships. As an adult, Madison’s boyfriend broke up with her. To say these are the three worst moments a bride could think about on her wedding day would be an understatement!

Things start to go wrong at the venue, and Kevin experiences a minor panic attack. By trying to make everything perfect, he loses sight of what this day is truly about. Maybe it’s just cold feet, but it might be more than that.

Guess what? It was more than that. Madison walks into Kevin’s dressing room and asks him the million-dollar question. Madison asks, “Are you in love with me?” Kevin says he loves his kids and the life they’re building together, but he never tells Madison he loves her. Ouch! Kevin begs Madison to make it work, but Madison refuses, saying she can’t marry Kevin if he doesn’t love her. The wedding is off.

After the wedding’s called off, Kevin, Kate, Randall, and Rebecca sit in the Adirondack chairs that Uncle Nicky purchased as a wedding gift. They reminisce about Jack and how he’d know exactly what to do in this situation*. Due to her fading health, Rebecca asks Kevin to build the house that Jack was going to build her up at the cabin. Kevin agrees, and the Big Four embrace. Maybe I’m a cynic, but a wedding was just called off, and everyone is happy again?

*There was a flashback where Rebecca and Jack argued in front of the Big Three and it frightened the young children. Long story short, they professed their love for each other in a mock wedding in front of the kids. I’m not trying to minimize this scene, but it was not the most important thing from last night. It was touching though. I’m not a monster. I do have a soul.

Let’s Make It Work

Well this tweet aged poorly.^

Kate and Toby’s relationship was on a collision course towards a major argument due to Toby’s impending employment in San Francisco. Before the wedding, Toby shares what he thinks is good news, which is a new job. However, the job is in San Francisco and he will eventually need to be there three days a week. Kate is stunned, and questions if Toby understands the gravity of the situation. Toby stupidly commits the mortal sin of saying he loves his children and follows it up with a “but.” He desperately wants to go back to work. (Side note: How long has he been out of work? A few months? You would think it’s been five years with the way he complains! Double side note: Being unemployed sucks.)

At the venue, Kate recalls her wedding vows and remembers what true love is all about, putting your partner before yourself. Because of this, Kate calls her coworker, Phillip, and announces her resignation as a teacher’s aide. Surprisingly, Phillip puts his foot down, compliments Kate’s teaching ability, and refuses her resignation.

Later on, Kate and Toby talk it out and decide that Toby should take the job while Kate will keep her job. They’re going to try long-distance like high school sweethearts who separate for college. I don’t have the numbers on me, but I bet two-thirds of long-distance college relationships fail.

Randall And Rebecca

A mother and her favorite son finally made some ground in their fractured relationship. Since his return from New Orleans, Randall hasn’t talked to Rebecca about his trip and birth mother.

When they first sit down, Randall shows a picture of Laurel, and Rebecca immediately cries. Both of them can’t handle the grief so Randall immediately changes the subject.

Later on, Rebecca confronts Randall and explains why she cried earlier. Rebecca tearfully apologizes to Randall for withholding information about William. She realizes what she did and messed with Randall’s emotions throughout his life. Rebecca will always feel guilty for what she did. But, a tearful Randall accepts her apology and they sit down to chat about Laurel. This was one of the few happy endings tonight on This Is Us.

The Flashforward

Finally, let’s talk about the flash-forward aka the only thing people will want to talk about. My mind went in all different directions while watching so it’s hard to form complete thoughts. I’m just going to rattle off everything I saw. Ready, break.

  • Kevin is at a wedding in the future. He’s practicing a speech in the mirror, but it’s not for him.
  • Big Three Construction is a real thing.
  • Kevin has a girlfriend (women’s clothes in his room), but who?
  • Randall has a “Rising Star” profile in a magazine.
  • Uncle Nicky is alive and married.
  • Beth and Madison are still alive.
  • Kevin is 45 so this flash-forward is about fourish years into the future.
  • Madison and Kevin seem to be on good terms. I did not spot wedding rings on their fingers, but both seem to be cordial and happy.
  • The location is Kate’s second wedding.
  • Kate is marrying… PHILLIP FROM MUSIC SCHOOL.
  • Kate and Toby are divorced.

End Scene.

Now that is how you finish a season. I encourage you to read Dan Fogelman’s interview on how the time jump frames the sixth and final season. It appears there are two major events in the future: Kate’s wedding and the family gathering at the house Kevin built. What is the time gap between these? If I had to guess, it’s either five or ten years. Five would make the Big Three 50-years-old at the new house so let’s go with that.

Unfortunately, we have to wait until 2022 for the final season. Until then, maybe I have to give up on my “Kate is dead” theory? See you next year.

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This Is Us Season 5 Episode 15 Recap: Worst Bachelor Party Ever

Sterling K. Brown and Justin Hartley in This Is Us _ NBC

As a man in his late 20s, I’ve just started to dip my toe into the world of bachelor parties. I’ve had a lot of fun so far due to the fact that most of the attendees are around my age. On This Is Us, perhaps I got a glimpse into the future as to what a bachelor party would like if all of the attendees were 40 and older. Let me tell you, it did not look fun!

This Is Us Season 5 Episode 15 Recap: “Jerry 2.0”

Bachelorette Party

Before we talk about the men in the mountains, let’s discuss the girls and their paintings. Madison’s bachelorette party included the bride-to-be, Kate, Beth, and Rebecca. Things kicked off on an awkward note when Kate hires a nude model who previously dated Madison. Hot start!

After painting the model’s six-pack, the women gathered in the living room for a virtual edition of The Newlywed Game. After Kevin nails the question about Madison’s perfect day, he briefly hesitates when asked about his future as an empty nester with Madison. This triggers Kate to later question Madison if she’s truly happy with Kevin. Even though the pregnancy and relationship were both unplanned, Madison reassures Kate that she’s happy with Kevin because he’s stepped up as a partner and a father. However, Kate still has her reservations.

Later that night, Madison revisits the empty nest question and notices Kevin’s pause, which leads to a distressed look on Madison’s face. Is there a future with Kevin? Should this wedding be called off?

The Bachelor Party

At least the guys got to travel outside of the house for Kevin’s bachelor party. Kevin, Randall, Toby, Miguel, and Uncle Nicky met up at the cabin for Kevin’s bachelor party for some fishing and puzzles. Before heading to the cabin, Kevin receives a call from Sophie, who congratulates him on fatherhood and his engagement. It’s a little awkward at first, but the former lovers still have a soft spot for each other. Kevin said he would call Sophie back and catch up.

At the cabin, the guys do what most guys do at bachelor parties, which is throw on Jerry Maguire and fall in love with Tom Cruise. (I love Jerry Maguire. It’s on my Tom Cruise Mt. Rushmore.) Is Kevin a modern-day Jerry Maguire? Nicky believes so and calls out Kevin for the similarities he shares with the lead character. Kevin, just like Jerry, falls in love with the kid first and ends up marrying a woman just because it’s the right thing to do. Kevin takes offense to Nicky’s comment, but there’s definitely some truth behind Nicky’s harsh comment.

Jerry Maguire returns Kevin back to the late 90s when he went to the cabin with his family and wife, Sophie. When Kevin explains his reasoning for returning to LA in the future, this bothers Sophie, who does not want a long-distance relationship. Just like Jerry Maguire, Kevin writes his mission statement to Sophie, explaining how they will become an annoying old couple who loves each other so much. This is a lot different than his answer about his future with Madison. Late that night, Kevin asks Randall about how someone knows that their significant other is “the one.” In other words, Kevin wants to re-marry Sophie and needs someone to tell him it’s ok to call it off with Madison.

To the campfire, we go! There were more confessions at this campfire than an Usher album. Everyone went around the fire and confessed their truth. Nicky apologized for his earlier comment, saying he can’t relate to the movie because of his nonexistent love life. There’s only been one girl, Sally Brooks, and Nicky messed that up. Toby expressed his frustration over the ending of Jerry Maguire, but this was just a way to express his irritation over his unemployment. Toby might have a job offer in San Francisco, but he knows moving is a nonstarter with Kate.

However, Miguel came to the rescue with a speech about true love and how it’s not always “written in the stars.” Just like his relationship with Rebecca, it’s not a “love at first sight” situation, but it’s still perfect in its own way. Just like JP, I’m really gonna miss Miguel.

I'm gonna miss him. I really liked Miguel!

In the end, all of the campfire confessions led to some startling revelations. Nicky googled Sally in hopes of finding her someday. Toby called a job recruiter in San Francisco and expressed his interest in the job. Miguel called Rebecca and shared their love for each other. Then, they tragically discussed how they’re in limbo when it comes to Rebecca’s deteriorating memory. Kevin did not return Sophie’s call and deleted her number instead. Does this seem like a guy who’s ready to marry another woman?

Quick Hits

  • I need more Beth and Rebecca interactions. Both of these women are the two most genuine characters on the show. In a way, Rebecca is the supportive mother that Beth always wanted. Rebecca encourages Beth to take a job at a traditional dance studio so she can positively change the old, stale habits of current studios.
  • Please stop teasing Sophie if she’s not going to be prominently featured in future scenes on the show. I can’t take it anymore!

Next week marks the season finale of This Is Us. The episode is centered around Madison and Kevin’s wedding. Do they go through with it? I say no, but they will eventually get married at a later date in Season 6. It will mirror the storyline on Full House where Jesse and Rebecca call off their first wedding in Vegas but marry in a later season. See you next week.

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This Is Us Season 5 Episode 14 Recap: Dance With Me

Justin Hartley in The Music and the Mirror / This Is Us, NBC

Season 5 is winding down on This Is Us. After last night’s chapter, there are only two episodes left in this unprecedented season. Did last night’s episode feel out of place? The stakes were fairly low for the third to last episode of the season. I’m not saying it was a bad episode, but it felt like something that would air in the middle of a season, not towards the end.

This Is Us Season 5 Episode 14 Recap: “The Music and the Mirror”

Lose Yourself To Dance

Like many small business owners during the pandemic, it’s been a struggle to keep the doors open. Beth’s business fell victim to the pandemic as well, closing her dance studio indefinitely. We’ve seen so many businesses close over the past year so this storyline was all too real.

With the studio closed, Beth decides to rejoin corporate America. Randall notices something off with Beth because a person in the right mental state does not inhale Lucky Charms without any milk. When it comes time for Beth’s virtual meeting, the woman set to interview Beth is forced to reschedule. Oddly, Beth takes this as a sign to not join Corporate America. Instead, she heads to the studio for one final clean-up.

In the past, Beth gave up dancing as a teen, in part because of self-doubt. When Randall surprises Beth with a trip to the ballet on their six-month anniversary, she immediately asks to go home. Beth then explains to Randall how she’s been told her dance talent is not good enough to “make it.” In true Randall fashion, he asks Beth to slow dance. The song? An all-time BANGER.

In the present, Randall went to the studio and asked Beth to slow dance. We’ve seen in a flash-forward that Beth will teach again at her own studio so be patient, fans. Beth will bounce back eventually.

Kate And Toby Are Headed For Trouble

Kate and Toby represent Newton’s Third Law, which states that there is an equal and opposite reaction for every action. Science was my worst school subject, but my teachers would be proud of me for dropping some #knowledge right now.

Kate is thriving as a music teacher while Toby can’t stand unemployment. I don’t blame Toby for feeling this way, but he can’t take it out on Kate. At the Damon household, a leaky pipe caused a schism between Toby and Kate. Toby is determined to fix it without professional health while Kate insists on calling a plumber who might be out of their price range. Kate leaves for the day while Toby attempts to fix the pipe.

Kate accompanies Madison to assist in wedding dress shopping. They are joined by Rebecca. When an upset Madison reveals her father won’t be at her wedding, Rebecca shares heartfelt words of wisdom to cheer her up. Then, Kate and Rebecca reflect on their rocky relationship from the past. Kate admits she was hard on her mother, and apologizes for her actions.

At the school, Kate leads her class in singing “Big Yellow Taxi” by one of Rebecca’s favorite artists, Joni Mitchell. It’s a breakthrough moment for this mother-daughter relationship as Kate finally found her true calling as a music teacher.

Back at home, Toby calls in reinforcements in the form of his father, who I will refer to by his real name, Dan Lauria aka Mr. Arnold from The Wonder Years. After Toby’s father helps repair the pipe, he tells Toby about the time he was unemployed during Toby’s childhood. He then expressed his admiration for the Pearsons and how they are so in touch with their emotions and that Toby should share his feelings with Kate.

Unfortunately, Toby did not listen to his father’s advice and remained quiet about his feelings with Kate. Trouble in paradise on This Is Us?

Cold Feet

It was only a matter of time before Kevin’s on-set actions caught up with him. There are only so many movie sets and plays you can walk out on before the industry bites back. Kevin went to a screening of his new movie, and as he said it, “It’s a piece of a crap.”

Kevin panics and heads right to his agency to figure out his next project. Unfortunately, Kevin has developed a negative reputation because of his abrupt exits from projects, so directors aren’t lining up to work with him anymore.

As Kevin leaves the office, he spots Zoe on a virtual conference call and sits down to catch up with his former girlfriend. It’s all friendly until Zoe makes a comment about Kevin’s willingness to give into suggestion. He always rolls with the punches and turns every situation in his favor, which clearly rubs Kevin the wrong way.

Later that night, Kevin suggests watching Bridgerton but gives into Madison’s request for watching The Great British Baking Show, proving Zoe’s point. Kevin, this isn’t a bad flaw! Don’t overthink it. However, Kevin tends to overanalyze everything so it will lead to a future problem.

Next week, Kevin calls Sophie at his bachelor party. Oh boy.

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