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Firstly, I could not be more happy for every player drafted and realizing their dream. But, NFL draft itself is excessive, dull, annoying, and illegal. As the NFL Draft wraps-up, I wonder what the hell you are all doing watching this thing. The NFL has gotten so big that the Draft is now three days long and has become like the Oscars in the watching lexicon of many fans. I don’t get it. The funniest thing is to watch the draft from 3 or 4 years ago to see how many times a team gets a pick wrong. Here are some reasons why you should be doing something else with your life!

Excess and what is with that funky music?

The NFL Draft is just another extension of the leagues excess. The NBA Draft is one day in and out quick shopping. The NFL is now three days of 20 million guys on all the networks talking about real, “value” and whom they have rated higher than someone else. People, they are guessing, trust me. Each network has two crews now and 20 talking heads covering the event. Now they have music bands playing blaring music over the coverage making it hard for Rich Eisen or any analyst to speak. Brilliant.

The Buzzwords

What gets me is the use of creative words during the draft that is just hilarious (“Bubble Butt,” “High Motor,” how a QB can, “Make all the throws”). It’s just overkill, but then again the commentators covering this monotonous event must be creative coming up with unique words to describe over 200 players. This guy has great “hands.” Great. He should. He is a wide receiver. Here are some more buzzwords you will hear that will make you chuckle!

Seeing former players in bad health make the picks

I am going to get killed for this, but it’s hard for me to watch. Jim Brown the other night crawled to the podium to make the Browns draft pick. I admire him, and he is one of the greatest players to play the game, but to see this was hard on my eyes. It’s also a message to these young guys getting drafted that football is a brutal sport that could impact your health when done. I love the old timers, but maybe select a guy who is in better health. Sad moment in the draft that is not needed. Reggie Wayne and Pat McAfee, on the other hand, killed it.

Tough to watch!

The NFL Draft is an inexact science that is often wrong

Jamarcus Russell, Ryan Leaf, and Johnny Manziel prove the NFL Draft is not an inexact science. That with all the opinons on these players of what they will be and not is simply ridiculous. Here are just a few opinions of some players from this year alone. Look, the NFL draft is an opinionated soap opera, and teams make these selections without really knowing if that player will live-up to expectations. Opinions from scouts lead to picks by coaches and general managers. It’s a crapshoot. Sportscasters from every network also create tons of opinions before the actual event. Can scouts and sportscasters measure heart? Nope!

Why show emotion, whether happy or sad, from something you can’t judge for three years? Check your feelings. Not worth it for the crapshoot that is the NFL Draft. Go out and enjoy life. Here is an opinion that I think Mr. Taylor would like to take back.

The NFL Draft is boring.

Remember watching this young man get passed by 21 teams?

If you think about it, it’s incredibly dull. I’m watching it because I’m covering it. Plus, who wants to see the next Aaron Rodgers sitting in a green room when people are passing him that shouldn’t be. Sure, it’s human drama, but I don’t want to view it. I’m not a soap opera kind of guy. These are all kids who are becoming professional. I wish them all well, but to sit through hours of the NFL Draft you are a fan that needs to jump into life or get one. Besides, the phone updates work just fine, thank you.

Bad Outfits

Devin Bush, what were you thinking? I mean, I thought he was injured when I first saw that attire. Deion Sanders was lying when he said he liked it. Just horrible. He will be a much better player than that outfit, trust me!

The NFL DRAFT is Illegal.

All the drafts are unethical. Taking a job applicant and assigning the rights to that player to one employer is illegal. But this the NFL, which they do what they want as all the major sports do. The Draft is a moneymaker. It’s not going to change. Why can’t these players pick where they want to work? Like most Americans have that right to choose employment. The “draftee” should be able to pick his team instead of the other way around; the draft should be against the law. Set a salary cap so one organization can’t get everyone, but let them choose who they want to play for. It’s 2019, not 1970. Plus, it would eliminate teams being able to tank and suck for a better draft pick. Make it a free agent process with each club set with equal money and allow these players to pick where they want to play.

Just go outside and enjoy the sunshine!

Is the NFL Draft going away? It should, for it’s illegal, but it will probably only get bigger and more superfluous. You don’t need to worry about this monotony of rounds 4 to 7 or any of the NFL Draft. Your team did well. They got at least one guy that will be a solid player. Which pick that is who knows. The teams don’t even know who will be a great pro, trust me. No need to lose sleep on these 3 days of excessive NFL braggadocio. Beach time!

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