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It’s Thursday and the best ever #Unafraid Anonymous Emails are here. Thank you all for making our Anonymous Emails last week a success! 

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I met a woman who I swear is the most beautiful woman on the entire earth. I mean like Olivia Munn, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce beautiful. I’m a 38 year old regular dude and this is by far the most beautiful woman who has ever given me any attention. She said she likes me but needs she needs confirmation that I’m the right guy for her. She’s big into psychics, tarot cards, and palm reading and wants me to be. I think those things are witchcraft and scare the hell out of me, but I don’t want to lose this opportunity.

I’m not doubting your lady is beautiful. However, the reality is most times a guy is infatuated with a woman he thinks she’s the most beautiful thing in the whole world, at least for a little while.
I get that you feel like she’s out of your league in terms of looks, but you haven’t mentioned anything about her character or personality. These are the things that matter most my friend.

I personally stay far away from people who are into the whole psychic, tarot card, and palm reading stuff. Too much fake Miss Cleo mumbo jumbo, and there’s evil spirits lurking around those places.

Cut your loses and let her go. Hopefully, you haven’t invested too much in this relationship so she’s not upset. She probably knows people who put voodoo rut’s on people.

My friend just got a divorce and she has three kids who are 13, 10, and 7. I decided to let her live with me for a little while her divorce was finalized and she got on her feet. The divorce has been final for over three months now and they have been living with me for seven months now. I love the kids and they are great, and I kind of like them around but it’s time that I have my own space back. She got a big lump sum for spousal support and is working. I have mentioned it casually a few times, but there has been no movement. I am a person who shies away from conflict. How can I make this happen and not make any bad blood with the kids because I like them more than my friend at this point?

I am flattered that you guys believe I have great advice, so I’ll do my best here.

You didn’t mention if she’s paying you rent, so I’ll assume that she isn’t. I have had house guests/live in people a number of times, getting them out sometimes proves more difficult than it should be being you are doing them a favor. The time for subtlety is over. It’s time to put your big girl drawls on and have a real conversation and let her know that she has to go NOW.

Since you shy away from conflict I’m assuming you get flustered in these conversations and at the end think about how many things you wish you had said. I would make a list and write down all the points you want to make to your friend and deliver them with love and care.

If your friend cannot understand and appreciate the generosity you have shown then she is either an unappreciative and selfish person or is just hurting from her divorce and will soon see the light.

Hope the convo goes well.

My son’s high school football team has a few division 1 players but they are losing. The coach’s son is a junior and he is the quarterback and he sucks. Interceptions, over throws, fumbles, etc. He’s playing daddy ball and trying to showcase his kid to try and get him a scholarship with all these playmakers around him. We have a freshman behind him who is fantastic and trains with one of the well-known QB coaches. My son is a junior as well. He is tired of losing, should we transfer or go to the administration and get him fired?

Unfortunately, “Daddy Ball” is a common place in youth sports. He’s a parent trying to do what is best for his kid before he’s your high school football coach. If the freshman is as good as you say he is, chances are that the coach knows his son is not the best too. If what you say is as apparent as you say it is then you are not the only one who is taking notice.
This is definitely not a conversation you can have with the coach personally unless you two are super tight.

Transferring schools would be my ABSOLUTE last option. Most states have transfer rules and your kid would likely have to sit out games if he did. Also, I’m assuming your son likes his school and is getting a good education and would have to leave a good environment.

Your best bet is an option that feels a little yucky. You have to do covert operations and get support from other parents and administrators to get the man ousted.

The optimal scenario is hoping that the coach realizes the error in his ways and benches his kid. You do have to realize that benching your kid is tough for most dads. I’ve benched mine!

My question for you is: what helps you keep going/motivates you when life gets difficult?

Exclusively my faith in God keeps me motivated and going. I believe that if I stay the course and continue to do the right things everything will work out. There are times where it’s hard and you feel you are in a dark tunnel and can’t see the light. At that point I stop, pray for answers, set the course and am not deterred from the mission/goals.

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