I had a great time on Saturday watching My Ducks beat on the Bruins, but more importantly my Son & Nephew had the best time ever. It was so great watching them run around, playing football while we were tailgating, and watching them scream to the top of their lungs when the Ducks would do something good.

I hate to mention it but I must, the big cuddly un-intimidating Bruin mascot came over by our section and the boys just HAD to touch him and say hi. They are 3 it’s ok I think. They wanted to play with the Bruin longer but I cut that visit short QUICKLY. The joy on their faces warmed my soul. They cheered so loud, by the 3rd quarter they were both passed out. I didn’t mind them taking a nap, because by that point the game was long out of reach.

For my first game ever in the stands as a fan, I had a great time. We had great seats. We were literally three rows from the field right in the endzone. When Talmadge Jackson III intercepted a pass from Bruin quarterback Kevin Prince and ran it in for a touchdown right in front of us, the rest of the Ducks came over and we all celebrated together. We were so close the boys could reach out and touch the players. The boys were so juiced, they felt like they were on the field.
There were so many “Best Parts” of the day that I cannot single out just one. It was great seeing some of my old teammates Jared Dillon, Garret Sable, Rashad Bouman, Matt Toenia, Saladin McCullough and coaches, especially my former coach Mike Belloti (who is now the Athletic Director at Oregon). Ok, I’ll stop! The Ducks travel well. . I’m gonna say this now, Ed Dickson could be the best TE to ever come out of Oregon if he keeps working hard. He has all the tools.
FYI a national championship is in our future!!

Two things I learned from this tailgate. One, never leave Marcellus Wiley in charge of bringing the grill, because he will be late (those tv types) and two, my son and nephew will be future Ducks. They cheered Go Ducks all night long!! My job as a father and Duck alum is done!!
Tickets to the game $400, tailgating supplies $200, watching the Ducks blowout the Bruins with family, and friends… PRICELESS!!!!!
The Maurice Jones-Drew Video will be posted soon!!

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  1. Once again, awesome blog comments! I love the way you write, you make it almost as exciting as being there. And what a great win! I am gonna go through Duck withdrawal this weekend..bye week!!
    Go Ducks!


  2. Hey George, glad to see you had so much fun. I love road games because it's the die-hards and true fans. I'm glad you got to experience the game from "our side", as a true fan.

  3. Glad to hear you and your family had a good day George. I had a blast as well. You are truly a great Duck!

  4. Hi Geroge, You are the greatest and I love your blog. The boys look like they are having fun and being a Duck fan is the greatest fun of all right now! I taped the game so will look for you guys in the end zone after the interception. I have 3 year old twin grand children (boy and girl) who were "indoctinated" into Duck spirit at Autzen this year. They watched "The Duck" like hawks with lots of Go Ducks! Gotta start them young…they'll replace Grandma some day. If you are ever in Eugene, your family is welcome to stay with this Grandma. All the best and hope to see you at Autzen soon.

  5. I'm still sportin' the sunburn from sitting in the Duck section on the opposite side. I didn't get the close up of the Talmadge pick, but did get a great view of the flukiest pick six of all-time. And in my 30 years of attending Duck games I had NEVER seen the Duck do a headstand until last Saturday.
    The first half was a bit slow, but what a great way to get the 2nd half started, and always great with a Duck victory. Wow, what a defense the team has this year!!!


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