11/15/21 Wrighster or Wrong: NFL’s Best Teams All Have Bad Losses, CFB Coaching Carousel, Warriors Back on Top, Reign of Adele

Wrighster or Wrong

On this episode of WRIGHSTER OR WRONG, George Wrighster and Ralph Amsden talk about why some of the best teams in the NFL are losing to some of the worst teams in the NFL, and rank which bad losses they think should cause fan bases the biggest concern. The college football coaching carousel rages on with the resignation of Butch Davis and firing of Jimmy Lake- George and Ralph get into which coaches might be the best fit for open jobs. The Golden State Warriors are back, and they’re not even full strength yet. Is there anyone in the NBA that can challenge them once they get Klay Thompson back? In the music world, Adele returns as the undisputed champ of the charts- what do the guys think of her dominance over the industry? Finally, in best of social media, Jim Harbaugh’s pants catch fire, Fergie’s national anthem becomes a literary treasure, and Steph Curry does something no one should ever do.  

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