This Is Us Season 5 Preview And Predictions: Births And Rebirths

This Is Us Season 5

After an extended hiatus due to the pandemic, This Is Us finally returns tonight for Season 5 with a special two-hour premiere. Frankly, America needs the Pearson family back in our lives in order to provide a necessary distraction from COVID.

When we last saw the Big Three, Kevin and Randall squared off in a fight that mirrored Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed. Instead of throwing punches, the brothers verbally spared, trading haymaker after haymaker until Kevin dropped the hammer when he said, “Hand to God, Randall, the worst thing that ever happened to me was the day they brought you home.”


Here’s a quick recap of everything else that happened in the Season 4 finale.

  • Madison is pregnant with twins and Kevin is the father.
  • Kate and Toby decide to adopt a daughter, Hailey.
  • Jack’s daughter is named Hope.
  • Both Nicky and Kevin are wearing wedding rings in the flash-forward.
  • Rebecca is going to St. Louis for the clinical trial with Miguel.

In typical This Is Us fashion, the writers left us with multiple cliffhangers in the finale, which will all be addressed at some point this season or the next. So what can we expect in Season 5?

-Fallout of fight between Randall and Kevin: This is the biggest storyline of the season. I don’t expect this fight to end overnight. As we’ve seen in the flash-forward, Randall and Kevin will eventually be on good terms. However, what is the moment that will bring them together?

-Rebecca’s Clinical Trials: At the end of Season 4, Rebecca decided to sign up for the clinical trials in St. Louis. Rebecca and Miguel will head to St. Louis during the season, but when will they head home? During the Season 4 midseason finale, Rebecca’s memory significantly deteriorated and needed a police escort back to the cabin for the 40th birthday party, which will air tonight. Did Rebecca leave the trials because they failed or did something happen to Miguel?

-Kate And Toby’s Relationship: At the end of last season, Kate and Toby decide to explore adoption, and we know that they will adopt a girl and name her Hailey. However, what we don’t know is the status of their marriage. Kate and Toby have had problems in the past (Thanks, Lady Kryptonite). Expect problems to occur once again this season, but will it lead to a divorce or something much worse?

-Birth and Rebirths: According to Dan Fogelman, this season is about “births and rebirths.” The obvious birth will be Kevin and Madison’s twins. With that being said, I’m more interested in the rebirth. Does the rebirth represent Kevin and Randall’s relationship? Is it a new love interest for Kevin or Kate? Does it signify Rebecca’s love for Miguel?

-Jack: When in doubt, add Jack into a storyline. We all need a little more Jack Pearson on the show.

With a preview comes predictions. I made these predictions at the end of last season.

  • Kevin will name his daughter after his mother, Rebecca.
  • Miguel will die.
  • The birth of the twins will end the fight between Kevin and Randall.

For now, I’m sticking with those predictions. I’m confident that Miguel, who I love dearly, will die at some point within the next two seasons. In regards to the twins, my confidence meter is 50/50. Now that the premiere has arrived, here are a few more predictions.

Kate Will Die*: I’ve been on this hill since Season 2. There’s no reason to abandon ship just yet. This Is Us is all about the fragility of life and cherishing every moment spent with family. Death ties every storyline together. The deaths of Jack, William, and Kyle (original member of the Big Three who died in childbirth) rocked the Pearson family and became crucial plot points in the story. Kate has not been seen in the flashforward at Kevin’s house. Toby is also not wearing his wedding ring. Are Kate and Toby divorced? Maybe, but for now, I’m leaning towards “’til death do us part.”

*Kate will die if and only if Miguel dies in Season 5. Two deaths in one season are too much to handle. If Miguel dies in Season 5, then Kate could die in Season 6 if that’s truly the final season. If Miguel’s death occurs in the final season, then Kate will live.

-Nicky Pretends To Be Married To Rebecca: This is my outrageous prediction. In the flash forward, Nicky is wearing a wedding ring while sitting next to a dying Rebecca. There’s no chance in hell that Nicky marries Rebecca. However, since Rebecca’s memory is shot, Nicky pretends to be Jack on the surface since most of her memories are gone and she only remembers Jack. Nicky wears the wedding ring and acts like Jack even though he’s serving as Rebecca’s caretaker. It’s an odd prediction, but a spicy take.

-Rebecca Will Die In The Series Finale: Rebecca will die in the bed surrounded by her loved ones in the series finale. Rebecca’s death will complete the circle of life.

Can’t wait to see how many of these predictions come true!

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This Is Us Season 4 Finale: Three Predictions For Season 5

This Is Us

The story of the Pearson family came one step closer to the ending after the Season 4 finale. Overall, this was probably my second favorite season in the entire series (behind Season 1). Kevin, the MVP of Season 4, went from the dumb, good-looking brother to a smart, charismatic character that’s layered with emotion and depth. That’s character growth at its finest. Randall still did his thing, Kate grew as a mother, and Jack and Rebecca remain perfect.

Going into last night’s episode, I made four predictions.

1) Kevin will wish Randall was never adopted.
2) Rebecca knew about her future memory issues early on. (Dr. K told her)
3) Jack D will name his daughter, Rebecca.
4) Kevin’s fiancée is a complete stranger that will be introduced tonight.

One out of four isn’t bad, but it’s not good. I would’ve bet my life savings that the baby’s name would be Rebecca. Since more babies are on the way (more on that later), there’s still time to name one of them Rebecca. To recap, these were the major components revealed in last night’s episode.

  • Kevin said the worst day of his life was when Randall came home for the first time, causing the schism in the family.
  • Madison is pregnant with twins and Kevin is the father.
  • Kate and Toby decide to adopt a daughter, Hailey.
  • Jack’s daughter is named Hope.
  • Both Nicky and Kevin wear a wedding ring in the flash-forward.
  • Rebecca is going to St. Louis for the clinical trial with Miguel.

It’s time to look ahead to Season 5. If you haven’t done so already, read Dan Fogelman’s interview where he discusses the Season 4 finale and gives some hints for future seasons. There are two seasons left, but a lot of unanswered questions. Here are three predictions for Season 5 of This Is Us.

*This post will contain major spoilers from the Season 4 finale of This Is Us. You’ve been warned.




This Is US / NBC

Kevin Will Name His Daughter After His Mother

Someone is going to name their child, Rebecca, in honor of the matriarch of the Pearson family. It has to happen. Kate honored her father by naming her son, Jack. Randall has no more kids so Kevin is one of the last lines of defense. We know that Kevin will have a son and a daughter. This is his chance to name his daughter, Rebecca. It’s only fitting that Jack and Rebecca’s legacies live on through their grandchildren. Also, don’t be surprised if Kevin names his son, Nicky, after his uncle.

Miguel Will Die

This may not happen in Season 5, but this is coming. Miguel is going to die before Rebecca eventually passes. With Rebecca going to St. Louis for the trial, Fogelman mentioned that the writers have planned a big storyline for Rebecca which includes a deeper look into her relationship with Miguel over the decades.

Bonus Note: Is Kate going to die? The Internet seems to believe she’s dead due to her lack of involvement in the flash-forwards. There are only three options: Kate dies, she divorces Toby, or she’s still married to Toby. I came out swinging from the beginning of Season 3, saying that Kateis doomed. My tune has changed a bit because if Rebecca dies at the end of the show, I don’t see that moment happening without all members of the Big Three. For reference, this is what I wrote in September 2018.

The Birth Of Twins Will End The Fight Between Kevin And Randall

Fogelman also stated that the theme of Season 5 was “rebirth” and a lot of new beginnings are on the horizon. In the flash-forward from the Season 4 finale, Kevin and Randall embrace, which means their feud most likely ended years ago. If that’s the case, when did the Pearson brothers bury the hatchet? My money is at the birth of Kevin’s children. Major events seem to happen at the hospital. Randall was adopted when Kevin and Kate were born and Kevin stopped drinking when Jack Damon arrived. I can’t think of a better place for Kevin and Randall to forgive each other than at the hospital after the birth of Kevin’s children.

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This Is Us Season 4 Fall Finale: What Just Happened?

This Is Us

If you’re not watching This Is Us or you left the bandwagon after Season 2, it’s time to turn the channel to NBC at 9 PM EST on Tuesday nights. This Is Us is a television rollercoaster for both good and bad reasons. Season 1 was phenomenal. Season 2 was solid. Season 3 was a step in the wrong direction. Season 4 is back to creating the magic formed in Season 1.

If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you watched the midseason finale last night. First of all, it was another solid episode, but the ending was great thanks to a flash forward that revealed some major storylines. What do they mean? What does the future hold for the Big Three? Let’s break down all of the clues revealed in the final scene.

*This post will contain major spoilers from the midseason finale of This Is Us. You’ve been warned.




Kevin’s 40 With An Engaged Fiancée

Without a doubt, the MVP of Season 4 has been Kevin. The first member of the Big 3 is having his best season of the series. Between his chemistry with Uncle Nicky and the storyline with Cassidy, Kevin’s character arc is the one I’m invested in the most. Sterling K. Brown gets most of the love from critics (and rightfully so), but Justin Hartley is closing in fast. Hartley’s not just the comedic presence anymore. His performance is emotionally gripping, carefully nuanced, and when the smoke clears, he should be rewarded with an Emmy nomination.

In the episode, after becoming a better person thanks to his time Nicky, Kevin wants to marry a woman and start a family by age 40, which is nine months away. In typical This Is Us fashion, the flash forward revealed that Kevin has a pregnant fiancee on his 40th birthday. Who is the lucky lady? Many fans are saying that it’s Cassidy because the timeline of when they spent the night together matches up with Kevin’s 40th birthday. Could it be a past love such as Sophie or Zoe?

Prediction: Kevin’s fiancee is a new character that we’ll meet sometime in the second half of the season. However, I’m Team Sophie for life.

Are Kate And Toby Separated?

Kate and Toby are on the rocks and I, for one, am SHOCKED! Ok, I’m really not shocked because they fight every episode. Some type of separation has been brewing for a while now. Only time will tell if it leads to a divorce. Back in Season 3, fans (myself included) went wild when Toby was seen without a wedding ring in a flash forward. In last night’s midseason finale, This Is Us revealed a few more breadcrumbs. When Kate picked up Toby’s phone, he received a text from “LadyKryptonite” in the Crossfit Crew that implies Toby revealed his marital problems to his group. Is this woman Toby’s actual “kryptonite?”

Then, in the flash forward, Kate signed the police report as “Kate Pearson,” not “Kate Damon” or “Kate Pearson-Damon.” However, Kate is still wearing her wedding ring.

Prediction: Toby is not having an affair with Lady Kryptonite. However, Kate will accuse Toby of cheating on her, which Toby will deny because it never happened. However, the damage will be done. This accusation will lead to another fight and temporary separation. However, they won’t get divorced.

Rebecca’s Memory

For a show about memory, this storyline hurts the most. For the past few episodes, Rebecca has been in a battle with memory loss. Losing her phone, forgetting the movie during the trailer, and constantly taking pictures on her phone hint that Rebecca’s memory is deteriorating. But how much is it deteriorating? It’s important to note that only Randall and Miguel know about Rebecca’s memory struggles. In the flash forward, Rebecca’s memory has gotten significantly worse, so much so that the police had to drive her to the cabin to meet up with the rest of the family. These aren’t what Miguel called “senior moments.” We know that Rebecca’s health will eventually lead to a hospital bed in Kevin’s house with Nicky at her side, but how will the show get there?

Prediction: Rebecca has Alzheimer’s and by the end of Season 4, that will be the official diagnosis.

Randall And Kevin’s Falling Out

Just when you think all is well with the Pearson brothers, think again. While the flash forward revealed Kevin’s future as a father, it also showed that Kevin is no longer speaking to Randall. Considering the two were on great terms during Thanksgiving means a huge fight is on the horizon.

Prediction: Kevin and Randall have a falling out over Rebecca’s mental health. Randall finds out about the diagnosis, but Rebecca swears him to secrecy so he doesn’t tell Kevin and Kate. Kevin eventually finds out months later and chastizes Randall for keeping this huge secret that leads to their split.

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