Super Bowl LV: The GOAT Debate Starts Or Ends Sunday Night

Tom Brady goat

What are the two worst words in sports? Answer: “GOAT Debate.” This time, the subjects are not Michael Jordan or LeBron James. The new GOAT debate between Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady will either start or end after Super Bowl LV.

Thanks to sports talk shows, the basketball GOAT debate has been shoved down our throats like Joey Chestnut’s hot dogs on July 4. Is Jordan better than LeBron? Is LeBron better than Jordan? Is six for six in the NBA Finals worth more than four wins in ten appearances? Jordan may have had the better peak, but LeBron has the longevity.

The only thing holding back the GOAT debate is time. MJ played in the 90s while LeBron played in the 2000s. The two icons never faced off in the NBA Finals, let alone a regular-season game. Had Jordan and LeBron played each other with the biggest prize on the line, the GOAT debate would cease to exist.

Unlike the NBA, the NFL’s quarterback GOAT debate will receive clarity on Sunday night when Mahomes and the Chiefs take on Brady and the Buccaneers.

Currently, Brady is the GOAT. Whether you believe that means he’s the greatest football player of all time or the greatest winner of all time is totally up to you. However, he’s the greatest quarterback to ever play in the NFL.

The numbers speak for themselves. 6x Super Bowl champion, 4x Super Bowl MVP, 3x NFL MVP, 2X Offensive Player of the year, and a partridge in a pear tree. The fact that 43-year-old Brady will be playing in his tenth Super Bowl on Sunday is mind-boggling.

There is only one current player who might be able to catch Brady’s stats and accomplishments. It just so happens that he’ll be on the other sideline Sunday night.

Many believe Mahomes is already the most gifted quarterback to ever play in the NFL. In just three seasons as a starter, Mahomes won a Super Bowl, a Super Bowl MVP, and an NFL MVP. Mahomes has only lost one playoff game in his career and that was to Brady’s Patriots. If Dee Ford doesn’t go offsides, he would be undefeated in the postseason. Keep in mind, Mahomes is only 25-years-old. With Andy Reid, Eric Bienemy, Travis Kelce, and Tyreek Hill at his disposal, Mahomes and the Chiefs will be Super Bowl contenders for the next five years.

All of the pressure is on Mahomes. If he wants to be the GOAT, he will need to beat Brady on the biggest stage. He needs to avenge his loss in the AFC Championship and win his second Super Bowl. If Mahomes beats Brady, he’s not the GOAT, but he’s on the right trajectory.

For argument’s sake, let’s say the Chiefs win Sunday night, Mahomes wins MVP, and they win the championship the following year. That means Mahomes would be the catalyst for the first three-peat since the NFL merger. Plus, Mahomes would have the key victory over Brady in the Super Bowl. There would still be some work left to do, but you could make the argument that three straight Super Bowls including one over the GOAT rank higher than Brady’s six. I personally wouldn’t crown Mahomes the GOAT just yet, but if he were to win four to five championships including the important one over Brady, it would be difficult to not call Mahomes the GOAT.

On the flip side, if Brady beats Mahomes on Sunday, the GOAT debate ends right there. It would be dead on arrival. It would be seven to one in terms of championships. Brady would hold wins over Mahomes in the AFC Championship and the Super Bowl. No matter what Mahomes does the rest of his career, not beating Brady in the two biggest games of the season would a giant blunder on his resume. For Brady, a win on Sunday gives him an insurmountable lead over Mahomes.

Sports talk shows will run GOAT debates until the end of time. After Super Bowl LV, they will either intensify or disappear at the quarterback position.

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Teams That Must Apologize For Passing On Tom Brady Last Offseason

The year is 2041, and 63-year-old Tom Brady and the Las Vegas Raiders just defeated the Los Angeles Chargers in the AFC Championship game. This marks Brady’s 50th playoff win and 15th Super Bowl appearance.

The more things change, the more things stay the same as Brady will once again play in the Super Bowl after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship 31-26. Brady finished the game 20/36 for 286 yards for 3 TDs and 3 INTs. Brady almost handed the Packers the game with three INTs in the second half, but the 43-year-old weathered the storm and helped a Tampa franchise reach the Super Bowl for the first time since 2002.

The Bucs do not reach the Super Bowl without Brady. That is a fact. If Jameis Winston or any other free-agent quarterback signed with the Bucs this past offseason, they would struggle to make the playoffs. Brady changed the culture on day 1.

It’s also fair to say that Brady played for a team with elite receivers and stacked front-7, something that wasn’t present towards the end of his tenure in New England. Brady needed the Bucs just as much the Bucs needed Brady. It was a perfect relationship that could end with a Super Bowl victory.

Brady’s success brings me back to last offseason when eight teams were supposedly interested in the free agent’s services. However, only two teams made real offers, the Bucs and Chargers.

Hindsight is 20/20, but due to his success, many of those interested teams look silly for not courting Brady’s services. Maybe those teams listened to Max Kellerman, who in 2016, proclaimed that Brady would “fall off a cliff.” Meanwhile, Brady threw for 40 TDs this past season and will play in his third Super Bowl since that comment.

It’s fair to say Brady wasn’t going to settle for just any team. If it wasn’t the perfect situation, he wasn’t going to sign. However, think about how many teams would have been better off signing Brady last offseason. Why weren’t teams with quarterback issues lining up to talk with the six-time Super Bowl winner? For some teams, it’s time to apologize.

Teams That Must Apologize For Passing On Tom Brady Last Offseason

New England Patriots – Uh, ya think? The Patriots let Brady walk without a true succession plan. Cam Newton was good for two games and Jared Stidham looked awful. It’s back to the drawing board for Bill Belichick.

Indianapolis Colts – Imagine sitting down at a meeting with your front office and saying, “We’re choosing Philip Rivers over Tom Brady.” Try saying that with a straight face. Although Deflategate could have complicated matters, the Colts still had the right infrastructure for Brady to succeed. The fact the Colts looked at Brady and passed on him in favor of Rivers is a punhsiable offense.

Las Vegas Raiders – Would you rather have Brady or a platoon of Derek Carr and Marcus Mariota? The Raiders missed the playoffs, but they did beat the Chiefs in Arrowhead. Some could make the argument that’s bigger than a Super Bowl win.

Tennessee TitansRyan Tannehill proved his critics wrong with a stellar year at quarterback. Tannehill led the Titans to an NFC South Title and home playoff game. However, the Titans’ offense was nowhere to be found in their 20-13 loss to the Ravens in the Wild Card Round. Tannehill finished 18/26 for 165 yards, 1 TD and 1 costly INT. With AJ Brown, Corey Davis, Derrick Henry, I’d put money on Brady beating the Ravens with that roster.

Chicago Bears – I have an unhealthy obsession with Mitchell Trubisky. I really like the kid and think he can find success in the right system, but the Bears should have moved on from Trubisky in favor of a run at Brady. Instead, they chose to trade for Nick Foles, who threw for 10 TDs and 8 INTs. Poor Chicago fans.

San Francisco 49ers – At least the 49ers considered this option. Instead, they chose the other former Patriots’ QB, Jimmy Garoppolo, who most likely won’t be on the roster in 2021-2022.

Denver Broncos – Drew Lock?

Once again, Brady was not going to sign some of these teams. The fact remains that more teams should have made serious offers to Brady. In the end, Brady came out on top while everyone else goes back to the drawing board. It’s a tale as old as time.

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2020 NFL Week 16 Power Rankings: Four Up and Four Down

Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers

2020 NFL Week 16 was a week where the top four teams clearly showed themselves. It was also a week where some teams saw their playoff hopes fade or even disappear. Nonetheless, there are still four teams that are above the rest, and four teams that need to make New Year’s Resolutions. Without further ado, here is Four Up and Four Down for 2020 NFL Week 16:

Kansas City Chiefs Clinch Top Seed in AFC After 2020 NFL Week 16

The Chiefs had an uneven performance against the Atlanta Falcons. That being said, they were able to get away with the 17-14 victory. Kansas City has simply found ways to win games the past few months. Not exactly world beaters, the Chiefs have not won a game by more than six points since their Week 8 victory over the New York Jets. Yes, the Chiefs have been the best team in the NFL to this point. But there may be minor deficiencies that a better team may be able to expose against them. Miami forced them into mistakes in Week 14, for example. They could not score touchdowns against Denver in Week 13. It will take an opponent forcing multiple mistakes to beat the Chiefs. Nonetheless, there is more and more reason to believe that this team is beatable.

2. Buffalo Bills

Buffalo completed the final part of usurping power in the AFC East from the New England Patriots by destroying them 38-9 on Monday night. Josh Allen may get some MVP votes, deservedly so. Stefon Diggs has probably been the second best receiver in the NFL this season after Green Bay’s Davante Adams in terms of impact on a team. The defense has kept opponents in check the past few weeks.

The Bills had four straight primetime games, which could be seen as a barometer for if they are ready for the big stage. They passed that test with flying colors, as they won by an average margin of almost 20 points. Their urgency to get the job done against their past two opponents, both of whom are inferior, shows that this team has matured since their playoff debacle against the Texans last year. Buffalo should be a trendy pick to go far in the playoffs this year. However, it will be interesting to see how this team responds once the postseason actually starts.

3. Green Bay Packers

Green Bay put together their most complete performance of the season in their 40-14 demolition of the Tennessee Titans at Lambeau Field Sunday night. Aaron Rodgers was near-perfect, minus an interception. It seems like no one in the league can stop Davante Adams either. Whenever Adams was matched up against Titans cornerback Adoree Jackson, it was impossible for Jackson to stop Adams. Malcolm Butler did not fare much better either. Nonetheless, the Packers can clinch the number-one seed in the NFC. Their opponent: a desperate Chicago Bears team that they beat 41-25 in Week 12. A team fighting for the number-one seed versus a team fighting for a playoff spot should produce a great Week 17 game.

4. New Orleans Saints

Drew Brees may not have to do as much for the Saints to be successful this postseason. They easily have the best offensive and defensive line combination in the NFC if not the NFL. New Orleans can run the football down other team’s throat. Alvin Kamara is such a versatile player that he can beat teams on his own, like he did to the Vikings on Christmas Day with a six-touchdown performance to start 2020 NFL Week 16. After the 52-33 victory, the Saints have positioned themselves for a top-two seed if they can beat the Panthers this weekend.

They will be rooting hard for Chicago against Green Bay, as playing in the snow would be a huge disadvantage for the Saints. Tennessee is a prime example of how teams that do not play in snow normally struggle mightily in the snow. However, a run game and a defense that can pressure a quarterback can travel, and it will be interesting to see (if the Saints play Green Bay) if they can live up to that challenge.

Four Down: Jaguars Win The Trevor Lawrence Sweepstakes

29. Houston Texans

The Texans lost to the lowly Bengals at home 37-31 on Sunday. I could write some stuff about this team, but JJ Watt summed it up perfectly:

30. Philadelphia Eagles

When a quarterback you drafted in the second round accounts for over 400 yards of offense and your team still lost by 20, maybe you can figure out there were other positions you had to address in the offseason. Carson Wentz has contributed to the Eagles’ downfall for sure. Head coach Doug Pederson did not do Wentz any favors with play-calling while he was in. Howie Roseman has made questionable draft decisions the past few seasons. The roster as it is currently constructed cannot get the job done. Carson Wentz’s trade value has plummeted, but the Eagles probably should trade him at this point. Jalen Hurts, at this point, will probably be the starter for Philly next season.

31. New York Jets

Well, the New York Jets have effectively played themselves into the number two pick. They lost their first thirteen games. Then they won two games so they would not be the worst team in the league. The fact the Jets have won their last two games shows the players did not quit on Adam Gase. Some teams in the Jets’ situation would have phoned it in. The fact that they showed their will to win and have shown they are consummate professionals. A lot of respect should be given to the players for keeping on despite the team’s struggles this season.

32. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars won the “Tank for Trevor” sweepstakes thanks to the Jets finally becoming a competent football team the past few weeks. There have been talks about former Giants GM Jerry Reese becoming Jacksonville’s new leader of their front office. Also, Urban Meyer has been rumored to possibly make the jump to the NFL after saying he retired from coaching two years ago. The former Florida Gators coach would be a popular choice. Meyer would probably want the opportunity to coach Trevor Lawrence in the NFL (a lot of coaches do). There are talented pieces at skill positions for Lawrence. If the right pieces are put in place, Lawrence will have a chance for early success. However, he may struggle if he is not given adequate time to adjust to the NFL game.  

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2020 NFL Week 15 Power Rankings: Four Up and Four Down

2020 NFL Week 15 saw some of the basement dwellers of the NFL win. Some of the better teams took huge steps back this week. After a week of shuffling within the standings, there was shuffling of the Four Up and Four Down Power Rankings this week.

Kansas City Chiefs Keep Finding Ways to Win

Kansas City managed to beat the New Orleans Saints 32-29 on Sunday. Patrick Mahomes was making more crazy touchdown throws. The Chiefs are simply finding ways to win. However, there are minor flaws with this team that could become major if one team finds a way to expose them. The Chiefs look nearly unbeatable, which it feels like they are. Nonetheless, if a team finds something, they can expose the Chiefs on, they might not have such an easy path to the Super Bowl.

2. Buffalo Bills

Josh Allen and the Bills played nearly perfect in their 48-19 demolition of the Denver Broncos. The score could have been worse if the Bills offense did not stall in the red zone on three separate second half drives. Allen will not win MVP, but he should be considered. Also, the defense got a touchdown for the second week in a row. If the Bills get complementary play from their defense like they have the past two weeks, they will be hard to beat.

3. Green Bay Packers

The Packers coasted to a 24-16 win against the Carolina Panthers. The offense scored 21 points in the first half and looked like they were firing on all cylinders. However, they only scored three points in the second half. While talking on The Pat McAfee Show, Aaron Rodgers attributed this to the Panthers showing a lot of dime looks. Nonetheless, the Packers got a December win, and are primed to get the number one seed in the NFC. Teams will not want to go up to cold Lambeau Field and play, which is a huge advantage for the Packers.

4. Cleveland Browns

Cleveland beat the New York Giants 20-6 on Sunday night. The game was a snoozer compared to their game against the Ravens in 2020 NFL Week 14. However, having unexciting wins may be a good thing for a Browns franchise that knows how tough wins are to come by in the NFL. They are drama-free. However, after playing the Jets this week, we will see if the Browns will have any say on division supremacy against the Steelers.

Four Down: Bengals, Jets Both Capture Surprising Wins In 2020 NFL Week 15

29. Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons let yet another big lead slip away from them in their 31-27 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. At this point, it must be psychological with this team. Atlanta carries the moniker of “choking” games away. Whoever Atlanta hires as their new head coach will have to find a way to shed the team’s label. Did anyone actually think Atlanta was going to win even when they were up 17-0 on Sunday? 

30. Cincinnati Bengals

Cincinnati’s 27-17 upset win against the Steelers was shocking. Ryan Finley was able to use his legs to confuse the Steelers’ defense and the defense was able to hold their own against Pittsburgh’s offense. Also, this win did not affect the Bengals’ draft position (unlike a team below), so why not win a game against one of your most bitter rivals?

A Word on The Pittsburgh Steelers’ Three-Game Losing Streak: I do not understand why Pittsburgh is trying to use a quick passing game offense so much. Their receivers can get separation, and quick passes lead to drops, which the Steelers lead the league in. Since they switched to this offense against the Ravens, their record is 1-3. When the Steelers were 11-0, Juju Smith-Schuster’s TikTok dances were not necessarily garnering national attention. Now at 11-3, he has put a stop to his videos after they have created a huge team distraction. Opponents want to beat the Steelers in part because of Smith-Schuster’s antics. The Steelers now have two weeks to figure things out before the playoffs.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars lost 40-14 to the Ravens and slid into the number-one slot in the 2021 NFL Draft. Jacksonville may end up winning the Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes. Jacksonville has talented players. If they can get leadership that is competent and modern in how they run a football franchise, they will have a chance to succeed with Lawrence. However, if they keep to what they are doing it will not be successful for them. Also, with how 2020 NFL Week 15 went, it should not surprise anyone if the Jaguars find a way to get out of this position.

32. New York Jets

Adam Gase will not be the third coach to oversee a 0-16 season. However, this win for the Jets against a probable NFC playoff team in the Rams just shows how incompetent of an operation the New York Jets are. They were in prime position to get Trevor Lawrence. That is why they will stay at number 32. Many Jets fans were not happy about the victory. Nonetheless, Gase should get credit for keeping his players engaged because winning this game shows he has not entirely lost the locker room. The players and coaches are still being professional. But beating the Rams will not save Gase his job, or it should not anyway.

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2020 NFL Week 14 Power Rankings: Four Up and Four Down

2020 NFL Week 14 provided an insane game in Cleveland and many other entertaining games. There were major shakeups on both ends of the Power Rankings this week, as the Steelers lost to the Bills. On the other end, the Eagles and Cowboys both won, paving the way for new teams in the NFL’s cellar. Without further ado, here is Four Up and Four Down for 2020 NFL Week 14.

Chiefs Maintain Top Spot in Power Rankings After 2020 NFL Week 14 Despite Turnovers

Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs did not play their best football against the Dolphins. A win is a win though. Despite three interceptions, Mahomes still threw for 394 yards in the victory. They have so many ways of beating their opponents. Their defense has proven they can get the job done in the postseason. Kansas City has not played their best football in a few weeks, but they are simply winning games.

2. Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams are the most lethal quarterback-wide receiver combination in the league. No team has been able to stop them. Adams has caught a touchdown in his last eight games and has a total of 14 through 2020 NFL Week 14. The Packers’ running game is also decent with Aaron Jones. On defense, there is still something to be desired, as the Packers have let teams back into the game the past two weeks against the Eagles and Lions. However, it will be hard for a team to beat Green Bay if they cannot figure out how to stifle the Rodgers-Adams connection.

3. Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo defense stepped up against the Steelers on Sunday Night. A pick-six by Taron Johnson completely flipped the game in the Bills’ favor. If Josh Allen continues his great play, he could get some votes for MVP. He will not win it but has shown vast improvement this season. Allen also proved he can play well when the conditions may not be great. His play is helping the Bills as they are looking for their first AFC East title in 25 seasons.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh’s offense is very frustrating to watch. It makes no sense why they did not even try to establish the run Sunday night. They use all these short passes, and their receivers cannot even catch the football. When they were letting Ben Roethlisberger throw the ball downfield, they were winning. Now, they cannot. The Steelers need to find a way to incorporate running and downfield passes back into their offense, or their season will be over sooner than anyone expected. On top of that, they will be out of these power rankings.

Four Down: Texans and Bengals Hit New Lows In 2020 Season

29. Houston Texans

The Cowboys could have been in this spot, but their team did not have two contributing players get suspended this past week. The Texans were embarrassed 36-7 by a Bears team that had not won a game since Week 6. Deshaun Watson cannot win games all by himself. Hopefully, the new head coach finds a way to utilize the weapons they have since former head coach Bill O’Brien basically mortgaged this team’s future on the players they have now.

30. Cincinnati Bengals

Cincinnati was competitive for the first few games after Joe Burrow was injured. On Sunday, however, they were destroyed by the Dallas Cowboys and former quarterback Andy Dalton 30-7. At this point, the Bengals will not win another game this season. That means they will be able to take their choice of offensive lineman in the draft if they end up with the third pick.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars lost to the Titans 31-10. After a few weeks of being competitive, the Jaguars crashed back down to Earth. Gardner Minshew II got back into the game though, and he will be the Jaguars’ starter at quarterback this week against the Ravens. However, these last few weeks of the season will probably draw an end to Minshew Mania in Jacksonville.

32. New York Jets

There is not much to say about the Jets’ 40-3 loss to the Seahawks. A week after firing Gregg Williams, their defense did not find any answers against Russell Wilson and the Seattle offense. At least they have a loyal quarterback. Despite being 0-13 after 2020 NFL Week 14, Sam Darnold said he loved being a part of the Jets’ organization and still wants to be the quarterback. Teams should give Darnold a look in the offseason. If the Jets do indeed let him go, the team that signs him knows he will show up for work.

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2020 NFL Week 13 Power Rankings: Four Up and Four Down

2020 NFL Week 13 saw a change at the top of the leaderboard. The Steelers lost and the Chiefs won. The race for the AFC’s number-one seed is on.

Kansas City Chiefs Lead NFL After Week 13 of 2020

The Chiefs got plenty of plays between the 20s against the Denver Broncos this past Sunday night. However, they had a lot of trouble scoring touchdowns throughout the night. They finally broke through late in the third quarter after Patrick Mahomes found Travis Kelce for the Chiefs’ only touchdown of the game. Kansas City’s defense did its job against the Broncos’ offense, even though they had trouble against the run at times. If the Chiefs get consistent play from their defense, it will be extremely difficult for other good teams to beat the Chiefs in the postseason.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers

I do not know if the Steelers have had a “Woe is Me” attitude about their games getting switched around, but Mike Tomlin was pretty accurate after he said the team “sucked” in their 23-17 loss to the Washington Football Team. The Steelers had their first loss of 2020 in Week 13, giving them an 11-1 record. This team has all the pieces. Once James Conner hopefully comes back from the COVID-19 list, the Steelers will have their run game back. They have an embarrassment of riches at wide receiver. Their defense is top notch. It is crazy that they lost to a team that they are simply better than. On paper, they may be better than their opponent this week, the Buffalo Bills. However, it will be interesting if the Steelers can bounce back against the Bills on Sunday night.

3. New Orleans Saints

The Saints did enough against the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday en route to a 21-16 win. A five-point victory was a bit close for comfort, however. The Falcons drove deep into Saints territory late in the game, but the Saints defense was able to hold serve as they stopped the Falcons on fourth down. New Orleans has a decent, not great defense. Their defense is comparable to the Chiefs, but the Chiefs have a better offense than the Saints do. That is why just decent play on defense will win Saints games in the postseason. Their offense found more rhythm in the passing game against Atlanta, but they need to find more as they have a huge game against the Chiefs coming up in a few weeks.

4. Buffalo Bills

Josh Allen introduced himself to a national audience last Monday night. Sure, fans had seen him play before. Monday night, however, was the first time he showed his potential in front of a national audience. He passed for 375 yards and four touchdowns. Allen can spread the ball around, throwing to seven different receivers. He has his favorites though, as Stefon Diggs and Cole Beasley had 10 and nine catches, respectively. The Bills may need to improve their run game, especially with the cold weather, but Allen is really starting to come into his own. Buffalo’s defense is up-and-down. If Josh Allen can put up the type of numbers he did last Monday night, the Bills will be a tough out for any team.

Four Down: Eagles and Jets Are Embarrassing Themselves

29. Philadelphia Eagles

Carson Wentz has officially been benched. The Eagles have butchered this season like no other team could have. Their receivers simply are not good enough and the offensive line cannot protect the quarterback. Doug Pederson calls plays like he has the best offensive line in the league. He simply does not. Carson Wentz got benched because he tried to play “Hero Ball” too much due to the Eagles’ deficiencies everywhere else on offense. The defense has tried to keep the team in games, but it has not been enough. Now, the Eagles will look for a spark as they start rookie quarterback Jalen Hurts against the Saints. Pederson is throwing Hurts into a horrible situation against a Saints defense that has given up one touchdown the past three weeks. Do not expect the Eagles to win this weekend.

30. Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys missed three field goals last Tuesday night against the Ravens. They simply do not have it this season. Their defense could not stop Lamar Jackson. I wish I could say something about this Cowboys team other than it has been a lost season in Dallas. Mike McCarthy will have to start the process of finding answers for next season. You know the Cowboys are in really dire straits when they get flexed out of Sunday Night Football, an uncommon occurrence for “America’s Team”.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars

You have to commend Mike Glennon for stepping into a bad situation. He has helped keep the Jaguars competitive in games the past two weeks. Same goes for head coach Doug Marrone. Since the bye week, the Jaguars have gone 0-5, but four of those games have been one-possession losses. The players are still playing hard, and the Jaguars and other teams will notice this. Doug Marrone will probably be let go by Jacksonville after the season, but he has kept his team competitive when they have had every excuse to quit on him.

32. New York Jets

The Jets sent the tank at Derek Carr with ten seconds left in the game (pun definitely intended). Raiders wide receiver Henry Ruggs III caught the ball and sprinted to the end zone, giving the Jets their 12th loss of the season. Adam Gase should have called timeout before the play, but Gregg Williams should have never called a blitz that late in the game with the lead. Because of it, he may never call another play on defense in the NFL again.

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2020 NFL Week 12 Power Rankings: Four Up and Four Down

The longest week in the history of the NFL, 2020 NFL Week 12, is over. Some teams bolstered their playoff hopes, while others took steps back. Nonetheless, the three top teams in the league are pretty obvious, and the musical chairs for the fourth best spot continue. Familiar teams are still stuck at the bottom end of the NFL totem pole. Here is Four Up, Four Down for 2020 NFL Week 12.

Pittsburgh Steelers, Despite Uneven Performance, Retain Top Spot

Some may think it would have been easy to give the Kansas City Chiefs the number one spot over the Steelers this week. However, the Steelers have found ways to win every week, even when they have not played their best. Both quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and Coach Mike Tomlin (who should be Coach of the Year) were critical of the team’s performance in their 19-14 victory over the Ravens on Wednesday. They did look uneven on offense, but they did their job on defense. When plays were there to be made on Wednesday, the Steelers made enough of them. Roethlisberger’s completion on third down to James Washington to basically seal the game was one of the prettiest throws a quarterback can make.

2. Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs got the best performance from a wide receiver this season from Tyreek Hill. His 203 receiving yards in the first quarter showed up the Buccaneers’ secondary. Hill would end up with 13 catches for 269 yards and three touchdowns, but it was Patrick Mahomes who closed out the game. Teams have to wonder how they can stop him. He was able to finesse his way to first downs on the game-clinching drive as Kansas City won 27-24. The Chiefs play the Broncos on Sunday night this week, so Mahomes and Hill will be able to carry their momentum into primetime.

3. New Orleans Saints

Taysom Hill and company were able to take care of the Broncos 31-3. Obviously for Denver, they had to start practice squad wide receiver Kendall Hinton at quarterback due to their other quarterbacks being declared ineligible for the game. The Saints’ running game was led by Latavius Murray and not Alvin Kamara this game. New Orleans can smash teams in the mouth, and they have a serviceable defense. They arguably have a better defense than fellow NFC contenders Green Bay and Seattle, which gives them the upper hand to play in Tampa in February. Drew Brees will have a chance to get ring number two once he comes back from injury.

4. Tennessee Titans

Derrick Henry would have been the storyline for NFL offense this past week if it was not for Tyreek Hill. Henry’s 178 yards and three touchdowns were the catalyst for the Titans in their 45-26 drubbing of the Colts. This score line was shocking, considering the Colts beat the Titans 34-17 in 2020 NFL Week 10. Running the ball will be a strength for Tennessee in cold weather games in December and January. Because of this, they could beat a Kansas City or Pittsburgh team. The Chiefs and Steelers both have the upper hand, but the Titans could theoretically win based on time of possession.

Four Down: It’s The Same Story for The Worst NFL Teams After 2020 NFL Week 12

29. Philadelphia Eagles

Doug Pederson loves his analytics. With a chance to lessen the Seahawks’ lead to 20-12 on Monday Night, Pederson was feeling audacious and went for it on fourth down. Carson Wentz threw yet another horrible interception, and the Eagles would end up losing 23-17. Sometimes analytics are a good thing, but Pederson has to know what he is working with. He has a team that needs all the points it can get, even if that is three points. He is going to cost himself his job if his reckless decision making continues.

30. Dallas Cowboys

On Thanksgiving, everything unraveled for the Cowboys after a fake punt miserably failed. They would end up losing 41-16 to the Washington Football Team. Mike McCarthy, the same guy who would make the most conservative decisions in Green Bay despite having Aaron Rodgers, has bought a riverboat in Dallas. His decision-making is baffling considering what he would do in Green Bay. Packers fans remember him kicking all those field goals in Seattle in January of 2015, costing them a chance at getting to Super Bowl 49. The play looked like it could have worked and was, in theory, a decently designed play. However, it was not the right decision to fake it deep inside their own territory. That being said, McCarthy should get a fair shake in Dallas. It will be interesting to see how he does with Dak Prescott next year if Prescott is in a Cowboys’ uniform

31. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars started Mike Glennon at quarterback on Sunday. They were competitive with the Browns, but still fell short 27-25.  Their GM, David Caldwell, got fired after the game. It would be surprising to see Doug Marrone still coaching in Duval County after this season. However, he is keeping his team competitive some weeks with far more talented teams like the Browns.

32. New York Jets

Adam Gase led his team to yet another loss to his old team, this time by a score of 20-3. Ryan Fitzpatrick was also the opposing quarterback to beat his old team. A Dolphins team that is supposed to be in rebuild because of how Gase’s tenure went down there is on track to make the playoffs. The Jets are on track to possibly draft Trevor Lawrence. The beleaguered Jets coach admitted that he has hindered Sam Darnold’s development and said that his left guard, Alex Lewis, may not play this week. It was talked about on the Rich Eisen show that Lewis said he should have left the team when Jamal Adams did. Does this really matter though? It is a foregone conclusion that Gase will probably be let go after the season.

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2020 NFL Week 11 Power Rankings: Four Up and Four Down

The margin for error in the 2020 NFL Season for teams is becoming thinner. This has been illustrated by the crazy finishes and close games that fans saw in 2020 NFL Week 11. Here are the top four teams so far this season.

Pittsburgh Steelers, at 10-0, Team To Beat After 2020 NFL Week 11

The Steelers made easy business of the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday with a 27-3 victory. Ben Roethlisberger and his receivers look 1000 percent on the same page. They play the Ravens this week, but that game may not take place due to COVID-19 concerns within the Ravens’ organization. If they do end up playing, expect the Steelers to win. The Ravens have proven that they cannot win the close games, and they will not be able to build a lead against the Steelers’ defense. However, the Buffalo Bills await Pittsburgh in Week 14. Going up to Buffalo and winning is not an easy feat, even for the undefeated Steelers.

2. Kansas City Chiefs

Patrick Mahomes did Patrick Mahomes things on the last drive in their 35-31 victory over the Las Vegas Raiders. He found Travis Kelce on an all-to-easy touchdown to seal the deal. The Chiefs, usually a big-play offense, used ball control to beat the Raiders. Kansas City have found another scary way they can beat their opponents. The Chiefs should be favored, even though they will be tested in Tampa Bay this Sunday. Other than that, they have a huge Week 15 showdown with the New Orleans Saints, who also found another scary way to win on Sunday.

3. New Orleans Saints

Taysom Hill proved he can win a game as a starting quarterback in the NFL on Sunday. Even though the Saints went down early to the Atlanta Falcons, Hill was able to play efficiently for the Saints. He would account for two rushing touchdowns on the day, and show that the Saints have many dimensions to their offense. Their defense looks like it can do the job needed to help the Saints win games. Expect New Orleans to beat Denver, Atlanta, and Philadelphia to be 11-2 going into their Week 15 showdown with the Chiefs. Drew Brees may be healthy for that one, but will Taysom Hill still be starting at that point?

4. Indianapolis Colts

The Colts managed to win 34-31 in overtime against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, providing Philip Rivers with his second signature win in a row. Indianapolis seized control of the division with their win over the Titans in Week 10, and beat the Packers to take the fourth spot in Four Up for 2020 NFL Week 11. Their defense played very opportunistic and forced uncharacteristic turnovers from Green Bay. They play the Titans again this week, and the winner will have the upper hand in the AFC South the rest of the way.

The fourth spot in this week’s rankings could have gone to either the Colts or the Los Angeles Rams. However, quarterback Jared Goff still makes mistakes where one may think he is holding that team back. He played decent against the Buccaneers despite two interceptions, but his defense showed up. If defense wins championships, expect to see the Rams in a top four spot in no time. If Goff turns the football over, the Rams will have trouble passing the eye test for many.

Four Down: Joe Burrow’s Injury Completely Derails Bengals’ Season

29. Philadelphia Eagles

Doug Pederson’s offensive play calls look worse and worse every week. Carson Wentz looks nothing like he did in the Eagles’ Super Bowl-winning season in 2017. The Eagles are winning the NFC East, but they are the only NFC East team on this list right now for a reason. Their brand of football looks uninspiring, and they look discombobulated on offense all the time. They need to find a way, as Russell Wilson and the Seahawks come into town on Monday.

30. Cincinnati Bengals

Joe Burrow’s season-ending torn ACL and MCL was not fun news to hear. He was keeping the Bengals competitive in games they had no business being in. Burrow beat a Titans team who just beat the Ravens. Now, the Bengals need to tank to bolster the offensive line around him.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars

Another loss for the Jaguars against the Steelers. There is not much more to say. They are going to get either Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields in the NFL Draft.

32. New York Jets

It’s the same situation for the Jets as it is for the Jaguars. These two teams are on a collision course to have the top two picks in the NFL Draft. Both will probably have new coaches also.

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2020 NFL Week 10 Power Rankings: Four Up and Four Down

2020 NFL Week 10 produced some stunning finishes (i.e. DeAndre Hopkins). The top teams managed to win games, even if they were ugly wins. On the reverse side of the coin, the bottom teams showed why they have that label on them. There are too many decent teams to count this season. Without further ado, here is Four Up and Four Down for 2020 NFL Week 10.

Steelers Lead the Way After 2020 NFL Week 10 With Drubbing of Bengals

After escaping with a 24-19 victory against the Dallas Cowboys in Week 9, the Steelers got a great performance from Ben Roethlisberger and company in a 36-10 drubbing of the Cincinnati Bengals. This performance was after Roethlisberger only was able to get practice reps in a walkthrough on Saturday. He was on the Reserve/COVID-19 List throughout the week. Despite the limited reps, he threw for 333 yards and four touchdowns. He got all his receivers involved also. The Steelers can beat teams with their offense and defense. Their defense is only allowing 19 points a game. Expect the Steelers to get to 10-0, as they play the Jacksonville Jaguars next week.

2. Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs had a bye week this past week at 8-1. However, they play the Las Vegas Raiders this week. The Raiders are the only team that has beat the Chiefs the season. Expect the Chiefs to have an extra dose of motivation this week, as apparently the Raiders took a few extra bus rides around Arrowhead Stadium after their Week 5 victory. With the Broncos and Chargers being non-factors in this division, a Chiefs victory will all but assure a 5th consecutive AFC West crown. However, it will be a tight race to the finish line if the Raiders can take the season sweep.

3. New Orleans Saints

Despite the Saints beating the San Francisco 49ers, an all-to-familiar storyline from last season has popped up once again. Drew Brees will be sidelined for an extended period, this time because of cracked ribs and a collapsed lung. I wish a speedy recovery for Drew Brees. The quarterback is in the midst of a season where he may have his last real shot at leading the Saints to the Super Bowl. At least for the next few weeks, the reins will be given to either Jameis Winston or Taysom Hill.

Even though Sean Payton is being coy on who he will name as his starter for this week’s game against the Falcons, expect Winston to get the call. The reason Teddy Bridgewater was successful for the Saints last season when Drew Brees was injured last season was that he did not turn the football over. This task proved to be a major challenge for Winston during his time with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and now he will have to overcome it to help the Saints keep pace with the Green Bay Packers for the number-one seed in the conference.

4. Green Bay Packers

The Packers came out flat for the second time in three weeks. However, this time they were able to squeak out a 24-20 victory against the Jacksonville Jaguars. This game saw the Packers’ star quarterback and wide receiver duo of Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams give the ball away. However, they connected on the Packers’ go-ahead touchdown in the fourth quarter.

Spots three and four interchangeable with the Buccaneers, Bills, Colts, Cardinals, or Rams. Any of these teams would probably four or five out of ten times if they played the Saints on a neutral field. However, the Saints and Packers have each showed a better propensity for finding ways to win games. The margin is very miniscule.

Four Down: Texans and Jaguars Once Again Show Inability to Win Games

29. Houston Texans

The Texans were without David Johnson on Sunday, but they still put out a talented offense with Deshaun Watson, Will Fuller V, Brandin Cooks, and Randall Cobb. Yet, they only put up seven points against the Cleveland Browns in a 10-7 loss. JJ Watt is the leader of the defense that held the Browns in check on the scoreboard despite giving up 231 rushing yards. This team is simply too talented to be raking up losses week in and week out. 2020 has been a lost season for the Texans. They need to hit the reset button, because they are not far off from becoming good again with the talent they have.

30. Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys were on bye this week. It looks like Andy Dalton will return against the Vikings. Based on Dalton’s past performances, it is hard to encourage Cowboys fans about Dalton being the leader of this team. Garrett Gilbert was respectable in their loss to the Steelers. However, Mike McCarthy is probably using the logic of playing the veteran since they are only one game back in the win column from the Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants in the NFC (L)East.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars came close to pulling off what would have been the biggest upset of the NFL Season against the Green Bay Packers. They have talent on their team, but the talent is not consistent enough. For example, wide receiver Keelan Cole got a receiving and a return touchdown against the Packers. However, one does not hear his name every week. There is no denying that he is one of many talented players on the Jaguars, but they simply have never been able to find that consistency.

32. New York Jets

Good news for the Jets this week. They were on bye, so that means they did not lose. It is hard to see this team winning a game though. The Jets have veteran leadership with Joe Flacco starting, and they almost beat a New England Patriots team that upset the Baltimore Ravens in 2020 NFL Week 10. Arguably their best chance to win comes this Sunday as they travel to Los Angeles to play the Chargers.

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2020 NFL Week 9 Power Rankings: Four Up and Four Down

Best Pac-12 NFL Players: Week 7

Week 9 of the 2020 NFL Season produced some very close finishes and some very lopsided games. There has been a shuffle at the top of the leaderboard in the NFL. The NFC has four teams that are looking to be the favorites, but only two of them won this week (Packers and Saints). In the AFC, the picture is clearer. The Steelers and Chiefs are leading the way in the league at the moment.

Four Up: Steelers Lead the Way After 2020 NFL Week 9 Despite Close Call With Cowboys

The Steelers managed to win a dogfight against the Dallas Cowboys, 24-19. Even though the Steelers did not play their best, the best teams can win ugly. The Steelers missed two extra points. This proved to be consequential as the Cowboys had a chance to win on the game’s final play. However, Ben Roethlisberger and Mike Tomlin have been in games like this at numerous points throughout their career. The Steelers are the favorites, as no teams have figured them out yet. On any given Sunday, any team can win. The Steelers have managed to win every Sunday so far this season.

2. Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs managed to beat the Carolina Panthers 33-31 on Sunday. Patrick Mahomes put up another gaudy stat line, with 372 passing yards and four passing touchdowns. Many believe that he has worked his way to the front of the MVP conversation yet again. No team has shown a cohesive game plan to stop Mahomes. With all his offensive firepower at his disposal, do not expect him to ease up on having MVP performances.

3. New Orleans Saints

The Saints, who I picked to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl, have finally made their way on to this list. However, this part of the season seems to be the part where they make their ascent. New Orleans has always played well in the early part of November the past few seasons, and that trend has not changed this year. The challenge for the Saints will be sustaining the level of play they displayed Sunday night in Tampa. If they can do that, it is hard to see any team being able to surpass them in the NFC.

4. Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers bounced back last Thursday with their 34-17 victory over an injury-ravaged 49ers team. Rodgers and wide receiver Davante Adams are the game’s best quarterback-wide receiver duo right now. No one can stop them. However, the Packers need more consistency from their defense if they want to fulfill their championship aspirations. It will be interesting to see how they do against running backs like Christian McCaffrey and Derrick Henry later in the season, as that has been their Achilles heel on defense.

Four Down: Two NFC East In Bottom Four Yet Again

29. Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys have potentially found their short-term solution at quarterback with Garrett Gilbert. He played much better than Ben DiNucci. Despite keeping things close with the Steelers, the Cowboys still have work to do. They have to show more consistency in the run game and on defense if they want to be taken seriously in the NFC East.

30. Washington Football Team

Washington suffered another loss to the New York Giants, a team that has not beat any of the other 30 NFL teams. Kyle Allen is hurt, so it looks like Alex Smith will be able to lead a team as a starter for the first time in two years. Washington has some winnable games against Detroit and Dallas coming up in the next three weeks. Fans will want to see on-field results with a team that has come so far off the field in the past few months.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars started Oregon State product Jake Luton at quarterback last Sunday. This development basically signaled that they want to be involved in the Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes. There is not too much to say otherwise. James Robinson has showed promise at running back. Jacksonville has talent on the roster defensively. It will be interesting to see how that will work around whoever is quarterback for this franchise in 2021. My prediction that it will be someone who is currently not on the roster.

32. New York Jets

The Jets competed with the Patriots on Monday night, which is encouraging for embattled head coach Adam Gase. However, the focus for Jets fans is still on if they will get Trevor Lawrence in the 2021 NFL Draft. Nothing has changed here. However, the Jets arguably should have won Monday night. They were able to control the ball, but Joe Flacco turned the ball over in the fourth quarter. The Jets haven’t had much momentum this season, but for a little bit it looked like they might have won.