What’s a Pac-10 game without a little fun? I had the pleasure of playing with UCLA Alum Maurice Jones-Drew for 3 seasons while I was in Jacksonville, and like me he is a proud alum. During football season you could frequently hear MJD yelling “the boys in blue, the boys in blue” after any win by UCLA. So I decided to make a little friendly wager. If the Ducks beat UCLA tomorrow Mo-jo and little Mo-jo 2.0, have to wear an Oregon Uniform and t-shirt and sing our fight song while being videotaped and if UCLA wins, me, little D, & my nephew AK, will do the same in UCLA garb!! Me, I’m not even worried.. I have the utmost confidence in my Ducks!!!
I haven’t been able to see an Oregon game live since I was a player there back in 2002, and I have never seen an Oregon game from the stands. This weekend that will all change. My entire family and I are tailgating and will be in attendance this Saturday as the Mighty Ducks of Oregon take on UCLA at the Pasadena Rose Bowl. What makes this game so special is I get to take my son and nephew to their first “Duck” game!!! They both love football games and I am planting the Oregon seed early, so when they are older they will already have the Green/Yellow (and Black, Gray, White, Graphite) love. LOL, I love our uniforms! Oh, yea, they will be part of Coach Kelly’s 2023 recruiting class. I know that’s a long time away but it’s never too early to prepare.

Now back to the game, UCLA has a tough team this year, and they are led by Head Coach Neuheisel, whom I have much respect for. While at the University of Colorado he was the first person to offer me a scholarship to play college football. I still have the letter to this day. I went against him a few times as a player when he was the Huskies Head Coach, but I believe we have the edge. Even though we are without “The Man” Thurmond III and Willie “Da DB” Glasper, and Blount Trauma, we should be fine. Our aggressive attack on both sides of the ball make us very hard to beat.
I cannot wait to hear the sweet lyrics of the Oregon Fight Song sung by MJD and MJD 2.0. I can hear it now as I daydream!!!!

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  1. Thats Awsome getting the kids started early, My son loves trash talking in his fantasy football leagues. Sometimes it comes back to bite him and he has to pay the piper. Can you guys post the video of whomever has to sing wearing the colors?

    twitter @mketchens

  2. Awesome. Love reading your blog, George. And I can't wait to see MJD in duck gear.

    Go Ducks!

  3. Awesome post. Go Ducks!

  4. George:

    Glad to hear you still bleed lightning yellow, thunder green, steel, carbon, black and white. I can hardly wait for 2023 and I second the request for a youtube video of Mo-Jo and little Mo-Jo 2.0 singing Mighty Oregon.

  5. Another fine blog entry!! GO DUCKS!!!


  6. Hey George, any chance you'll post that audio/video on your blog? That would be pretty sweet.

  7. Glad to hear you're raising those kids right!

  8. Cheers-your blog has been a great read this year

  9. It will be fun to watch you sing! I love the friendly bet. Two classy guy's from two great schools.

    Go Bruins!

  10. You will be posting that video on youtube, right?

    I'll be at the game as well.
    Get to the stadium around 10.
    Grilling by 10:30.
    Drunk by 11:30.
    Kickoff 12:30.
    Ducks score 12:31, and life is good.

  11. I had to tune-in to see if you'd posted MJD's video yet. Can't wait! Ducks are awesome this year, even playing without their best. "play fast…win the day!" GO DUCKS!

  12. Time to start learning the fight song MJD, cause the Bruins got rocked 24-10!
    Yet another unbelievable defensive performance by the Ducks.
    Make sure to post the vid of him singing George, and make sure he does so with some feeling.

    I got some photos and videos up from the game: http://keeerrrttt1.blogspot.com/

    GO DUCKS!!!!

  13. Wow. UCLA imploded!Holding UO to 0 points in the first half was impressive. But UCLA is too young and inexperienced to hang with the ducks.

    Good luck with the rest of your season Duck fans. Beat $C!

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