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Do you believe that the advent of the 24 hour sports news and media cycle coupled with the over saturation of social media make it harder for coaches and staff to enforce team discipline and unity than it did when we were playing together?

Who would in a foot race between President Trump and Hilary Clinton?

The first thing that comes to my mind is how long is this race. I don’t believe either of them could complete a mile run in a timeframe that would be compelling. So lets assume the race is 200 meters, it’s a sprint but long enough to get some drama.

Trump is an old man with a big gut. I imagine he makes weird heavy breathing noises, is super sweaty, and is on the verge of passing out during sex. The visual I just got of him on top of Melania grossed me out.

Clinton doesn’t look like she’s worked out in decades. I imagine she has one of those chair lifts that takes old people up and down stairs at her home. If she walked up she would have to spot and sit down half way.

The race would be a fight to the finish. I ultimately believe Clinton would win. She lost the election, would rather die than lose again to Trump.

When is it ok to tell a lie?

Simple question but this is tricky as it gets.

My heart and character says that it is never ok to lie, despite the consequences. I tell my kids that character is paramount and it is never ok to tell a lie, unless it’s to protect a good surprise.

I could give you all types of scenarios and justifications of when lying is socially acceptable, but I won’t.

It’s never ok to lie, even when wife asks me does a shirt make her look fat? When I’m trying to “protect someone’s feelings”. Someone tried to convince me there it’s ok to lie when the out come is the “RIGHT Thing”. But how on earth can the right thing happen when it’s based in a lie.
*I occasionally fall into the “justifications” category but I’m trying to do better.

I met this girl at the gym about a year ago. We started talking and hanging out as friends for a few months. A couple months ago we decided to start dating. We are pretty serious now. I am truly in love with this woman and I know I want to marry her.

She brought me out of state to her parent’s house for her moms surprise birthday party. She introduces me to her best friend childhood friend. I initially didn’t recognize her, but about halfway through dinner I remember she was a chick I hooked up with in Vegas off Tinder right before I met my girl.

Through the course of the night, we talked and she asked me to tell my girl. I initially said yes, but I feel bad.

This is the woman I’m supposed to spend my life with. I have to tell her right?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard of random hookup stories coming back to haunt people. They should change the slogan from “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” to “what happens in Vegas shows up 9-12 months later”.

It’s better to bite the bullet and fess up now. If she’s going to leave you for a chick you hooked up with before you met, she will leave you for a lot less eventually anyway. You will be left with your integrity, even though integrity can’t do the things your girl can.

This is a fact of life; there are no secrets that are kept forever. They all eventually come out. It’s usually not immediate but it’s coming. It probably wouldn’t even be you or your friend who lets the cat out of the bag. It will be some random person three years from now who makes a random comment that raises questions. Once that happens your then wife will be pissed that you kept a huge secret. And you might have an ex-wife.

My 16-year-old son plays AAU basketball. His father passed away when he was 2, so he hasn’t had a true father figure around. He has been playing for the same AAU coach for 2 years. He is a great man and treats my son like his own. The man is successful, handsome, single, a great guy, and over the two years he’s really grown on me. I really want to date him, but I don’t want my son to be affected, and things may get weird if they don’t work out with us. What should I do? 

It sounds like you attracted to this man because you want him as a father to your son, and not for all the right reasons.

It is a horrible idea to date your son’s coach. Even if you two go off and get married it will create significant social issues with his teammates and other people in the program.

I once played with a kid in high school that had a “fine” mom. She was gorgeous. Every guy would make comments to him about how fine his mom was. He was always pissed off.

Now imagine the cruel things teenagers would say about what coach is doing to his mom.

My advice to you is this: Your son is 16, and I’m assuming he’s a junior in high school. He will graduate in a year and a half. After he’s done. Go ahead and date the coach. Not one minute before.

Only certain doom and shame can come from doing it before.

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