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On this episode of the GW podcast, we have guest Vernon Davis. He is a 14 year NFL veteran who is a successful venture capitalist and diving in headfirst into his new profession of acting. He recently retired from the NFL in a commercial with Rob Gronkowski.

Vernon Davis gives great insight into overcoming adversity. He details how he overcame absent parents to achieve his dreams in sports and business. Vernon also tells us why his touchdown against the Eagles in week 1 of 2019 was so special. He also tells us that he wouldn’t trade his Super Bowl ring for the Hall of Fame. I also asked him about his brother Vontae’s abrupt retirement at halftime. We also discuss family, friendship, forgiveness, and dealing with public embarrassment.

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The George Wrighster podcast features great interviews where you get to know great people discussing faith, family, fatherhood, food, and sports. We get to know and learn from the personalities that entertain us outside of what they are famous for. Shoot us an email with comments or guest ideas: Please be sure to share the podcast with a friend, subscribe, and leave a 5* rating.

Who is George Wrighster?

George Wrighster is a former Pac-12 and veteran NFL tight end. As a television/radio host, opinionist, writer, speaker, and analyst, he is UNAFRAID to speak the truth. Contrary to industry norms he uses, facts, stats, and common sense to win an argument. He has also found success in the business world as an entrepreneur and investor. George is a lifelong learner who loves having conversations that educate and uplift. He has also covered college football, basketball, NFL, NBA, MLB since 2014.

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