3. Washington State- Mike Leach

Leach is awkward and can be an acquired taste for some, but he is one of the most brilliant offensive minds in all of football. He has turned Washington State, which was ranked as the worst power-five conference job in college football, into a good football team. Teams from every conference fear the “air raid offense”. With 9 wins in two of the last three seasons, it is clear that Leach’s Cougars are a legit threat in the Pac-12 north. It would be scary what would happen if Leach coached at a premier program that could attract 5* recruits.

2. UCLA- Chip Kelly

Chip Kelly gets such a high ranking for two reasons. 1. He was absolutely dominant and crushed the conference when he was Oregon head coach. 2. He has been an innovator and consistently ahead of the college football curve. UCLA put together a solid recruiting class, and there is little doubt that UCLA will arrive at the promised land sooner than later. Sidenote: Remember that time anonymous Oregon boosters wanted Kelly gone?

1.Stanford- David Shaw

David Shaw is the clear-cut #1 coach in the Pac-12 coming into the 2018 season. Stanford has averaged over 10 wins per year since Shaw took over from Jim Harbaugh. His team has won Pac-12 titles, is often in the national championship discussion, and has had a lot of players drafted. The thing that makes Shaw’s success and consistency so impressive is that Stanford is NEVER one of the most “talented” teams.

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